"Hey, Austin. Wanna go grab a bite to eat?" Ally asks me when her break starts. "Do I wanna go grab a bite of who?" I ask.

You can thank my girlfriend for my dirty mind. I used to be a clean guy. But if I wanted to keep my girlfriend, Hannah Jordan, I had to change. But I try to act like my old self for Ally. I don't know why. I just feel like I should.

"Oh, speaking of Hannah—" "I didn't say anything about Hannah." I continue as if she hadn't said anything. "She said... Ally this is really hard for me to say but..." I gulp. "She said we can't be partners anymore."

She slams the bowl of guitar picks back down on the counter. "She what?" she yells angrily. She looks around and notices customers staring at her. "Ally, take your angry rant upstairs," Mr. Dawson tells her.

She walks over to me, grabs my hand and drags me up the stairs. She closes the practice room door. "Now, what did this skank tell you?" she asks me.

"Ally, watch your mouth. This is my girlfriend you're talking about! Where did you even learn that word?" I ask. She can use some bad language when she's angry. "Trish," she tells me. "Now what did she say?" she asks still angry.

"That we can't be partners anymore," I say flinching and covering my head. "Please don't hit me!" She can be pretty scary when she's angry. "Oh, I'm not going to hit you," she says softly walking quickly to the door. "I'm going to hit her!" I run to her and grab her forearm.

"No, no, no, no. Don't do that. Why do you care anyway? You're the one who didn't want to be partners in the first place when I stole your song!" I yell. "Yes but now that we are partners, I... I hate to admit it, but I like being partners," she says. We're silent for a moment.

"Look, I'll talk to Hannah. It'll be easier for me to do it," I tell her. I take out my phone. "You're going to call her?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm going to invite her over," I tell her unlocking my iPhone. "Um, no you're not," she says. "And why not?" I ask her. "Because this is my store and I can kick you two out in the blink of an eye," she explains to me.

"Come on, Ally. I want to do it in the comfort of my practice room," I tell her. "My practice room," she corrects me. "Our practice room," I correct her. "It won't be for long," she mutters.

"Hey, I'll make her see reason." "You can't make her see anything except your-" "Ally," I cut her off. "That was your fault that you walked in on us. Ever heard of knocking on a door before you walk in?" She shudders at the memory.

I walk out of the room to call Hannah but I stick my head back in. "Tell me, Ally, honestly... did you like it?" I ask her winking. She lets out a sound of disgust. "You wish."

I close the door and call Hannah. "What?" she answers her phone. "Babe, come to Sonic Boom. I need to talk to you," I tell her. "On my way."

I walk back into the practice room. "She's coming." "And I'm leaving," she says. "Oh, no you're not. You're staying," I say turning her around and sitting her down on the piano bench. "But why? She's your skank and she's not even my friend," she said.

"Ally, I don't call your boyfriends... uh... man whores?" I say questioningly. "That's because I've never had a boyfriend," she says quietly. "Oh yeah..."

I feel my phone vibrate. "Where the heck r u? Im waiting." Hannah. "Practice room, upstairs."

A few minutes later, Hannah walks in. "Ever heard of knocking?" Ally asks. "Speak for yourself, skank," Hannah answers.

"Yes, I'm the skank," Ally says. "Hey, hey. Neither of you are skanks," I say. "Out," Hannah says. "Um, this is my store," Ally says. "Fine. Then we'll leave," Hannah says taking my hand.

"Actually, I wanted to talk here. So you can see why Ally and I need to stay partners," I tell her slipping out of her grasp.

"What?" Ally asks. "You never told me that." I didn't think you'd stay if I told you," I say to her shrugging.

She sighs angrily. "Okay, Ally. Let's show Hannah that there's no Austin without Ally," he says. "No because that sounds like we're together. Let's just show her that we need each other for... No, that doesn't sound good either. Let's just do it."

Heh, do it (1). We start playing Better Together.

"Cut the crap, I know the stupid song," Hannah interrupts. We stop playing abruptly. "Ally can still write songs for herself and we can get you a professional songwriter," Hannah tells me. "Ally is a professional," I say quietly.

"Excuse me?" she asks. "Nothing." "That's what I thought. See you later then," she says. "Wait!" I exclaim. "What?" she asks turning around. I think about demanding to let me stay Ally's partner. "Give me a kiss."

Her face breaks into a cocky smile. She leans down and gives me a French kiss. I hear Ally let out another sound of disgust. She leaves and I turn to Ally.

She turns away, though. "What?" I ask. "You're the one who wanted this, weren't you?" she asks quietly. "What? Of course not!" I yell. "You wanted an excuse for a new songwriter. One that will go onstage with you and not get mad when you don't show up for practice.

"Just hire a new songwriter. Because I'm done being yours. If you didn't appreciate my work, why didn't you just tell me?" she asks. She leaves without waiting for my answer. That's it.

She drove away my best friend. I have to break up with her. I have to break up with Hannah.

I walk downstairs and see Mr. Dawson working. "Where's Ally?" I ask. "She went home," he tells me. I swear under my breath. I run to her house and knock on the door. No answer. She must be in her room. I walk inside and up to her room. I knock on that door, too.

No answer again but I do hear soft sobbing. I open the door and see Ally curled up in a perfect ball. "Go away, Austin. Get out of my house. Don't talk to me. I don't want to talk to you," she yells at me without looking up. "I haven't even said anything yet," I say to her. She throws her pillow at me.

I easily dodge it and say, "I haven't even said anything yet." "Too bad. Get out." "Fine, but just to let you know, I'm breaking up with Hannah just for you and you're kicking me out. That's a nice way to treat me."

She sits up to say something and I leave.

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1. This is Austin's dirty-minded self coming out again if you didn't notice.