Here's a new fanfic for BNK. I hope you like it. I have thought of this at school where dreams are broken! i'm joking that's just my school.

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Narrator's POV:

It was a normal day in the academy but then later the accident had happened. It had seemed that Seiran had created a potion that worked like a boost for the knights' powers so they wouldn't end up killing Anis.

"That's a great idea Seiran-kun. You go try it Kaede." Anis said while pushed Kaede towards Seiran.

"What? Drink it? No way in hell am I drinking that! It might kill us or do something even worse than killing us!" Kaede said.

"I'm perfectly sure that nothing bad will happen to us. I've tried this on the roses in my garden and nothing bad happened to them." Seiran said.

"So you drink it first." Kaede said.

"No you do it Kaede." Seiran said.

"No you do it Seiran." Kaede said and it went on and on till Anis got bored of their childish behavior.

"Ah, Kaede just be a good lab rat and try the potion so these guys can drink it!" Anis said or better said "demanded".

"No way in hell!" Kaede said while raising his arms and by accident throwing Seiran's potion to the ceiling and spilling it on everyone (But Itsushi because he and Ninufa were doing some business at the society) and when it hit the ground, a huge fog of smoke appeared.

"Great job Kaede!" Anis screamed but she noticed that her voice was masculine.

"Who was that?" Kaede asked but he heard a feminine voice come out of his mouth.

And a bit of the smoke cleared up and Anis saw a very cute girl with long straight red maroonish hair with amethyst eyes and she was wearing a short knee cut red dress and she was as tall as Anis was.

"Who the hell are you?" Anis asked and a masculine voice came out.

"What do you mean by that? It's me Kaede and who are you?" Kaede asked because he saw a tall, cute boy –as tall as he is or was- with short messy pink hair and reddish eyes and he was wearing a white t-shirt and dark jeans.

"What do you mean by that? It's me Anis or I think I am." Anis said.

"Um, Kaede, Anis-sama, where are you guys?" Seiran asked and he had a girly voice and a bit more of the smoke cleared up and they saw a petite girl with shoulder-length blue hair and honey-colored eyes and she was wearing also a knee-cut blue dress that went perfectly with her hair.

"Is that you Seiran?" Kaede asked.

"Yes, I have no idea of what went wrong with the potion and… Hey Anis-sama, you're a boy! I'm sorry!" Seiran said hugging Anis and crying in her arms.

"It's fine Seiran, I'm sure that you'll find a way to turn us back." Anis said reassuringly.

"Hey where did Black and White go? I hope that they changed into moths." Kaede said.

"Don't worry dear dog, we're still alive to your surprise!" a very feminine and cocky voice said and they turned to see 2 very pretty girls: One had long curly white hair with blue eyes and she was wearing a white dress knee-cut length and the one right next to her had long black hair that reached her waist and red eyes and she was wearing a black dress that was like the others knee length.

"Okay so let me get this clear shall we. Thanks to the dirty bitch, now we're the opposite sex." Mutsuki said with his new feminine voice that sounded high classy.

"Who are you calling a bitch, Black?" Kaede said.

"Actually, bitch is the correct term for a female dog." Seiran said.

"WTF?!" Anis screamed and everyone stared at her/him.

"I can't be a boy forever!" Anis said.

"I doubt that it'll be permanent and we should just wait until Itsushi-sensei gets here." Tenjou said and everyone nodded.

"I should get a manicure." Kaede said while looking at his/her nails.

"What?" Anis asked.

"It's true, my nails look horrible." Tenjou said while looking at his/her nails.

"True." Mutsuki said.


"Don't mess your nose where it's not needed Anis." Kaede said while twirling a piece of hair.

"Stupid crazy bitch." Anis said and Seiran tapped Anis's shoulder.

"Um Anis-sama, they're acting like real girls because the potion was so the drinker could be more like he or she is and they are acting like girls and you're acting like a man whom doesn't want to be ignored." Seiran said.

"So true Seiran-kun." Anis said and Anis sat down on a couch that was there and Seiran walked there and sat next to Anis and put her head on Anis's shoulder.

"Um…" Anis started saying.

"Can we stay like this, just for a little moment?" Seiran said while also hugging Anis.

"Fine." Anis said and closed her/his eyes.

"HEY! What the hell are you doing Seiran?!" Kaede screamed and they both opened their eyes and saw Kaede and Tenjou with their hands on their hips and Mutsuki had her arms crossed.

"Nothing." Anis and Seiran said innocently.

"Not fair! The Blue Rose is hugging Lord Anis and I can't do anything! How the mighty have fallen." Tenjou said dramatically.

"Drama queen." Mutsuki said and Itsushi entered.

"Let me guess: Seiran-kun made a potion that would help you with your abilities and Kaede refused to drink as a lab rat and he spilled it on all of you and you're the opposite gender." Itsushi said while looking at them.

"Yes sir." Everyone said.

"Okay, I've never heard of a potion or a spell that could this so it might be permanent." Itsushi said and Anis stared at him.

"HWTSBHCSBUAOJZMZJBSADK!" Anis screamed. What she was screamed was not even a language that she can understand.

"What did he say?" Everyone asked.


"No I didn't mean any of that! It's that….. Oh lord please save me before it's too late." Itsushi said.

"Anis doesn't have da guts to hit Itsushi, do you Anis?" Ninufa said.

"Damnit, this thing is always right when it needs to be right. Aren't ya." Anis said.

"Well what should we do in a situation like ours?" Mutsuki said while crossing her arms.

"Well for starters, I think that Seiran-chan should start trying to see if she can make an antidote and I will see that if I can find anything about something like this, okay." Itsushi said.

"And, what do we do?" Kaede asked.

"Stand there and look pretty and handsome. I'm joking; I'll have you enrolled in the school so you can't lose your education. Don't worry I'll have you signed in as you are your own cousins." Itsushi said.

"Okay but one quick question: What are we going to wear tomorrow?" Anis asked.

"Oh yeah. Anis, if you could prepare some of your clothes for them and they'll prepare some of their clothes for you." Itsushi said.

"Fine." Anis said. "Come on you guys."

And they started walking towards Anis's apartment and they entered the elevator and got in Anis's apartment.

"Um Anis, not that I'm offending you or anything but you have to make this place look more like if a dude was living here." Kaede said while she took off her shoes.

"I'm not going to be a man forever you know. It's just temporary and I could just say that my cousin is a neat freak." Anis said while entering his room and he came out with a bunch of clothes and dumped them on the floor.

"Do you seriously have this much of clothes?" Tenjou asked.

"Yeah I do. They were all sent from family members from all over the world. Come on choose your clothes." Anis said.

"What? No, you have to choose our clothes!" Kaede said.

"Aren't you girls? Girls have a super great fashion sense and you can choose whatever you sniff out." Anis said and they all started digging and they each had a piece of clothing.

"I should get you more clothes." Anis said and when he came back with more clothes, he saw Kaede and Tenjou fighting over a pair of Vera Wang boots.

"They are limited edition! Give them to me you stupid bitch! They'll be happier with me!" Tenjou said as she pulled the boots more towards her.

"WHAT! No way in hell!" Kaede said and Anis walked towards them and grabbed the boots and walked to his room and he came out with an exact pair of boots.

"I've got 2 pairs. So one for you Kaede and one for you Tenjou-sempai." Anis said while throwing the boots towards the girls.

"Ah you have such great fashion sense." Seiran said.

"Thanks." Anis said and he brought out a bunch of the girls school uniforms. The spring one, the summer one and the P.E one.

"So many clothes! Yay!" Tenjou and Kaede said happily.

"Okay, now get out of my house and go to your houses and prepare some clothes for me then you can text me and I'll summon you. Kay." Anis said.

"Sure." Kaede said and the others nodded and they left his house.

"Damn, I hate being a boy I feel so disgusting and stupid." Anis said while lying on his couch.

"Well, at least I'm tall now." Anis said and he went to take a bath and when he came out of the bath, he saw that he had a text from Kaede.

"Well, I guess that I should summon her right now since I'm practically naked without this towel on so I want my clothes." Anis thought and he grabbed the Red Rosario card and kissed it and Kaede appeared with a big bag.

"Hey Anis! AND WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!" Kaede screamed while turning around.

"Hey, I don't have any clothes for men so I'm in my towel until you give me the bag." Anis said.

"Here you go." Kaede said while extending the bag to Anis and he grabbed the bag and went into the room and came out with a red shirt and dark shorts.

"How do I look?" Anis asked.

"Hot. Damnit, I should have seen your six-pack a bit more. Oh no! I'm acting like a girl! Change me back!" Kaede screamed while grabbing Anis's shoulders.

"I am not a wizard. Believe me if I were then I would have changed us back by now." Anis said.

"I'm sorry." Kaede said.

"It's okay. Now if you allow me then I'll send you back home." Anis said while grabbing the card but Kaede stopped him.

"I'll walk home, kay." Kaede said while putting the card back on the table.

"I don't know but evicting you sounds better." Anis said.

"I'll get home walking, I doubt that I'll get mugged." Kaede said.

"You're a girl now, so there might be 3 fates for you if you go out alone." Anis said.

"What would those fates be exactly?" Kaede asked.

"Well, the first one would be that you would be kidnapped and then 3 days later your dead body will be found in front of a very important building." Anis said.

"What's the other fate that awaits me?" Kaede said a bit traumatized.

"Um, that you get raped." Anis said.

"Okay, what's the last one?" Kaede asked even more traumatized.

"Well it would be…" Anis started saying but was interrupted by this:

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kaede screamed and jumped into Anis's arm. "Don't say it, don't say it!"

"I was going to say that you might get home okay. Calm down, I'm sorry that I'm scaring you." Anis said and the door opened and Tenjou, Mutsuki and Seiran entered.

"Shit." Anis whispered.

"Stop touching him, you stupid bitch." Mutsuki said while she pulled Kaede away from Anis.

"Who are you calling a bitch?" Kaede said rudely while taking her arm away from Mutsuki.

"Um, you." Mutsuki said sarcastically.

"Damn you Black." Kaede said.

"Here you go Anis-sama. These are my clothes that I'm borrowing you." Seiran said sweetly while giving Anis a bag full of clothes.

"Thanks a lot." Anis said and then Tenjou walked towards Anis and handed out a bag.

"I made sure my servants packed enough clothes for 2 or 3 weeks for you." Tenjou said while handing out a bag and Anis started looking in the bag and Tenjou just giggled.

"What's wrong? Is there a bomb in here or what?" Anis asked.

"No, it's not necessary for you to see what clothes I gave you. They aren't mine; I made some of the servants go buy some at the mall." Tenjou said.

"Okay. So Mutsuki, you aren't going to get some clothes?" Anis asked.

"I didn't let her give you some clothes." Tenjou said.

"Um, why not Tenjou-sempai?" Anis asked.

"Because she thinks that I have cursed any clothing that I have used." Mutsuki said.

"Okay, I don't get you. So bye!" Anis said while pushing out of his house and when he closed the door, he sat on his couch.

"I hope that I don't be a dude forever." Anis said negatively before going to his room.