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Dear Witch, Spring 21,2011

No matter what people say! I don't like her! I went through a bit too much today and with you! Can't wait until you are fully awake. I know short letter. But I'm tired from work.


"Hey Katy!" Molly yelled from the living room,"Wizard is here!"

"Okay!" Kasey yelled back,"tell him to come in." Wizard walked in the room and dropped the book he was holding.

"How... How... How?!" Wizard was in shock and shaking his head one he saw Witch in her clothes.

"Kasey tell him the story," Molly gave out a sigh.

"So I was craving nachos..."

"Thanks Wizard," Kasey waved from the door frame.

"By the way Kasey," Wizard turned around,"or should I say the Muffin Man?"

"Or do you mean the Nacho Man?," Kasey asked nervously.

"No," Wizard said," the Muffin Man."

"Don't tell Molly," Kasey said in a whiney voice.

"I'll think about..." Wizard responded,"I don't think she even believes you anyways."

"I'll think about it too... Prince Gale."

"Wha-" Kasey shut the door in Wizards face before he finished saying what he was saying. Kasey smirked and went to the room where Molly was with Witch.

"I got that bitch bad," Kasey thought and smirked as he walked back to the room.

"I wonder how Wizard took of her clothes like magic and poofed them away?"

"Cuz it is magic..." Kasey told his little sister.

"Oh shut up," Molly punched him in the shoulder,"but why?"

"I don't know," Kasey told her,"I've only been here a week."

"Meh," Molly shrugged and turned to the clock,"go get ready for work and I'll stay with Witch today."

"Okay," Kasey said and went to go get ready for work.

"Heya' Lock," Kathy said as Kasey entered the Brass Bar.

"Yo Brassington," Kasey said and went to sit down on the stool in front of the bar counter since the bar didn't open in a while.

"Ya' here to work cowboy?" Kathy asked.

"Nope I'm here to finally kiss you since last time it ended on a Friday soap opera ending like Molly says," Kasey smirked and told her in a tempting voice.

"Oh really player?" Kathy said and went to sit on the bar counter in front of Kasey. She once again grabbed Kasey's shirt collar and leaned in to his face until their lips were just a few centimetres apart.

"Hey Ka-," Maya stood at the doorway and turned back around blushing," I should come another time bye!" Maya ran home to the Ocarina Inn to tell her family what she just saw.

"Hehe," they both smirked and Kasey moved away.

"Don't go away boy?" Kathy hopped on to his lap and grabbed on to his shirt collar again and leaned in closer this time. They both closed their eyes and were about kiss until a certain buff red-head walked in.

"Kathy!" he yelled.

"Oh... hey Owen," Kathy scratched the back of her head.

"I thought... I thought... ARG NEVER MIND," Owen yelled and left.

"I think he likes you," Kasey told Kathy.

"I know..." Kathy gave out a sigh.

"You should get off me before your dad walks through the door,"

"But I'm comfortable here," Kathy complained and lightly hit his shoulder,"he will get here in a few hours."

"Fine then," Kasey told her and the two had an awkward silence for a couple of minutes.

"So what's your favorite color?" Kasey smiled.

"Haha what question is that," Kathy giggled.

"I was just trying to break the silence sheesh," Kasey said.

"Purple," Kathy finally said. They both laughed. Then the doors slammed open.

"Kathy get off him," and older man came in.

"Hey Daddy," Kathy said nervously and hopped of Kasey,"I can explain."

"There is nothing to explain," Hayden turned to Kasey and put his hand on his shoulder,"you look nice... Welcome to the family."

"You two close up I'm going to bed," Hayden said and went to the back of the bar.

"So what are we going to do?" Kasey asked Kathy once Hayden was out of sight.

"I don't know," Kathy said," I guess we have to pretend to be going out or something."

"Break up with me," Kasey told her.

"Not now though," Kathy said,"or my dad will say I'm irresponsible in relationships and won't let me have a boyfriend."

"Yeah cuz all the eight boys here are thugs and ugly anyways," Kasey rolled his eyes.

"What do you mean Lock?" Kathy looked him in the eye.

"That I'm the only sexy man here on this island," Kasey flicked his hair in a sloppy and funny fashion.

"Oh wow Lock just wow," Kathy then stared at the door.

"You like Owen don't cha?" Kasey smirked.

"Meh," Kathy said with doubt in her voice moving one of her hands sideways.

"What do you mean 'Meh'?" Kasey asked.

"We are that couple that is on and off on and off and I'm sick and tired of the same sh!t over and over," Kathy told him and sat on the nearby table.

"Then just move on," Kasey looked at her in the eye,"with some one new." They both turned a shade of red and looked away from each other.

"Hey I just cleaned that table," Kasey pointed out breaking their silence,"I don't want to clean your ass mark... AGAIN!"

"What do you mean again?" Kathy asked.

"You have a problem," Kasey paused,"with sitting on tables."

"I do not," Kathy moved her bangs a bit.

"Tell that to your victims," Kasey said and pointed to every table,"every single piece of furniture in this place and my pants."

"I only sat on you once cowboy," Kathy rolled her eyes and giggled.

"So and so... why cowboy?" Kasey then curiously asked.

"I don't know I have a habit for calling boys that," she explained.

"Can I be different?" Kasey asked her.

"Sure... but what would I call you?"

"I don't know," Kasey shrugged,"sleep on it."

"Sleep with who?" Kathy smirked.

"Eww you pervert," Kasey said in a drama queen girl voice while waving his arms around. They both laughed for a long while and Kathy thought deeply. Kathy and Owen usually had their moments like this, but this time was different. Kathy thought either it was not as special... or more special.

"I don't understand love. Maybe I'm in highschool all over again and falling for another guy. Like if it was my first crush. Owen was my first crush, love, kiss, my everything. (A/N: If you think a bit more perverted you'll get 'everything') But Kasey? It was something on the very first day. Not love at first sight. Maybe I'm noticing now. Like Molly is telling us. Soap opera ending on Friday and I'll have to wait until Monday. But not in my case. It all ends at 1am and restarts at 6pm. I can't help it anymore. I might be falling all over again," Kathy thought. Not noticing tears falling down her face.

"Are you crying Kathy?" Kasey asked and wiped off one of her tears with his fingers.

Kathy stood up, got Kasey's arms, and pulled him in a hug.

"Did I do something," Kasey said and wrapped his arms around her.

"Nothing... nothing at all," Kathy then pulled away,"night."

"Night," Kasey said and walked home.

Kasey arrived at the front steps of the house. He looked up and saw five stars. Then one disappeared. He shrugged it off and walked in. He saw a pillow and blanket on the couch along with his PJ's.

"And I get the couch along with a stupid humping dog," Kasey murmured as Molly's dog hopped on the couch," life is wonderful." Kasey first went to check Molly and Witch. He noticed that Molly was in the corner sleeping on the armchair and Witch was on the bed. He went to check on Witch and stared at her face for a while as he was leaned on the wall.

"I think Witch... I might kind of like someone... you," Kasey whispered and moved some hair out of her face and moved it to her side. Then her eyes shot open blinking a few times.

"You lying bastard," Witch murmured.

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Maya: No! He is mine!

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Maya: Sorry.

Lilly: After you saw Kasey and Kathy what did you do?

Maya: So I ran home and yelled it to the inn. My mom told grandma, they told Ruth, Irene, and Hanna. Then they told Craig and Cain. They told Ramsey. Ramsey told Myra, Myra told Julius, Julius told Phoebe and Calvin, they told Barbara, Barbara told Simon, Simon told Hamilton, Hamilton told Gill, Gill told his tomato, and so on and so forth until all the island knew.

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