Evil TV

My 100th story!


"Fellow villains," Anti-Cosmo greeted the cartoon villains as they came in his castle and took their seats around the long table. His wife and Foop were beside him. "Welcome! Now, who is tired of losing to the good cartoons?" Every hand, paw, tube, and claw went up.

"Okay, now listen up my fellow cartoons for I have a plan. We need three gemstones. With these three gemstones, we can take over our shows and hypnotize the viewers thinking that we're the good guys and they're the bad guys. The viewers will boo them and cheer us on to victory!

"You mean I will finally get my hands on the Krabby Patty secret formula?" Plankton asked.

"Precisely! And not only that, all of our evil dreams will come true!" He looked at Doofenshmirtz. "Doofenshmirtz, you will take over the Tri-State Area like you always wanted and that platypus of yours will have no choice but to stay out of the way."

"At last!" Doofenshmirtz said with glee. Anti-Cosmo looked at Bowser next.

"And Bowser, you will capture Princess Peach and seize control of the Mushroom Kingdom."

"FINALLY!" Bowser said. "Mario, you are going down and I will get your lady!" He laughed evilly. "I like it!" More chatters from the villains stirred.

"I can finally order an ice cream with a ticking time bomb in it." Ganondorf spoke. "And when Link takes a biteā€¦" He began to snicker. "It'll blow up in his face!"

"Uh, my lord." Vaati said to him. "What about kidnapping Princess Zelda and taking over Hyrule?"

"That too!"

"What is it with you and Bowser wanting to kidnap princesses?" Eggman questioned. "We're going to take over our world, get the chaos emeralds and get rid of that pesky hedgehog!"

"And I'm going to get rid of Kirby!" Boomed King Dedede.

"We're going to shut down TUFF." Added Snaptrap. "And commit horrible crimes in Petropolis!"

"I'm going to cause chaos all over Ponyville." Discord put in. "And teach Twilight and her friends that friendship isn't magical." He laughed to himself.

"And I'm going to get rid of Kirby!" Dedede repeated.

"You already said that." Escargoon told him. The king of Dreamland yelled at him.

"I'M THE KING! I CAN REPEAT STUFF IF I WANT TOO!" He bashed him on the head with his mallet.

"Ooh, violence!" The evil hot tub observed. "What's worse then that? Oh yeah, my dream of killing families that pay attention to each other instead of their hot tubs."

"Okay, evil cartoons!" Anti-Cosmo said to all of them. "Let's steal those crystals and make our evil dreams into a reality!" Everyone cheered.

"Ooh, ooh!" Anti-Wanda piped up. "Honey, tell them our evil plan!"

"We're going to make it Friday the 13th every single day!"

"I tried to make it Feb 29th each day." Dr. D. said. "So that I can have an extra day of being evil. It didn't work out." Anti-Cosmo gave him a withering look.

"That's so fascinating."

"And I'm going to make a certain brat pay for all he has done to me!" Foop added. He looked at a picture of Poof and crimpled it in his fist and threw it on the floor.

"Ooh!" Doofenshmirtz spoke up. "Litter; how not evil, but not good!"

"Why thank you. I picked it up after my father."

"Now, let's go!" Anti-Cosmo said. "I have recently uncovered the location of the first gemstone. It shall lead us to the others! For Evil!" All the villains cheered as they followed him out of the castle, forgetting the hot tub.

"Guys?" The evil hot tub called out. "Guys? Hello? Are we going somewhere? I'm still plugged in." He then realized nobody was coming for him. "Shoot."