[Tarantism - The urge to overcome melancholy by dancing.]

The week before Gray and Natsu's upcoming wedding, a Fairy Tail guild member, committed suicide, only in front of the two mages.

It was a very sad week for everyone was trying to swallow the fact that someone very close to them passed away. Even the couple seemed unstable, especially Natsu. However, the wedding was still happening, and so, they all tried their best to move on and cheer for the now married couple on their wedding day.

Gray wore a beautiful wedding dress with intricate designs, while Natsu wore a stunning white tux with a hot pink neck tie to have a bit of contrast to his salmon pink hair.

They said their vows and kissed. They had cut their cake and ate. Now, they needed to dance. It was a very loud banquet. After all, it was still Fairy Tail.

Natsu led Gray to the dance floor and began swaying in tune with the slow song.

Gray was worried because he felt that Natsu was faking from time to time. He asked with concern and an understanding as to why, "Do you regret it?"

"Regret what?" the latter returns nonchalantly.

He looks at Natsu in the eyes, his eyes reflecting pain and sadness.

"Marrying me..."

Natsu pressed Gray closer to him, "No. I won't ever regret marrying you."

He moves away slightly to look at Gray, understanding as to why the other would ask him that. He gave him a sad smile, "Sorry. I didn't mean to worry you," planting a kiss on the forehead.

"It's just that, I wish she hadn't killed herself. Then, we could've talked to her and explain the situation better. I know that I made a promise to marry her in the future, but then, we all thought that she had died. So, I wanted and needed to move on... Maybe then, she would understand, and would still be alive now."

He sighs, closing his eyes, "She was like a sister to me, Gray."

Gray rested his head on his shoulder, "I know, Natsu... It was the same for me."

The two continued to dance, comforting each other's sorrow from a loss of a dear friend and family member.

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