[Cheiloproclitic - Being attracted to someones lips.]

"What the hell are you looking at, fire brain?" Gray asked in irritation as Natsu's been staring at him for quite some time.

Though, Natsu gave no answer and continued to stare. Irked and puzzled, he began to examine where Natsu's eyes were directed at. Since, he wasn't looking him in the eyes.

After a couple of moments, Gray realized that Natsu was staring at his lips. His face turning into a shade of red, abruptly standing up.

"You pervert!" he yells at Natsu's face as he stomps out and away from the guild.

Happy, who saw the whole scene, went in front of Natsu. Confusion evident on his face.

"Ne Natsu, what happened?" tilting his head to a side.

Natsu grinned as he answers, "I was attracted to his lips," before standing up and walked away. Planning on visiting a certain ice mage.

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