Chapter 3

Perry heard something.

"Help!" The voice screamed, muffled. "Help!" Perry looked around. He then saw something in the corner of his eye. Something big, covered with a tarp, was in the corner of the room. He tapped Mario on the shoulder. Mario looked at where Perry was pointing at.

"Hey Bowser!" Mario said to him. "What's under the tarp?"

"Oh, nothing of your concern."

"Mario!" The muffled voice shouted.

"Did that tarp just yell my name?" Mario asked out loud.

"Uh… no?" Not convinced, Perry went to the tarp. "It's nothing I tell you! Stop! It's Mario's birthday present!"

"But you hate Mario." Charmander told him.

"What are you talking about? Mario's awesome!"

"My birthday isn't until seven more months Bowser." Mario reminded him. "You know that."

"Oh well, I brought it early."

Perry grabbed the tarp.

"NOOO!" Bowser screamed. "You'll ruin it!" Perry took off the tarp entirely and his eyes widened. It was Princess Peach! She was tied to a chair. Tape was over her mouth. She screamed, her voice muffled.

"Aw man!" Bowser said with a face palm. "You ruined it, beaver duck creature! Princess Peach was going to be Mario's present!"

"No, she wasn't!" Mario said. Bowser sighed.

"Fine, she wasn't." He then looked back at his guards. "Just get them and put them in the dungeon."

"Before we fight," Charmander piped up. "Can you tell us where you found the three gems?"

"Oh yeah!" Grimer added. "I was wondering about that, too." He looked at Bowser. "So, where'd you get them?"

"Anti-Cosmo lead us to this dank, shadowy cave where there was some creepy temple inside." Bowser answered. "When we grabbed all three of them and made our escape, a boulder appeared out of nowhere and rolled at us with great force. I was brave and led everyone to safety." Mario rolled his eyes.

"A likely story!" Bowser looked annoyed.

"Fine, I threw Ganondorf in the way and made a break for it. Happy!? GUARDS!" The Hammer Bros and the good cartoons began fighting. Charmander screamed and ran behind a pillar. Hammer Bros went by him. They laughed.

"Hey look!" One of the Hammer Bros told the other. "Looks like we got a wimp over here!"

"You said it!" The other agreed. The two laughed.

"Hey!" Charmander snapped at them. "I'm not a wimp!"

"Oh yeah? Then why aren't you fighting?!"

"Because…I don't want to?"

"Riiggghhhht! You don't want to because you're afraid!"

"That's not true! I just don't want to get hurt is all."

"Yeah, talk about a 'hero'"! He then raised his hammer above Charmander's head. He laughed. Charmander shivered, covering his head.

Kirby saw this and gasped. He then looked determined. He flew into the Hammer Bro's hammer as it was coming down. The hammer froze midswing.

"Hey!" The Hammer Bro said. "What the?" The possessed hammer flew out of the Hammer Bro's hand. The Hammer Bros screamed and bolted off. Kirby then flew out, laughing. The hammer fell to the ground. Charmander laughed too.

"You really scared them, Kirby." Charmander spoke. "For a moment, I thought that the hammer had really come to life!"

Grimer did his Sludge Bomb attack. When stepped on, Hammer Bros slid and fell from left to right.

"Alright!" Grimer cheered. "No one can beat my sliminess!"

"I got you Bowser!" Mario grabbed Bowser's tail and twirled him around. He threw Bowser with enough force to send him flying. Bowser screamed as he sailed into a pillar. Roger and Bill ran towards him.

"Lord Bowser!" Roger shouted. "Are you oka…"

"I thought I told you to leave."

"We were, but when we saw you losing against Mario, we…"


"But Lord Bowser…"


"Yes sir!" Both Roger and Bill started leaving the room.

Bowser slowly stood up.

"You thought you defeated me, Mario." He said to the plumber. "But this time you're wrong!" He then breathed fire out of his mouth. Mario jumped out of the way.

"You got to do better then that, Bowser!" Mario taunted him.

Bowser gave a frustrated groan. He was about to breathe fire again when a Hammer Bro slid into him from Grimer's slime. Wide-eyed, Roger and Bill ran for them again. They readied their spears.

"We got you covered, Lord Bowser!" Roger reassured him. "You can count on us!"

"GO TO YOUR ROOMS!" Roger and Bill looked at him and looked ashamed.

"Yes sir!" They chanted in unison again, leaving. Bowser then fell unconscious.

Perry dodged Kammy and Kamek's attacks.

"We'll get you, beaver duck creature!" Kammy threatened.

"Yeah!" Kamek added. "You can't run forever!" Perry thought this over as he was running. What was he going to do? He then saw that he was headed towards the wall. He then saw the pillar next to it. He snapped his fingers as an idea formed in his mind.

"Aha!" Kammy cackled. "A dead end! What will you do now?" Perry stopped and looked at the two Magikoopas. Oh, you'll see! Just as Kammy and Kamek released their powers from their wands, Perry did his wall jump. Kammy and Kamek were confused.

"Hey! What the?" They looked around for the platypus. "Now where did that beaver duck creature go?" Kamek shrugged.

Just then, Perry kicked the two off their brooms. The two Magakoopas screamed and whammed into the wall. Kamek fell unconscious. Kammy was about to release her power from her wand when Perry took it out of her hands and bopped her on the head with it. She fell unconscious. He then took away Kamek's so if he woke up, he couldn't try a sneak attack. He put them by a pillar. He went to join his friends.

"Well, we did it!" Grimer told his friends as they observed all of the fallen baddies. "We got the Opal and defeated the bad guys. Let's call Professor Frankly and find out the location of the next gem." He looked at Charmander. "Okay Charmander, the satchel if you please."

"First let's focus on untying the Princess." Mario told Grimer.

"Right, I knew that!" Mario rolled his eyes.

"Riggghhhhtttt!" He and the others went to the tied-up Princess.

"Okay Princess." Grimer told her. "We'll going to untie you now." Princess Peach said something, but it was not understandable. Grimer looked confused.

"I'm sorry," Grimer told her. "I couldn't exactly catch that." Princess Peach tried to talk again.

"I'm going to untie you so that I can understand you." And with that, he untied the Princess. He also took off the tape over the Princess' mouth.

"Thank you." She said.

"Oh, no problem!" Grimer told her. "It was an honor!" Princess Peach smiled.

"Now," She started. She reached out her palm. "The Opal if you please. I'll give it to Professor Frankly when I return to my castle."

"Sure," Grimer agreed. And with that, he handed the Opal over to her. When the Princess had it in her hand, she snickered evilly. The heroes were confused.

"Thank you for giving me the Opal." She said, but it wasn't her voice.

"Uh…you're welcome?" Grimer reacted.

"Uh, Princess?" Mario began. "Are you alright? You don't sound like yourself." The Princess gave them an evil smirk.

"What are you talking about?" She asked. "I never felt better."

"I think he's right, Princess," Grimer spoke. "You sound like you're not the Princess at all." The Princess smirked again.

"Well, I guess it's time to reveal my true form." And with that the 'Princess' started turning into her true form. It was a Duplighost! The heroes gasped. The Duplighost laughed.

"Thanks again for the Opal. I know Lord Bowser will appreciate it!" And with that, the Duplighost took off, Opal in hand. Perry, Mario, Kirby, Charmander and Grimer went after him.

"The real Princess must be in another castle." Mario told his friends. "Or just in another room in this castle."

"But how are we supposed to know which room she's in?" Charmamder questioned. "The doors may be locked! We may need to look for many keys and that'll take time." Mario looked at Kirby.

"We might only need one key!" Charmander was confused.

"Huh? What do you mean? It's not like we can go through walls!"

"We can't, but Kirby can!"


"Kirby, can you go door to door and come to us when you find the Princess?" Kirby saluted.

"Poyo!" And with that, he flew off.

"But, we may need him!" Grimer protested to Mario. "He could suck up that thing and transform into him! That might be useful."

"True," Mario agreed. "But if all of us capture the Duplighost, we'll still need to find Princess Peach. This way, we'll get out of this castle faster without wasting our time."

"Oh right. Good thinking!"

"Oh, and if you find any food Kirby, don't eat it!" Mario called to Kirby. "We need to find the Princess ASAP!" Kirby gave out a disappointed sigh.

"It'll go through you!" Grimer added. "So it's basically pointless!"

"Poyo." Kirby agreed sadly and continued on his way as Mario and the others continued chasing the Duplighost.

"You can't catch me, you can't catch me!" The Duplighist taunted them in a singsong fashion.

"Oh yeah?" Grimer challenged. "I wouldn't be sure about that!" And with that, Grimer released his Sludge Bomb. Goo splatted everywhere and the Duplighost tried his best not to slip.

"Slip, darn you, slip!" Grimer cried.

"Ha!" The Duplighost laughed. "You think I was going to sli…whoa!" He lost his balance and fell to the ground. The Opal fell before him.

"BOOYA!" Grimer cheered. Mario took the Opal.

"I'll take that." He said. The Duplighost tried to get up, but failed. Mario turned to his friends.

"Okay," He told them. "We got the Opal, now let's…ooof!" In the goo, the Duplighost slid and bumped into Mario. The Opal went sailing in the air. Perry, Grimer and Charmander gasped. They then ran under it, trying to catch it.

"I GOT IT, I GOT IT!" Grimer shouted. Perry took off his hat and tried to catch it in it.

"I GOT IT, I GOT IT!" Grimer was about to catch it when the Duplighost shoved him aside. Grimer fell in his own slime as the Duplioghost caught it.

"I got it!" He told the Pokémon. He began to run off.

"CHEATER!" Grimer yelled after him. He stood up.

"Come on!" Mario said. "He's getting away!"

"Oh sure!" Grimer said. "No 'Grimer, are you all right?' I see how it is!"

"Grimer, are you all right?" Charmander asked him. Grimer turned to him.

"Why, yes I am Char; thanks for asking! I can always count on you!" Charmander smiled. Perry, with his hat back on, chattered madly. Not to interrupt or anything, but that guy is getting away!

"Oh yeah!" Grimer realized. "We got to help Mario!" He looked at Perry. "Perry, why didn't you tell us?" Grimer and Charmander ran after Mario and the Duplighost again. With an eye roll, the platypus ran after them as well.

"Ha, ha!" The Duplighost taunted them when they ran by some closed doors. "YOU CAN'T CATCH ME, YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!" Then, WHAM! A door opened up unexpectedly right in the Duplighost's face! The Duplighost fell. The Opal dropped in front of him again. Roger and Bill came out with a Chain Chomp: Chompy, from the other side. Grimer grabbed the Opal before Roger, Chompy and Bill noticed. They looked at the fallen Duplighost. Bill screamed.

"Oh no!" He cried. "DONNY!"

"Thanks for opening the door unexpectedly!" Grimer thanked them, running off.

"HEY!" Roger yelled at him. "You come back here!"

"Sorry, no can do! I'm a Grimer on a mission!" Roger looked at his partner and the Chain Chomp.

"Come on, Bill and Chompy!" He told them.. "I knew Lord Bowser needed our help!" With a nod, Bill ran after his partner as another chase began. Chompy barked and ran as well.

"Well the good news is," Grimer spoke. "We're getting our exercise in!"

"JUST RUN, GRIMER!" Charmander screamed. They ran and ran as the giant toothy ball, the Goomba, and the Koopa Troopa chased them.

"What will we do?" Charmander questioned. "We can't run forever!"

"Roger and Bill aren't much of a threat at all." Mario commented. "But their Chain Chomp… I sure wish I had a Fire Flower with me." He then looked at Charmander. "But maybe I don't need one! Charmander, use your Flamethrower!"

"What?" Charmander questioned.

"Use your Flamethrower attack to burn those guys!"

"But…but…what if I miss?!"

"Just do it Char!" Grimer told his friend. "I'll help you if needed."

"O...okay." Charmander looked at Roger, Chompy and Bill.

"Well, here I go!" And with that, he released a Flamethrower attack from out of his mouth.

"Watch out!" Roger cautioned.

"Watch out for wha…" But, Bill was interrupted when the Flamethrower hit him, burning him until he was all black. Roger, however, jumped out of the way. Chompy did too.

"Man," Grimer spoke. "You got burned!"

"Go on!" Bill cried out to Roger, panting "Go… on without me." He then collapsed on the floor. Roger turned, then looked at Chompy. "Sic' em!"

Charmander tried again and again, but Chompy jumped out of the way every time. Charmander gave up in a sigh.

"It's no use." He said. "That Chain Chomp is just too good."

"And as promised, I'll help!" And like that, Grimer turned around and spat out his Sludge Bombs. Roger dodged them all. Chompy whimpered as he slid and crashed into a wall.

"Man!" Grimer said. "He is good!" He kept doing his Sludge Bomb and Roger kept dodging.

Perry then saw a chair from the corner of his eye. He smiled as an idea formed in his mind. He grabbed it and threw it with all his might. Roger dodged like a pro while the chair whizzed past and struck a giant Bowser bust. The bust toppled off its pedestal and hit Roger's head. He tried to get up, but fell back down when he slipped on Grimer's goo. Grimer looked at the semi aquatic mammal.

"Lucky for you Perry, that chair was there." He told him. "You know, for being small, you are so strong! That proves that size doesn't matter!" Perry smiled.

"Okay." Mario said. "Let's go find Kirby!" Perry, Grimer and Charmander agreed with a nod and followed him.

It wasn't long until Kirby appeared from out of the wall.

"Poyo!" He said. Charmander screamed.

"A BOO!" He was about to run when Grimer pulled him back.

"Relax, Char." He told him. "It's just Kirby. You told us how he became one." Charmander relaxed.

"Oh yeah." He laughed nervously. "I guess I just freaked with all the other stuff that's been going on." Mario walked up to Kirby.

"Did you find the Princess?" The Plumber asked. Kirby nodded. "You did? Where?" Kirby pointed his ghostly tail at a nearby door. They went to it.

"We need to find a key to get in." Charmander said. Mario shook his head.

"No time." He told the fire salamander. "We have to get in there now." He looked at the door. "We have to break it down." Perry then went in front of the door, ready to break it down. Grimer looked at him with a confused look.

"Whatcha doin' there Pers?" Perry chattered and motioned them to step aside. They did. Don't worry. I broke down my nemesis' door plenty of times. This will be a piece of cake. Heran to the door and kicked it down as hard as he could. The door fell to the floor.

"All right!" Grimer cheered. "Way to go, Perry!" Perry took off his hat and bowed as if it was part of a show. Thank you; thank you! He put his hat back on and he and the others went inside. They looked around for Princess Peach.

"Princess!" Mario called. "Princess! Are you here? Princess!" Princess Peach came back from the balcony. She smiled when she saw her saviors.

"Mario!" She said, going to him and the others. "I was just wishing on a shooting star that you come and rescue me."

"Well, your dream came true then!" Peach smiled.

"I guess it did." She looked at Perry, Grimer, Charmander and Kirby.

"And thank you guys too. I really appreciate it. Your shows are lucky to have each and every one of you."

"Awww!" Grimer said, blushing. "That's so kind of you to say!" Princess Peach then looked confused at Kirby.

"Is that…Kirby?"

"The one and only!"

"Poyo!" It was Grimer's turn to be confused.

"Wait, are you the real Princess Peach or an imposter?"

"Well, let's see what Mario says." She then kissed Mario on the forehead. Mario sighed heavenly.

"She's the real Princess." Mario said, dreamily.

"Oh yeah!" Grimer realized. "Because an imposter wouldn't dare kiss Mario!" Princess Peach then looked serious.

"Come on!" She told them. "Let's get out of this creepy castle already!" Princess Peach went out the doorway. The others followed, except Mario.

"She kissed me!" Mario said, wobbling all over. Grimer had to pull him out.

"Come on, lover boy!" Once outside, Mario went back to reality and followed Peach after the others.

Suddenly, Kammy and Kamek flew in on their brooms.

"Where do you think you're going?" Kammy asked.

"Out!" Grimer told her, not looking back.

"I think not!" She and Kamek raised their wands and whipped their magical powers at them. The good cartoons dodged them and just kept running and running for the drawbridge. Kammy then blasted a beam out of her wand straight towards the drawbridge! Once it hit the drawbridge, part of it, collapsed and fell into the lava. Kammy cackled.

"Quick!" Grimer told his friends. "Jump when I tell you!"

"What?!" Charmander questioned. "But Grimer, we're not going to make it!" They ran across the bridge.



"3, JUMP!" Just as they were about to jump over the gap, Bowser flew up in his Clown Copter and swatted all but Kirby back with one swing of his muscular arm. They landed hard on the bridge. Perry clung to the ledge as he almost slipped off into the lava, and Grimer lost hold of the Opal. Kirby, still in Boo form, floated through Bowser and wound up on the other side of the gap. He turned back, confused and unsure of what to do.

"Not so fast!" Bowser snarled, leaping down onto the bridge. "You got something I want." He grabbed the Opal. "Thank you!"

"Hey!" Mario snapped. "That was ours, you ugly Koopa!"

"And now it's mine again. I stole it fair and square." Bowser laughed evilly as a glow surged through his body.

"YEAH!" He roared. "I'm feeling stronger!" All the cartoons looked at him.

"What's happening to him?" Charmander asked.

"He's growing more powerful!" Mario told him. "Must be because of the Opal; we have to get it from him and fast!" Suddenly, spike balls formed in Bowser's claw. He laughed again.

"Here's a thank-you present, Mario and friends, for giving me back my Opal." He threw the spike balls at them. All of them ran and dodged, trying to stay on the bridge in the process. Kammy and Kamek also threw their magic spells at them. Bowser groaned in frustration.

"Stay still!" He said. "So this can be, like…easier for me and stuff."

"Sorry!" Mario responded. "No can do, Bowser! We want to survive and not get hurt."

"Well, I do want you to get hurt!"

"Hmmm, we have a problem then."

"You bet your plumber bottom, we do!"

"Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree!"

"NO!" Bowser was focusing his attacks on Mario, not noticing that Grimer had slipped up close.

"Hey!" Grimer spoke. "I got a present for ya!" Bowser, his greed outweighing his rage, stopped and looked down hopefully.

"You do? What?"

"This!" And with that, he spat goo in his face. Bowser screamed, covering his eyes.

"MY EYES!" He howled. "I use those for seeing!" He dropped the Opal. Mario's eyes widened.

"GET IT BEFORE IT GOES INTO THE LAVA!" All the good cartoons stormed to the edge, trying to get the Opal as it slid across the bridge. Kammy and Kamek also flew down toward it. They all froze as it teetered at the edge of the bridge. Then, it fell.

"NOOOO!!" Mario cried. Bowser unshielded his eyes.

"I got it!" And with that, he hopped in his Clown Copter and zoomed down after it.

"Oh, no you don't!" With that, Mario dived down.

"MARIO!" Peach cried. "NOOOO!" Mario landed on Bowser's Clown Copter.

"Hey!" Bowser snarled. "I didn't invite you in!" He tried to stomp Mario who dodged them all.

Then, just as they were nearing the Opal (the bridge was really, really high above the lava), Mario reached out to grab it. Bowser did too. He tried to shove Mario outside.

"I…." Bowser started, reaching as far as he could. Mario took off his hat and it fell in it.

"Got it!" Mario finished and grabbed the Opal and put his hat back on. His friends cheered.

"Give me that!" Bowser snarled, stopping in midair. Mario used this opportunity to bounce off Bowser's head. He looked up at his friends.

"Guys, catch!" He tossed the Opal as high as he could. His friends all tried to catch it. Just as it was about to go over the edge again, Grimer slid and…caught it before Kammy could.

"YEAH!" Grimer cheered. His friends on the bridge cheered.

"Nice save!" Charmander complimented.

"Thanks buddy!" He showed it to Mario. "Look Mario, I got the Opal."

"That's great, Grimer." Mario said as he climbed on Bowser's head and did a wall jump to get back on the bridge with his friends.

Just as Mario landed, he lost his balance. He was about to fall back in when Perry grabbed his overalls, pulling him upright.

"Phew!" Mario wiped the sweat off his forehead in relief. He looked at Perry. "Thank you, Perry! I could've been a goner if it wasn't for good friends like you." Perry smiled. Bower then flew up.

"Give me that Opal!" He commanded.

"No way Bowser Koopa!" Mario responded.

"Poyo!" Kirby said. He flew in Bowser's vehicle. It then went rampant under Kirby's control. Bowser screamed as he zoomed left to right. It then stopped and turned upside down. Kirby flew out to rejoin his friends, letting the vehicle hover in mid-air.

Bowser screamed again as he dropped out. He held on the edge of the bridge for dear life.

"Lord Bowser!" Kammy said. "We'll help you up!" But before Kammy and Kamek could get to him, Grimer spat sludge in their faces! They screamed and wiped their eyes. Bowser laughed nervously as Mario glared down at him.

"Mario!" He faked. "Let bygones be bygones! You help me up and I'll kidnap the Princess, take the Opal, take over the Mushroom Kingdom and I can live evilly ever after while you guys are miserable for the rest of your lives?"

"I don't think you know how 'let bygones be bygones' work, Bowser."

"It'll work for me!" Mario looked at Perry.

"You know what to do, Perry!" The semi aquatic mammal grinned mischievously and went up to Bowser's claws.

"Wait, wait!" Grimer told him. Grimer looked down at Bowser and narrowed his eyes. "Long live the king!" He then laughed and turned back to Perry. "Sorry, had to be done! Okay Pers, do your stuff!" He stepped aside. Perry then pecked at Bowser's claws.

"Wait, wait!" He cried, when he had his one claw still on the bridge. "We can still be friends, can't we?" Bowser then lost his grip and fell in. "CURSE YOU BEAVER DUCK CREATURE!"

"Um, he's not gonna, like, die or nothin', is he?" Grimer asked.

"Naw, he's survived way worse than this. Now, let us get off this bridge!" Mario said. They went to the edge. Charmander looked behind him and screamed. The MagiKoopas had just finished cleaning off Grimer's gunk off their faces. They raised their wands.

"Hurry!" Charmander cried. "They're doing their magic!"

"Okay!" Mario declared. "It's now or never; 1, 2, 3, JUMP!"

And with that, they jumped to the other side. Perry took a screaming Charmander by the hand who had covered his eyes. They landed safely on the ground.

"I can't look…I can't look!" Perry released Charmander's hand.

"Relax Char, we're on ground again. Charmander uncovered his face and looked. He sighed with relief.

"Quick!" Princess Peach told him. "Give me the cell so I can tell Prof. Frankly that this mission is over and he can open to portal to where the next gem is!"

"Okay," Charmander gave her the cell phone from the satchel. Princess Peach dialed up the Professor. Kammy and Kamek stopped chasing them and went to help their fallen master.

"Okay," Peach said when she hung up. "The next gem is a Ruby and it's in at King Dedede's castle in Dreamland."

"Poyo!" Kirby said when he heard they were going to his universe.

"I'll go in with you guys. Once we get there, I'll head back to my castle."

"But can't you head back to your castle here?" Grimer wanted to know. "I mean, we are in your universe! Heck, we didn't need the portal to get to Bowser's castle in the first place." Peach smiled.

"I know, but it's faster and will be easier."

"Okay, well where is the portal going to be?"

"It'll be here in a second or two."

Suddenly, Bowser flew out in his Clown Copter. Kammy and Kamek also flew on their broomsticks.

"How did Bowser survive?!" Charmander wanted to know.

"Kammy or Kamek must've used their magic to get Bowser back on the Clown Copter." Mario replied. "But right now, we need to focus on opening the next portal to where the next gem is."

"I WANT MY OPAL BACK!" He roared. ParaGoombas and ParaTroopas flew and dropped Bomb-Ombs. They floated down on parachutes.

"Come on Prof. Frankly!" Peach prayed out load. She noticed that the Bomb-Ombs were about to go off. "Hurry up!" She sighed in relief when she saw the portal.

"Come on!" She told the others. "JUMP!" And with that, they all jumped into the portal just as the Bomb-Ombs exploded.