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Even if it Breaks Your Heart

As the sun rose high the next morning Lydia had much to smile about. The memories of the night before flooded back, making her blush. She couldn't wait to tell Sawyer what had happened. She reached into her pocket, grabbing her cell. She hit her speed dial and waited.

"What?" Sawyer moaned from the other line.

"Good morning," Lydia sang cheerfully.

"Lyds there is nothing good when you call someone at," she paused. "8 am!? I'm going back to bed."

"Come on Sawyer, I really need to talk to you," she whined.

"Sorry, no Sawyer here," she replied. "Bye now." And Lydia heard the click of the phone disconnecting.

Lydia rolled her eyes dropping her phone in her bag. She peered through the cracked door and watched as her cousin covered herself with blankets. "Rise and shine." She called pushing the door open further.

Sawyer rolled over glaring at her friend. "I hate you."

Lydia smiled broadly and rolled her eyes. Sawyer was just being a drama queen.

"Come on, it's a great morning, and the last Saturday before I start school on Monday. So get up," She demanded as she pulled the covers off the bed.

Sawyer sat up rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Lydia tried to stifle her laugh as she saw her friend's bed head.

"Tell me you brought coffee."

The brunette smirked, walking back to the door; she bent down picking up two Styrofoam cups. She handed one to Sawyer, making the girl smile for the first time that morning.

"You may proceed. But please remember until I drink half of this I cannot be expected to remember anything you say."

Lydia pushed her over on the bed, taking a seat. "Oh I think this will stick in your memory."

"Try me," Sawyer said taking a sip from her drink.

"Davis told me he loved me."

Sawyer choked, sputtering liquid out of her mouth. "I'm sorry Davis Baker?"

Lydia gave her a look; she really didn't want to hear this. "Don't start."

"Hey, I'm just saying I didn't know it was in his vocabulary. You know his dating track record isn't exactly polished."

"He's not like what everyone says," she replied looking out the window. "He's… an enigma. Every time I think I have him figured out, he surprises me."

"Lyddie, sometimes that's not a good thing," Sawyer commented.

Lydia turned back, giving her friend an even stare. "Look I know everyone thinks Davis is going to break my heart, but why can't you guys trust that maybe I know what I'm getting into?"

"It's not that we think you can't handle things. We just think Davis has a lot of…life experience."

"Well, maybe I'm tired of not having any," Lydia stood, moving closer to the window. "I'm sick of being this sheltered little school girl. It's time Lydia Bob Scott learned to have more fun and less stress."

Sawyer gave her a sour look. "Why do I get the feeling this is going to end very badly?"

Lydia turned smiling. "Oh come on what's the worst that could happen?"

"See any time someone says something like that, the worst thing always happens."

Lydia rolled her eyes at her cousin. "It's not like I'm suggesting a heist job or something."

"Then what are you suggesting?" Sawyer said giving her a look.

"I don't know," Lydia replied, fiddling with the edge of her cup. "I just know I need a change. Something no one would expect from me."

"Hmmm," Sawyer got up a smile plastered on her face. "I know what you need." She pulled a box out of her dresser and tossed it on the bed.

Lydia picked it up studying the box. "Manic Panic Permanent Hair Color Cream, Cotton Candy Pink?" "Trust me, no one will expect this." OTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHO THOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTH

Jude was in the kitchen drowning out the rest of the world. He had his iPod up as loud as it would go and both ear buds in. When he got home last night after almost a minute of snapping rubber bands he felt like actually being productive. So he took out his recording equipment and got the drum beats, and some of the guitar parts out for the new songs Logan gave him. Right now he was listening to them none stop. It was his way of learning the music. If he could feel them, he could play them. He was beginning to wonder when or if any of his family were going to make an appearance. Sure it was Saturday, but they usually had a million things going on.

But he put the alone time to good use. Pulling his drum sticks from his back pocket, he started to tap out the rhythm on the countertop. He was well into Just the Way I'm Not before he got the feeling he was being watched. He pulled a bud out of his ear turning around. His dad was standing there smiling.

"I didn't know anyone else was up," Jude explained, turning his iPod off, as he wrapped his headphones around it.

"I can see that," Julian entered, heading to the fridge. "It's not like I was going to stop you. I read somewhere that you need to encourage your teens to express themselves."

Jude snorted as he tried to hold back a laugh. "Okay dad."

"Hey, I am trying to be a hip dad. Down with the lingo, and the haps in my children's lives," He said pulling ingredients from the fridge.

"Well then may I offer a tip?" Jude asked, still fighting back a smile.

Julian nodded.

"Never say 'haps' again. Like for as long as you live," Jude grabbed a seat at the breakfast bar. "Also hip? Not so cool anymore."

"Noted, thank you," Julian replied and broke in an egg into a large mixing bowl.

"What's for breakfast?" Jude asked, leaning forward on the counter.

"Pancakes," Julian answered. "Hand me that whisk, will ya?"

Jude grabbed the utensil and handed it to his dad. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Yea of course you can."

Jude hesitated for a second, and looked towards the stairs, just to make sure no one was coming down.

"How did you know? That mom was the one?"

Julian's smile grew as a wistful look crossed his face. "Ah, when I saw her for the first time. Not the night we met though. I mean the first time I really saw her heart, her playfulness. The way she was when she was completely unafraid of anything.

"Why? Is there some girl I should know about?" Julian added eyeing his son.

"No, I was just curious," Jude replied, looking down.

"Jude, come on. You can talk to me." his father said.

"It's just I kinda-" But he was cut off by a loud crash upstairs.

"GRAY!" they heard Davis scream, followed by a long fit of giggles. Then the foot falls on the stairs came their way.

"Dad," Davis called coming into the kitchen. "She did it again."

"Did not," the girl called from the stairs.

"Then how do you explain me finding my phone in your room?" Davis retorted.

"Okay both of you stop," Brooke said coming in the room with Gray by her side. "Honey I told you to stay out of your brother's room."

Jude had a smile plastered on his face. It was nice to see Gray start in early on Davis.

"It's not funny," Davis said.

"It's a little funny," Jude replied causing Davis to shove him. Jude took a drumstick and smacked his brother's arm.

"Can I have one morning where my children get along?" Brooke asked looking between the three of them.

"Not likely," they replied in unison.

"Well at least they agree on something," Julian said smiling, causing Brooke to shoot him a look.

"I'm out," Davis said, but Brooke caught him by the arm.

"Excuse me your father is making breakfast. So a family breakfast we will be having. Last time I checked you counted as one of those," she pulled him back. "Plus you have to work at the store today."

"I can't today," Davis replied, and Jude rolled his eyes. His brother was always trying to get out of work.

"Well I have the presentation for the new line today, and you promised," Brooke countered, with a stern look.

"But Micshw wants to get together to work on conditioning. Since Jamie's taking over coaching this year we want to make sure we're on our game," Davis pleaded.

Jude looked up between his mother and his brother. He saw the emotions play across her face, and knew what she'd do next.

"Jude, sweetie do you mind taking your brother's shift today?" she asked, giving him a smile.

"I took his shift yesterday, Mom," he complained. "He didn't even ask."

"I was stuck in Charlotte helping Jamie finish packing. It's not like I planned it," Davis replied.

"I highly doubt that," Jude countered.

"Boys," their mother howled. "Stop it. New proposal: Jude take the morning shift, your brother will be there by 12 pm. Any later and he's grounded. He will also take your shift on Monday."

"I can't Monday. Its Lydia's first day. I told her I'd drive her," Davis added.

"Well that won't take all day, so you can just open the store a little late," she replied, kissing his forehead. "Are we happy with new arrangement?"

"Like it matters," Jude mumbled to himself.

"What was that sweetie?" Brooke asked turning to him.

"Nothing," he answered. "I'm gonna go open the store now."

"So neither one of you is going to eating breakfast?" Julian questioned, looking up.

"Sorry pops," Davis replied. "I'm already late."

As he tried to walk off, Brooke handed him a cereal bar. "You have to eat something."

Jude rolled his eyes and grabbed an orange. "See ya later."

"Jude," Julian said, catching his attention. "We'll finish our talk later?"

"Whatever," he replied walking off.


Jamie Scott had always been an athletic person. It was the one quality in him that he knew would never change. So even though he retired from the Charlotte Bobcats, he still found himself up jogging every morning. It was the only time of day he had to himself. Just him and the music for miles and miles. He'd run around the whole town a good three times, before the sun fixed itself in the sky.

He never really paid much mind to his surrounding when he ran. It wasn't necessary, except on this morning.

As he ran past the old factory on the edge of town, he caught sight of the high school in the distance. He had only spent four years as a student at Tree Hill High, but it felt like he grew up there. He could trace all the big moments in his life back to that school. The first time his mother left him with a babysitter, the first friend he ever made and lost, and the first girl who ever broke his heart. It was more than just a building; it was a piece of him.

He was engrossed in his thoughts he didn't see the woman until they collided. They both fell to the ground.

"I am so sorry," he said, helping her up. "I was distracted and I didn't see you."

She looked up at him with a smile that nearly stopped his heart. She was striking, even covered in dirt and her hair in a messy ponytail. His breath caught in his throat.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it," she replied, pulling twigs from her long dark locks. She laughed a little, and Jamie felt himself being pulled in further. "I think if that's the worst thing that happens to me today I will be just fine."

He pulled her from the ground, taking in her appearance. She was picking up her bags that had scattered.

"Let me help you with that," he finally spoke, grabbing for the recycle bags. "I'm Jamie by the way. But you probably knew that already."

She gave him a confused look, taking the bags back. "Should I?"

"Jamie Scott," he continued. "Former point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats."

"Is that baseball?" she tested, but he shook his head. "Basketball?"

"Yea, it is," he answered, smiling at her.

"Well as you can probably guess, I'm not so good with sports. Which is odd because I was raised by my single dad, who loves them. Good thing we have music in common."

He laughed lightly. "You're funny."

"Well," she smiled. "I try."

"Not hard I imagine."

"Well, I better be off," she replied.

"Wait," Jamie said, grabbing hold of her arm. But she pulled back slightly. "Sorry."

"It's okay," she brushed a fallen strand away from her face.

He stepped back a little looking into her eyes. They held a sense of sadness, tainted by flecks of fear. But as soon as it came the look was shook off, replaced by a small smile.

"I didn't even get your name," Jamie said, running a hand through his hair.

"Jenny," she replied, looking him in the eye. "I just moved here."

"Well that is evident, considering you didn't know a local legend," Jamie commented, motioning to himself.

"Oh a legend, well I am in awe," she replied mockingly.

"It's okay everyone has those moments. It's best to sit and have a good meal. You know to get it out of your system."

"Good advice," she smiled. "I'll make sure to do that."

"Well you know I have to eat, eventually as well. Maybe we could share that meal together?" Jamie inquired.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Jenny responded shaking her head. "My life's kind of crazy."

"I like crazy," he replied, catching her line of sight. "I'd really like to see you again."

"Well it's a small town. Maybe you will." She waved as she walked past down the road.

"I look forward to it," he called after her, and she turned flashing him a smile before continuing on.

He pulled out his cell, hitting his most used speed dial button. He waited for the person on the other end to pick up.

"Hey Chuck," he said, still watching the direction Jenny had went in. "I think I just met the girl of my dreams."


Davis released the ball and watched as it sailed towards the basket. A broad smile etched on his features.

"I'm pretty sure that's game point, MC," Davis said as the other boy hung his head.

"Damn boy, how you do that every time?" Micshw Jones asked, grabbing the ball before it had a chance to bounce. "And I mean every time. I never beat your scrawny ass."

"Maybe I'm just better than you," Davis replied laughing. "You really shouldn't have broken you leg last season. Now your miles behind me."

"You know if you weren't so damn good, I'd stop hanging out with you," Micshw commented taking a seat on the old picnic table.

Davis rolled his eyes. "Right and who else would you hang out with?"

"Boy shut up," Micshw said throwing the ball at Davis, the former ducked and heard the ball dribble to a stop.

"Nice throw Jones, no wonder you're always riding pine," a voice spoke from behind Davis causing his shoulders to tense.

"What do you want Tyler?" Tyler Swiatek. The name alone made Davis want to vomit. The guy had no class what so ever. And it was apparent he thought he was some kind of prodigy in love and basketball, but anyone who actually knew the dark headed boy knew he was just an ass.

"Davis is that any way to talk to your future teammate?" Tyler inquired, shooting the ball at the basket without looking.

"What are you talking about?" Davis responded grabbing the ball before Tyler could.

"Oh you don't know? See since Tree Hill is getting a basketball legend as it's coach this year, my dad felt like I should be learning from greatness. I start first day."

Davis wanted to rip the smile off his smug face, but knew if he started a fight right before school his chances of captain would be slimmer than before.

"Now don't look so upset, D. With me the Ravens will actually take state this year," Tyler said, circling Davis, a mock smile on his face.

"We took state last year, jackass," Micshw countered.

"Yes you did, after three forfeits. Hardly something to brag about Jones." He looked between Micshw and Davis, fueling Davis' need to punch his lights out even more. "And if you two are the best they've got well it's a good thing I'm coming along."

"If you think for one second that you're gonna come in there and take over, you are sadly mistaken," Davis said getting close to his face. "I've been on that team for two years already. No way in hell am I giving up my spot to you."

"Well that's up to the new coach now isn't it. Unless you think dating his sister is really gonna sway anything?" Tyler stepped back. "See ya around Davis."

As he walked off Davis took the ball and lunged it across the grass. He never really let anyone get to him. He had too much to lose if he did, but Tyler had a way of getting under his skin. And every time he did Davis would have to fight the urge to lash out.

"How the hell are we supposed to play with him?" Davis fumed.

"Well maybe Big Game James won't put him on the team." Micshw responded, but Davis gave him a look.

"The only person in the state slightly better than him is me. He's getting on the team."

Davis' phone buzzed from its spot on table but he made no move for it. Micshw on the other hand was too curious not to look. "Why's your brother texting you, many, many curse words?"

Davis grabbed his phone looking at the time. "Damn. I was supposed to be at the shop twenty minutes ago," he threw the phone into his bag. "My mom is gonna kill me."

"Well maybe then you won't have to deal with Tyler," Micshw replied, smirking.

Davis shot a glare over his shoulder, walking to his blue dodge charger. He had worked so hard to finally make it to the top at THH, and no way was Tyler Swiatek taking that away from him.


As summer jobs went Logan was certain he had the best one of all. Working at Red Bedroom kept him connected to the world he so desperately longed for. To make your mark and have someone connect to something you wrote it was all he dreamed about now a days.

He remembered the first time he stepped into the label's office. His mother had to drop something off for his Aunt Haley, and she told him to stay and talk to Chase about planes. But after a while the man in question got busy with phone calls, so Logan took it upon himself to wander. He had just made his way to overstuffed couch near the back edge of the space when he heard a single guitar start up. It was faint through the thick metal door, but it pulled at him to move closer.

He pushed himself through the crack in the door, and tiptoed over to the large board with lots of buttons. Through the big glass window he could see the weird guy with crazy hair. But something was different about him today. Somehow he seemed less boring and more relaxed. Like there wasn't a thing in the world that could faze him. He kept the beat going, causing Logan to bob along from the squishy office chair. "Way back on a radio dial, a fire got lit inside a bright eyed child. Every note just wrapped around his soul, from steel guitar to Memphis, all the way to rock and roll"

"Wow, employees keep getting younger and young here," he sucked in his lips at the sound of the voice, swiveling the chair towards it.

But the blonde who spoke just smiled at him, causing him to smile back.

"Does Quinn know you're in here Logan?" Peyton asked, looking back towards the office area.

"Not exactly," he replied. Glad it was just Sawyer's mom, and not someone who would get him in trouble like Alex. "But I heard the music and wanted to see what was going on."

"Ah." Peyton took the seat next to him and motioned to Chris. "What do you think kid?"

"What's he doing?" Logan inquired, he only saw Chris occasionally, and the man was usually annoying his Aunt Haley and Uncle Nathan.

"Chris is trying out something different for his new album. Got to make money somehow."

The little boy's eyes grew as wide as ever. "He does this as a job?"

"Well of course," Peyton replied, mussing up the boys hair. "There's not much more Chris is good at."

Logan barely heard anything else. He was just so transfixed on the rest of the song. He had never imagined that such a job could exist. "Some dreams stay with you forever, drag you round and lead you back to where you were. Some dreams they keep on getting better, gotta keep believing if you wanna know for sure."

He smiled over to Peyton a new passion growing deep. "I wanna do that when I get bigger."

And to this day Logan still felt that way. He knew that if he just kept pushing himself creatively, vocally, and musically, one day he'd be on the wall of albums in Peyton's office. He just knew that one day he'd be one of the voice's that touches someone in their darkest hour.

But for now he'd start as low on the chain as he had too. Peyton was a cool boss, though. She actually trusted his judgment on what sounded good and occasionally let him and Sawyer sit in on new music sessions, at 17 it was pretty much the coolest job you could ask for. But he worried what Peyton would do once school started back this week.

The story they were all supposed to accept was that Haley went to manage Red Bedrooms 20th anniversary overseas tour, but he knew better. He overheard his mom and dad talking one night. They hadn't been aware that Logan was still up working on a new song. According to Quinn, Haley was suffering from a serious bout of post partum depression. She had checked herself into a mental facility in Durham. That had been nearly ten weeks ago. And Logan was starting to wonder if maybe his aunt's condition had more to do with her own fear than anything medical.

He was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of footsteps entering the room. If Logan had to guess he'd say the man was around the same age as most of the adults in his life.

"Hello," the guy said as he looked around the room.

"Hi," Logan replied, as he felt a familiar tug at the back of his mind, trying to place the man's face. "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for Peyton," he answered, finally glancing at Logan. "The guy at the bar said I could find her back here."

"Yea, she's just finishing up something in the sound booth," Logan pointing off to the side.

"Jake," they both turned at the sound of Peyton's voice. Logan noticed her face light up at the sight of the guy, and he tried harder to remember why he knew the face and name.

"Hey Peyton," Jake said smiling lightly.

"What are you doing you here?" she asked, moving closer. "I mean hi."

He laughed, and Logan observed how their bodies seemed to move together. She'd tilt right and he'd lean left, almost like they were revolving around each other. The thought struck him almost instantly after that. He remembered back before Lucas passed, they were all at Sawyer's for one reason or another, and the adults were looking through old photo albums.

"Who's that daddy?" Sawyer asked causing Logan to look over as well.

"That," Lucas replied. "Is the only guy your mom would ever leave me for."

"Who Dave Grohl?" Peyton questioned reentering the room.

Lucas shook his head a smile plastered on his face. "In your dreams."

She looked at the photograph and then into his eyes. "Jake?"

"Don't even try to deny it," he added, squinting at her. "You know it's true."

That was the only time Logan remembered Jake coming up in conversation. The man was in a lot of the old basketball photos, but no one seemed to mention him after Lucas died.

Logan could tell from watching the two of them interact, that whatever happened between them 25 years ago was still between them now.


Sawyer sat on her bed reading her book. She had just got to the school shooting chapter and was biting her lip with each page turn. Sure she already knew the outcome, but it was still am edge of your seat kind of story. It always pulled her in, trying to read into everything her father wrote down. It was hard not to find something new every time she reread it.

"AAHH!" came a scream from the bathroom, and Sawyer jumped at the sound. She had almost forgotten Lydia was in there.

It had taken her an hour to talk the brunette into dyeing her hair and two more hours watching her get up the courage to actually do it. Eventually, Lydia had settled on just doing streaks through her hair.

"It probably won't even show up, right?" Lydia asked with a worried look Sawyer found amusing.

"One way to find out," she said with a smirk.

If the frantic sounds from the bathroom were any indication, Sawyer would wager the pink dye took.

"You okay in there?" Sawyer asked coming to the door.

"I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead," Lydia repeated. "My dad is going to kill me."

"Are you sure it's even that noticeable?" The blonde asked, pushing the door open. She gasped when she took in the sight of Lydia's hair. Vibrant pink streaks flowed down from root to tips. Sawyer couldn't help smirking.

"This isn't funny," Lydia fumed placing her arms across her chest. "What am I suppose to do?"

"Why are you so upset? I thought you wanted something different? Something daring?" Sawyer pulled her from the bathroom making Lydia sit on the edge of the bed.

"I didn't mean… I mean I meant something, but this… it's just so bright." The brunette finished, taking short shallow breathes.

"Okay first, calm down," Sawyer began, trying not to be so amused with her friend's panic attack. But in all the time she'd known her cousin, she'd never seen her freak out over anything.

Lydia was usually so in control. She made calculating decisions about everything from her headbands to the socks she wore. So to see her in a state of panic was refreshing for Sawyer. In fact she was having trouble not doubling over in laughter.

"Sawyer, my dad is gonna flip. I mean this is just not me," Lydia cried, burying her head in her hands.

"Wasn't that the point? Getting out of your comfort zone?" Sawyer took a seat next to her. "Lyds, I love ya like a sister, but you're too serious sometimes."

Sawyer watched as Lydia made her way to the full length mirror. The brunette took a long time before speaking.

"It does look kind of… cool," she said and Sawyer could see a smile cross her face. "Maybe my freak out was slightly premature."

"And over the top," Sawyer commented with a smirk, which caused Lydia to shoot her a glare.

"I think I'll keep it."

"And how do you plan on selling it to Uncle Nate?" Sawyer questioned.

Lydia turned a worried looked etched into her features. "Maybe he won't notice."

The blonde rolled her eyes. She knew her uncle pretty well, and the man had it hard these last few months. Just he seemed like he was doing well considering he was basically raising five kids while Haley was away. She wished she knew why her aunt had suddenly decided to go traipsing Europe. She knew the official 'reason'. Haley was managing Red Bedrooms 20th anniversary European tour. But there had to be some catalyst, something that made her choice to leave her family for an entire summer. The woman just had a baby for goodness sakes.

"Maybe, you can play it off as a rebel phase. Didn't you say something about him wanting you to be more like a teenager?" Sawyer supplied with a smile.

"You're right," Lydia replied. "He basically came up with this himself."

"There you go," Sawyer got up, moving to her closet. "Now, how about we take that hair out for a test run?"

Music in this chapter: Chapter title from the song Even if it Breaks Your Heart by the Eli Young Band, written by Will Hoge. It's also the song Chris is playing in Logan's flashback. The song Jude is drumming is into Just the Way I'm Not by All Time Low.