This story goes on as if Connor, Ethan, and Kira were juniors in the original series. Trent is still going to art school but he transferred out of Reefside to attend this school

Connor desperately grabbed at some good news he was hoping Josh didn't kill as well.

"But if it isn't all ready whole... then if we make sure it can't become whole... doesn't that mean we won't have to fight it? Unless it already is whole? If not... how could it become whole?" Connor asked.

Josh's unyielding sense of humor won out, "Very... very... carefully."

Connor obviously did not appreciate his sense of humor nor did Tommy but Kira laughed at the joke which kept Connor from stepping forward and smacking the kid.

Josh studied him and nodded like he picked the thought from his brain, just by looking at him.

"Oh, don't feel bad." Again the sarcasm was making Connor mad, "I have that affect on people. You like me one minute, want to strangle me the next."

Kira figured out what they were talking about in her head, and Josh was implying that Connor didn't like him.

"I'm sure Connor doesn't want to strangle you. Right Connor?" She asked.

Connor was bamboozled. He didn't want to strangle the kid. He just wanted him to quit killing their hopes of beating the monster.

So he agreed to what Kira had asked.

"Its no big deal. If the... You know what? Never mind. You guys don't need to know this. All you need to know is that with the pair" He looked at Kira then to Connor, Dr. Oliver and Ethan would just have to wonder what he meant, "We can use my make shift morpher and my dad's damaged power coin"

Dr. Oliver had gone to sit down at his desk and asked, "But I thought all of the Power Coins were destroyed?"

"Correction: Yours were destroyed. Trini, Zack and I were a bit smarter than you think, so we made copies to the power and hid the originals." Jason said.

"How did Zordon not know the difference?" He asked.

"He did. He's the one that sent us on the quest to find the Secret temple. He never told you, Kim, or Billy. He sent us to find Ninjor. We pretended to come back empty handed, but he saw the difference immediately so we told him we forged perfect replicas. He considered the idea and told us not to tell anyone."

"Then how did your son, of all people, figure it out?"

"You can't hide much from the kid."Jason replied coolly.

"Okay. So if you have a dysfunctional Power Coin then why not use it to stabilize the energy required to morph?" Ethan asked Josh.

Josh didn't say anything for a few moments while he pieced together what Ethan said, "Accidenti. Why didn't I think of it before? That's awesome Blue Boy."

He reached in his pocket and took his dad's power coin, placing it on a green watch on his wrist. He turned it and the coin was momentarily changed to green and submerged into the watch.

Connor could barely believe his eyes and all Kira could think of was that one day at the beach. That is until she heard a familiar saying,

"DINO THUNDER. POWER UP. HA!" The boy's eyes illuminated with green energy.


The explosion sent Josh flying across the room.

"Ow." Was all he said as he got up, completely disregarding the fact that he was covered in injuries and bruises. He walked back to the group of rangers and sat down slowly.

They were all staring at him.

Except for Connor who had already deduced that since he had healing powers he had healed himself before he was ever really hurt.

And Jason who already knew about his son's strange super power.

"Beats traffic in the city any day." Josh said, obviously attempting to lighten the mood with a joke. "I'm fine. Look at me now."

They already were looking at him, all of his injuries were healed completely.

"Unfortunate, that didn't work." Ethan said.

"Does that mean something's missing? Or maybe too much of something else?"

Josh smiled at the change in Connor's intelligence. Overall the dude was smart. According to the historical archives he had read about when he was in the year 2012, during his time travel expedition, Connor was dumb in the year 2003 and 2004, which was his junior year, but something sparked a change in his attitude toward academics after prom. He actually graduated (according to the archives) within the top fifty of his graduating class.

Josh's smile disappeared and he spoke seriously,

"I don't think we're missing anything other than time. This morpher needs time to set. Everything else seems balanced."

The smile returned. Kira seemed to notice and felt it her duty to ask


"She's here." He replied.

"Who? Randall/Elsa?" Ethan asked.

Tommy's heart did a little flip when he looked at Jason who was nodding in his direction.

Even with his new brain, Connor couldn't figure it out.

"Someone care to clue me, Kira, and Ethan into the loop?"

Kira felt a presence in her heart that she hadn't felt since... the battle.

"The Ptera Zord. I can feel it." Kira stated.

Just then Connor noticed that the Tyranno Zord was stirring in his thoughts, as it had earlier.

"They're not your zords." Josh spoke with certainty and a bit of craziness as he had plucked thoughts right out of Connor's brain. "You merely sense the presence of their original masters. My father, and my mother."

"So your mother is close by? Since I can feel the Tyranno near your dad, then I suspect your mom is near if Kira can sense the Ptera zord. So the original yellow ranger is in the building?"

"No." Josh had been the one to speak, even though the question was directed towards Jason, Josh was protecting his dad. "She died, years ago."

Connor was puzzled. "You're sure?"

Josh, for the first time erased all traces of the nice guy he was from his face and voice and spoke with absolute bitterness.

"I was there." Josh was clearly strung up on the subject but managed to put on a brave face.

Connor figured that tears weren't something you could heal.

"So your mom isn't in the building?" Ethan asked.

"Perhaps... but the original Yellow Ranger never handled the Pterodactyl Dino Zord. She commanded the dreaded Saber Toothed Tiger Dino Zord. My mother, Kimberly, commanded the Pterodactyl. Along with the Pink Mighty Morphing Power Ranger powers."

Special note from the future: The first several chapters are being rewritten. Content won't change on a large scale, but it will be made a little more smooth and with a lot less errors in the writing. As well as a complete disregard of that stupid form of conversation I used to write in. This is the first chapter to be updated, so if you're reading this message, you've already seen it. Thanks!