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Aurora was sitting at Peter's table with Caine across from her. Peter was in the shower. Aurora had already taken one. Jodie had dropped off her clothes that they had bought the other day, so she had something to change into it. She was wearing a pair of gray cargo pants, and a blue v-neck mid drift shirt. Her hair fell in dark curls around her now flawless face.

The silence had been thick and long. Aurora didn't know what to think. Caine was going to be her guardian. She didn't know how she felt about that. She was grateful to be anywhere other than with Tom, but she barely knew Caine. Would she like living with him? Would he love her or just think of her as a burden? She was confused in all aspects of the situation.

Aurora wished for her father. Wished she could talk to him. He always knew how to reassure her with his faith in people. He trusted Caine and she did, but only to a point. Did she trust him to be her caregiver? That she wasn't sure about.

"You are burdened?" Caine asked, pulling Aurora from her thoughts.

Aurora shrugged. "Not really burdened. Confused maybe, but not burdened. I thought you'd be the one who's burdened."

"I do not understand."

"I mean it's just that you weren't expecting me. Hell you hadn't even known I'd existed a few days ago and now you're going to be my guardian? I figured I'd be the burden on you."

Caine got up and walked over to her. He put a hand on her shoulder. She tensed under his light touch and he kneeled down to her so he could see her eye to eye.

"Aurora you are not now, nor will you ever be a burden to me. I will always care for you. It does not matter how long I've known, but what I've seen of you since I've known you. I will always be there for you and I will never harm you. My hand will never strike you."

"And as long as I'm around no one else's will either." Peter told her from the bedroom doorway.

He was wearing black jeans, a white button down shirt, and black boots. His hair was still wet and messy on top of his head. Aurora didn't know if Caine had heard Peter, but she hadn't. She hadn't heard the shower turn off or the bedroom door open.

Peter walked over and kneeled on the opposite side of her. "Aurora we're your family now. We will always love you and protect you. We will always be here for you and we will never leave you." He put emphasis on never.

Aurora nodded still confused at the whole situation. She just didn't understand why they would care about her. Tom had implanted in her head that she was worthless and even though they were standing there telling her that they cared about her it was just hard to believe.

"You are still doubtful." Caine asked as if reading her mind.

Aurora didn't answer. She looked down at the floor as if there was something spectacular down there. She refused to look either of them in the eye. She didn't want them to see the doubt in her own eyes.

"Perhaps if you spoke with your father," Caine said.

This caused Aurora to look up. Her face had visibly paled and her eyes were wide as she stared at Caine. She had no idea what he was talking about. Her father was dead. There was no way she could talk to him. He was gone and she'd never see him again. She didn't know why Caine would say something like that.

"What are you talking about?" Aurora asked, disbelief apparent in her voice. "My father is dead. I can't talk to him."

Caine smiled at her. "Of course you can. I will show you the way."

Aurora shook her head. "No, you're making this up. Why are you lying about this?"

She stood up forcefully knocking the chair back onto the floor. She took a step back and staggered. Peter and Caine were there to help her. Aurora gripped onto Peter's arm, but pulled away from Caine. Peter wrapped a protective arm around her. Aurora was still visibly pale, and Peter was holding most of her weight.

"I am not lying." Caine told her. "I can arrange for you to speak with your father."

Aurora buried her head in Peter's chest. In a voice on the verge of tears she said, "Please make him stop."

"Aurora, my father would not lie about this. If he says he can, then he can."

She pulled away from Peter slowly, making sure she was steady enough to stand on her own two feet. Then she turned and looked at Caine. She looked into his eyes, looking for any betrayal to what he was saying. Anything that would tell her he was lying. After several moments of a strung out silence and Aurora gazing at Caine she finally gave up.

"Then lets do it. I want to speak with him. If you can do then let's do it."

"We will have to go back to my apothecary."

"Let's go."

The three of them collected their belongings and made there way into Peter's Stealth. The ride was silent with an occasional sniffle from Aurora. They knew she was crying, but didn't say anything. Things were already uncomfortable and no one was trying to make them worse.

They arrived at Caine's home and quickly went upstairs. Walking inside, they first saw the ancient making a satchel of herbs for whatever purpose. Caine bowed, as did Lo Si. Lo Si put down his concoction and looked at the Shaolin Priest.

"I know what you are planning. It is dangerous my friend."

"It is dangerous, but it must be done."

Lo Si did not say anything else as Caine made his way into his meditation room followed by Aurora and Peter. Aurora stood just inside the doorway hugging herself tightly. Peter stood behind her. Caine sat in the lotus position in the center of a circle of white candles. He looked up at Aurora.

"Come and sit across from me."

Aurora looked back at Peter for reassurance. He nodded to her, knowing that his father would never let anything happen to her. Aurora turned back to the circle and slowly walked inside. She sat across from Caine mimicking his position.

"Take my hands," Caine told her.

Aurora did as he asked.

"Now close your eyes and clear your mind."

Caine waited until Aurora had done so and then he closed his eyes. He pushed his aura out so that it mingled with Aurora's. Caine felt their aura's intertwine until they became one large mass of swirling energy around them. A small gasp that came from Aurora's lips let the Shaolin Priest know that she had felt it as well.

With there aura's intertwined Caine could see inside Aurora's soul. He could see her happiest moments, and her darkest fears. Her worst memories came to light like flashes from a movie screen that had been badly edited. He knew Aurora's heart had quickened. Her breath was heavier.

At the same token everything in Caine's soul was free access for Aurora to see. The temple, losing Peter, it was all perfectly clear to her. She could feel his pain. See the open wound in his heart of missing so many years with his only son. In a way she knew how he felt because she would lose out on so many memories she was supposed to have with her father.

A bright flash of light caused Aurora to turn. Caine was walking towards her out of a dense white fog. He was wearing his normal outfit; only this time he had a hat on. She noticed how he looked like a wanderer drifting a long from town to town. He had a unique face, but it was something about his personality that separated Caine from the rest.

Caine approached her and put a hand on her shoulder. Aurora was surprised at herself that she didn't flinch. She had no idea where she was, yet she was completely comfortable being there. She wasn't scared at all. In fact she felt at peace. Although these mixed emotions made her more confused than ever.

"I have someone who would like to see you," Caine said.

With a hand still on her shoulder he moved out of the way. At first Aurora saw nothing but fog and darkness. Then slowly a figure outlined in the mist. She knew it was the outline of a man, but couldn't quite place it. The man was about a foot away from her when his face came into view.

A cry betrayed Aurora and slipped from her mouth. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her mind would not register it. She didn't feel Caine's hand anymore nor did she realize she was trembling all over. The figure emerged from the fog and smiled to her. He opened his arms to embrace her in a hug, but Aurora just stood there.

"My daughter what is wrong?" Raine Ramirez asked his shocked child.

"Y-y-you.I mean..I.."

Raine walked to her and pulled her into a tight hug. For a moment he just held her and Aurora slowly began to hug him back. Once her arms were around him she held on tight. Raine rested his chin on her head.

"I know how you must feel Aurora. You saw my body dead and cold on the floor."

"Why did you leave me daddy?" Aurora sobbed into his chest. "You were supposed to take care of me."

"I would not have left you if I could help it." He pulled Aurora away from him so he could look her in the eye. "I did not commit suicide. Tom's hand was the one that ended my life; not my own."

Aurora looked at him with wide eyes. "B-b-but the cops, they said."

"I know what they said. Lies, all of it. Tom knew some people in the police station. Evidence was withheld and covered up, but that does not matter now. What matters is that you are safe and you know the truth about what happened and about who you are. Now you can carry out the destiny in which you were meant to."

"I don't understand. What destiny? What are you talking about?"

Raine kissed Aurora on the head. "You will understand soon my daughter. For now you and Caine must go. My shields will not hold much longer."

Aurora held on tight to her father. "NO! I don't want to go. I want to stay with you."

"The Gods have other idea's my daughter."

Aurora didn't loosen her grip. Caine walked over to them and started to pull Aurora away.

"We must leave now or we will be trapped here."

"I don't care," Aurora cried. "I don't want to lose him again."

Raine caressed her face gently. "You never lost me. I am always with you. Never forget that. I love you Aurora."

Aurora fought as Caine pulled her away.


"We must go," Caine said as he pulled her away.

Aurora struggled with all her might, as she watched her father disappear into the fog. She didn't want to go back to the real world. She wanted to stay with her father. Life wasn't worth living to her if he wasn't there. The tears flowed freely and Aurora could feel the coming darkness. She welcomed it with open arms.

Caine opened his eyes to see Peter sitting behind Aurora cradling the unconscious girl in his arms. She was pale as a ghost and trembling. Caine was fearful she might go into convulsions. He was about to go get his herbs, but the ancient was a step a head of him. The herbs Caine would need were sitting on the counter waiting to be mixed.

"Pop what's going on?" Peter asked. "Why is she shaking like this?"

Caine walked to the counter and began mixing the herbs. "She did not wish to leave. She struggled against me and in doing so has weakened herself immensely. If we do not act quickly she will go into convulsions."

Peter was holding Aurora as best he could, but the trembling had become violent racks combing through her body. He held her head in his lap to keep her from slamming it into the floor. Lo Si walked over and held down her legs.

"Pop hurry up with that stuff."

Caine did not respond. He swiftly continued to mix his herbs. A few moments later he was on his knees next to Peter. By this time Aurora's body was flinging about wildly. Peter was struggling to hold her head steady.

"You must keep her still."

"I'm trying," Peter said.

He gripped Aurora's head a different way and Caine quickly slipped the herbs in her mouth. With in minutes Aurora's body had settled down into a soft shiver that occurred about every three minutes. Peter and Lo Si released their grips on her as now she only seemed to be sleeping.

Peter picked her up and took her into his father's room. He laid her gently on the bed and sat next to her. Caine and Lo Si followed them. Peter, who was gently stroking Aurora's hair looked up to his father.

"What the hell happened?"

"She tried to pull away from me and our aura's began to part. She was not strong enough to do this on her own. In response to her spirit not being strong enough, her body reacted physically."

"Will she be all right?"

Caine nodded. "She should be fine, but I will watch her closely. Sometimes the body will relapse after such an episode."

"Do you think she will relapse?" Peter asked.

"I do not. I believe she will be fine, but on the side of caution I will pay close attention to her."

A soft moan came from Aurora and Peter turned his attention to her. Aurora was looking up at him with lazy eyes. A tinge of color had returned to her cheeks and a hint of a smile had curved at the corner of her lips.

"I messed up huh?" She asked in that little voice that a child has when the wake up from a nightmare.

Peter smiled at the girl who now seemed so very childlike. "Maybe a little, but it's all right. Just rest now."

"You're still going to be here when I wake up, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'll still be right here."

Aurora smiled at him, and then slowly closed her eyes, knowing that from now on, things were going to be fine.


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