Inuyasha fell backwards. It was over all over. The jewel was complete Naraku was gone and the world was a better place. Kagome went over to the pure black jewel. She flinched as the darkness left forever. Miroku slowly removed the sacred beads from his hand. He was in complete shock to see the wind tunnel was gone. Sango came up behind him. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

"It's over, it's finally over,"Sango broke into a huge smile.

"Sango, love, I am going to keep my promise. It is time for a wedding,"Miroku announced. Songo blushed.

"B-But it's so sudden! Could we at least plan it out first?"Miroku gave some thought into it. Then sighed.

"Fine we can plan, but I don't like waiting Sango. I will be faithful and only touch your-"Sango stiffened and slapped him.

"Not in front of people! Perv!"she blushed.

Kagome smiled, everyone was going to be happy now. No more fear of Naraku going to attack them. Though she knew that some of his misdeeds and reincarnations were still out there.

"What are we going to do with that?"Shippo jumpped on her shoulder.

"I wanna use it!"Inuyasha jumpped up.

"No, I-I have something I need to wish for,"Kagome explained.


Kagome went as far as possible so Inuyasha couldn't hear her."I wish..."

"Why is she so far away?"Inuyasha snapped.

"Maybe its a secret wish,"Miroku explained.

"Shes not allowed to have secrets!"everyone looked at him.

"Why?"Kagome came back interrupting them.

"Ok guys the jewel is gone. I wished for the well to stay open. I-Im going to stay here. I-If that's ok with-"

Sango Miroku and Shippo hugged her.

"Yay Kagomes staying!"Shippo cryed.

Kagome smiled."Come on guys lets head back to Keades."

When they got back they told everyone what had happened. Everyone rejoiced! The evil, that always attacked their village for some reason, was gone.

That night that had a big banquet. Songo and Miroku were to be married the next week. Everyone was thanked, Kagome Inuyasha Sango Miroku and Shippo.

Inuyasha was made village protector. Kagome was to be trained in the way of a priestess though she could marry if she wanted. Kagome was disappointed that her and Inuyasha barely spent anytime together. A 'hi' here or there was never enough.

"Hey Inuyasha, Keade needs you to gather some fire wood for the sick villagers,"Kagome yelled up to him. It was one of the worst winters in a while. The snow just kept coming, not a day went by when it didn't snow. Many villagers were sick but not deathly.

"Keh, fine,"he jumped out of his tree down to her.

"Excuse me but are ye the hanyou Inuyasha?"an elderly man came up to them.

"Depends on who wants to know,"Kagome elbowed him.

"Yes he is, how can we help you?"Kagome smiled.

"My name is Mushi,"he explained."My village has recently been attacked but a wolf demon. Not even the best slayers could not kill it. We heard that you could help us. So I came to beg you, please help us."

"Keh you don't have to beg. I'll help you,"he turned to Kagome."You in?"

She nodded,"Yeah."

They set out 3 days later. The village was only a day away, to them anyway. When they got there the village was in shreds. The men looked tired and weary. The women tried to act happy but Inuyasha could see the defeat in their eyes. The children didn't have any emotion at all. They were like a wall, blank.

They weren't there for a day but Kagome had everyone happy. Kid were dancing and singing, men drank sake and danced with the women, whom had new motivation.

Kagome sat at the fire with everyone else. She was clapping and laughing as the men danced making a fool of them selves. Inuyasha was standing next to a tree when a young girl had come up and dragged him into the dance with them. Though he danced like a fool. He didn't know how to dance, where he lived demons weren't allowed to dance with humans. At least that's what he was tought.

Suddenly someone grabbed his hand. It was Kagome, she started dancing with him. He blushed but she didn't notice she was too drunk.

Suddenly screams were heard. The wolf demon was attacking again.

"Kagome go into the hut and wait for me,"he commanded.

"But Inuyasha!"she whined."I want to be with you!"

"No Kagome go-"he suddenly scooped her up and jumped out-of-the-way. A giant paw had come down right where they were standing. Inuyasha landed near some girls."Take her to some place safe!"he shoved Kagome to them.

"Wow he's so heroic!"one girl cooed.

"He must really like her!"another pointed at Kagome. "I wish I was her!"

"I wish all men were like him. Strong and brave!"a 3rd voiced."Not babys like we have here!"

"Ok lady's you can come out now everythings safe,"Inuyashas voice rang out.

All the villagers came out and thanked him. Then Kagome came out of no where and locked lips. Everyone gasped. Hell Inuyasha gasped, no one did that of their own free will. No one liked demons, and they hated half-breads even more. Well most did, apparently not Kagome though.

When she realised his lips she leaned up to his ear,"Come on Inuyasha take me you know you want to."

Inuyasha froze, spring was in a few days, 4 to be exact, but he couldnt do that to Kagome, plus she was drunk.

"Come on Kagome let's get you to bed, you'll have a bad hang over in the morning. Dose anyone have a-"

"I have a free room!"

"As do I!"

"Me too!"a bunch of girls yelled.

"Um thanks,"he decided to take the first girls offer.

That night there was a slight shift in Kagomes scent. She smelled more feral. And unknown to him her eyes flashed gold. Here secret wish was comming true.