The Doctors decided to take a little over a month off to try to... Um... Rehabilitate Jack. If that's the right word to describe what they did.

Basically, they put him in a straitjacket and locked him in the zero room.

Well, that was until Eleven accidentally asked Donna to get something from there a week later. Ten was ready to kill him. "You ham-fisted bun vendor! Now she's going to see him and kill us!"

Jack was curled in a ball and whimpering when she found him. "Jack?"

He rolled over to look at her. His eyes were red and wide open. He didn't say anything, but kept whining like a hurt puppy. And that's exactly what he looked like.

She ran over to him. "What're you doing here?" But she already knew the answer.

So she dragged him to the Doctors. They, of course, were terrified and started to back away. "We didn't do it!" Ten told her.

"Not our fault!"

"Then who's is it, Spaceman?"

They paused for a moment, thinking of what to say. "Please, please, Donna," Eleven begged. "Don't tell Tegan!"

"She'll kill us!"

Donna debated in her mind what to do. "Fine. I won't yet."

They sighed in relief. They wouldn't die just yet.

"Donna?" Ten called.


"Can you come see the room?"

"There's no way you two dunces are done already," Donna stormed over.

"We're not. We just finished painting." She walked in, scared of what they did.

But when she saw it, she was amazed. The walls were painted a warm red, intricate details showing a beautiful place. The ceiling was painted like a sky. It was all so perfect.

Donna covered her mouth with her hand. "Spaceman... It's gorgeous!"

"Yeah, Gallifrey," Ten nodded.

Eleven told her, "I was going to paint Tegan and Jack, but then I remembered that I wouldn't want them watching me sleep."

And then she noticed the four small stick figures in the corner. One had dark, sort of curly hair, the next had long red hair and had a speech bubble that read what looked like, "You're not mating with me, sunshine!", an then was one with 3-D glasses, and the last, with a bow tie and fez.

"...You made us..."

"Yeah! Brilliant, isn't it?"

"Now we just need the furniture. Should we go shopping for that now?" Eleven asked.

"Not now! Her and Susan's out shopping and who knows if they'll bring something that could be used in here back."

Ten straightened his brainy specs. "Wait, since when are they gone?"

"I think two hours ago."

"And they're still out?"

"Hey, Spaceman. I've been out with my friends when they were expecting. There's a bloody ton you can get. And there's store after store. She said they were going to a few maternity clothes places. Don't worry, I didn't tell her you called her slightly elephanty. Though that's not even a word," she pointed at Eleven.

"That's a word in the Oxford Dictionary in 2040! And how did you hear that?"

"I can hear the grass grow... Oh, and by the way, did you think of some boy's names?"

Ten and Eleven exchanged looks. The younger of the two started, "Um, yes..."

"Yeah, after brilliant men," Eleven told her. "David and Matt!"

"... We're not naming it after your actors."

"Aww, come on, Donna!" Eleven whined.

"Then Peter! Tom! Christopher!"

The ginger rolled her eyes and started to walk out of the room. But then Ten's voice came from right behind her.

"Can we... Talk?"

Now, it was something strange he had to talk about. Something new. Something he had never felt before while with Donna. But her accepting it wasn't guaranteed at all.

She turned around when they were into the corridor. "What do you want?"

"Um... I meant to ask this... But we aren't together, like everyone thinks, right?"

"No..." She tilted her head. "Why...?"


He didn't finish. Donna had already slapped him. "You told me you just wanted a mate, Spaceman!" She ran away.

"Ow," Eleven came up from behind his other regeneration.


"Sorry... So who are we visiting next...?"

The Doctor didn't hesitate to answer. He knew who he wanted to see. "Let's go see the Brig."

For those familiar with Three's era, you get the ham-fisted bun vendor thing. For those not, it's what he calls Jo after she ruins his experiment XD Oh, and thanks to Panda Puffin, Valerie E. Mackin, Dark Moons and Whispered Words, and Rwy'n-Y-Blaidd-Drwg for your name suggestions! If you haven't said any but know have a name you like, please review with it!