Inuyasha was confused, what more could they do? Kagome went and laid on the bed. Inuyasha watched as she beckoned to him. He slowly went over and crawled on top of her. They kissed again. Kagome pulled away looking at him.

"I want you to touch me,"she blushed.

Inuyasha nodded and started kissing and sucking her neck. She placed her hand over his and placed in on her breast. Inuyasha squeezed the squishy mound making her gasp. He froze afraid he had hurt her. She whimpered and arched into his hand. He smirked and squeezed harder. She moaned and shuddered.

He noticed that a little bud had hardened as he was touching her. He removed his hand and looked at it. It was a rose colored tip on her breast. He looked at her then gently put his mouth over it. Her eyes widened and she screamed in pleasure.

Inuyasha was in heaven. She was so respondent! She always showed him when she liked what he did. Her arousal spiked when he started moving down. Then he came to her panties. He kissed the little paw print on the front and slowly slid them down her legs. The musk of her arousal got stronger making him growl.

"Please Inuyasha I need you,"she begged.

"Say it again,"he commanded.

"Dammit Inuyasha! Just fucking eat me!"she screamed.

He smirked and licked her lips. She gaped in surprise. He licked from the bottom to top. His tongue flicked over a hard bud as he did so. She grabbed his head and gently pulled him closer. Inuyasha paid special attention to the little knob. Gentle tugs on his head made him look up.

"Come here,"Kagome commanded.

Inuyasha licked her one more time loving her taste, then slowly went back up her body.

"Inuyasha, I want you. I want you inside me now. Will you ease both our pain and fustration?"she begged.

"I - I've never done - been -"

Kagome kissed him shutting him up."Ive never either. Well be each others firsts ok?"she smiled.

"O - Ok(haha face)"he positioned himself at her entrance. He watched her face as he slowly slid in. He suddenly stopped when her face began to tear up.

"K - Kagome are you ok?"

"Theres just a pinching sensation. I'll be fine. This is whats suppose to happen. Please keep going you'll like it, trust me,"she rubbed his back.

'How can she think of me when she's in pain like this?'he thought.

He decided to push in fast to get it over with. When he did she gasped and dug her nail in his shoulder.

"S - Sorry,"he panted. It felt odd to be in her passage. He was sure he would never enjoy the pleasure of a women because he was a hanyou.

Suddenly she pushed him off. Had he done something wrong? Then she laid on all 4s and waited. Inuyasha knew what she wanted and his demon couldn't be more pleased. She was submitting to him. Willingly. He growled slamming back in.

She gasped and pushed against him. He licked the back of her neck and added little woofs. She responded by nuzzling him back. He started moving at a slow teasing pace but it grew fast and furious as time went on.

Suddenly she clamped around him. He knew she was cumming so he started to rub the button that made her crazy before.

"INUYASHA!"she screamed in release.

"GOME!"he snarald out cumming in her. He gently bit her shoulder.

They landed their catching their breath before getting dressed. Then they went to sleep to exhausted to care about anything else.

~~~That morning~~~

A scream woke Inuyasha. It had sounded like Kagomes mom. He got up and ran down stairs. There was a girl who looked familiar but he just couldn't place it. Suddenly she whipped around. It was Kagome. She had black ears and honey gold eyes. She looked just like him.

'Did I do this to her? Was it because we mated?'he thought horrified. Suddenly he ran out and to the god tree. That was the only place he could try to calm down.

"Kagome you should go to him,"her mom said eyeing her ears.

"I know, mom always know I love you but I love him too. If I have to -"

"Kagome the well wont close now go before I rub those cute little -"

Before she was finished Kagome was already gone.

Inuyasha felt someone next to him. He turned to see Kagome next to him.

"Ka - Kagome I - I'm sooo sorry I didn't mean for you to turn out live this!"he scolded himself.

"Stupid! I wished for this. Thats why I didn't want you to hear anything! Inuyasha I love you,"he pulled her to him.

"Thank you Kagome,"he touched the back of her neck gently. And she gasped in response.'What the ?' He rubbed her neck again. She gasped louder.


"You - you bit my neck last night,"she panted fists in his shirt. Inuyasha brushed her hair aside. His name was imprinted on the back of her neck. Apparently when he touched it she became aroused and dripping. Ready for him.

"Do you like my secret wish?"a nod.