Chapter 1: One Piece

For some reason, insistent shrill cries like those of seagulls resounded in my ears, the surface which I was lying on strangely swayed in time with the creaking of a boat, soft plops of lapping water could be heard periodically as I registered the salty smell carried by the breeze.

It felt real... so real.

Despite this, I still thought, 'I'm imagining things. I guess I've been watching too much anime, specifically One Piece. When I open my eyes, I'm probably just laid down on my bed, in my room, same as any other day.'

To my utter surprise, and disbelief, I found myself lying on hard wood, instead of my comfy mattress.

Forcing myself awake, I slowly sat up. I was not, by any means, a morning person, so you can just imagine the irritation I felt upon opening my eyes to the glaring sunlight. Looking around, it appeared as though I was still half asleep.

Apparently, I was on a small wooden boat, surrounded by a body of water. I rubbed my eyes, thinking that I was probably hallucinating now. When it didn't change, I pinched myself.

'Ok, I'm not dreaming... Great.'

Okay, first of all, I wouldn't be scared, if it weren't for the fact that I can't swim, I'm in the middle of nowhere, on my own, and this boat doesn't even have food, let alone paddles... Wait, why doesn't this boat have paddles? How in the world am I supposed to go anywhere?!

I let out a heavy sigh. What am I supposed to do now? Not knowing where the boat is headed, or even which direction was east, north, south, or west, I felt the bane of my existence, geography, turning it's ugly head against me. I hate geography.

I looked around once more, this time, spotting another small boat from quite a distance. Suddenly overcome with relief and hope, I began screaming and waving my arms around to get that boat's attention.

"Hey! Is there anyone there?! I need help! Hey!"

It seems that I caught the attention of someone on that boat, but... something was coming towards me.

As it got closer, it took me a while to realize that they were hands as they grabbed my shoulders and pulled me in.


I landed on the boat I was waving to, but it knocked the breath out of me because I bumped into someone in the process.



Damn, that hurt quite a bit. Wait, never mind that. What the hell just happened?!

Hands just stretched out and grabbed onto my shoulders and just pulled me... Pulled me!

I groaned as I sat up, and took a look at my supposed saviour. I blinked, and blinked again.

"No way," I muttered in disbelief.

"Phew, that was dangerous," the dark haired male said, fixing his straw hat atop of his head.

He had a scar under his left eye with two stitches, wearing blue trousers, a red sleeveless vest, and sandals.

'Luffy?!' I stared dumbfounded.

I mean, who wouldn't when you found out that you met an anime character in real life? None that I know of. Wait, does that mean that I'm an anime character? Wait, am I in the anime? ...How did that happen?

I was just sleeping on my bed like any other day, and then, I wake up to /this/.

"Hey, are you alright?" he asked.

Yup, it was definitely Luffy. I'm sure of it.

I nod to answer his question, still trying to swallow the fact that I'm in the anime 'One Piece' and is currently a character in it. Though, I'm not supposed to exist here... Does that make me an OC? Probably. Still, it'll be difficult not to mess with the main story because... Well, the main character already found me, and I'm not sure how to get back home. So I guess, I'll join his crew? If he lets me that is.

I got off of him when the shock subsided, and sat on the other side of boat.

He looked at me with interest, and probably had a lot of questions as to why I was there.

"I'm Luffy! And I'm going to be the Pirate King!"

'I know,' but I introduce myself nonetheless—even though it might interfere with the storyline... What does it matter, my presence probably already messed everything up anyways, not to mention that it's really rude to not introduce yourself when the other party has already given their name.

"I'm Jameel..." I don't know what else to say. It's not like I knew how to get back to make it my goal. It could just be interpreted that my home is on an island or something.

"Jameel, huh. What were you doing stranded there?"

"I don't know," I answered truthfully. I had a policy not to lie, unless it was absolutely necessary. It was either I stretch the truth, or stay quiet.

He tilted his head questioningly, "Well, do you have an idea how to get back home? Are you lost?"

"I can't go home nor do I know how. It'll be hard to believe if I had to explain what happened."

He smiled widely in excitement, "That's all right! You can tell me."

'Hmm... Well, it's worth a shot.'

So I told him that I'm from a different world, and somehow found myself waking up on that boat.

"Since I'm from another world, I have no idea how to get back," I ended, examining his reaction.

"I see. So... does that make you an alien?" His eyes practically sparkled at the idea.

"Uh... I guess?" Well, I am foreign here. So I guess, I am an alien. Heh, never would've thought a day would come when I'd be labelled as that.

"That's awesome! Join my crew, Ms. Alien!"

I have a name, you know.

I sighed inwardly, 'Well, it IS Luffy, after all.'

I was planning on asking him if I could join, but since he's already asking... Meh, why not? It's not like I didn't screw up a couple of pages in the manga already by just showing up.

I nodded in agreement.

"Alright! Now I have a crew member!" he yelled in exuberance.

I couldn't help but smile at that. It's rather refreshing (so to speak).

"Oh, but I don't have powers or anything special."

Smiling, Luffy nodded and said, "That's ok!"

After some moments, "By the way, in your world, do you all wear clothes like that?" he asked, pointing a finger to my attire.

I looked down, and saw that I was wearing my home clothes. My home clothes are basically baggy shirts and plain shorts. Currently, I was wearing a large blue shirt that said, 'Don't wake me up! I'm currently dreaming,' and black shorts that could be barely seen because of the shirt. I also realized the lack of hair I have on my body. I assume that I won't have to worry about acne since it's confirmed that I am an /anime/ character.

I shook my head, "Not really. I just prefer to wear this when I'm at home or about to sleep. It's comfy, so I wear it." I wasn't embarrassed to be seen like this. I mean, it's my clothes, and again, they're comfy. Hmm, I should buy clothes here though, as to not look suspicious, or 'alien'.

He nods, "I see," and tilts his head again, "Then what is it that you guys wear?"

I shrug, "Normal clothes. Ordinary clothes. It's really no different from the clothes you guys probably wear here." It's not, really.

"Ok... Then, what's your world like?" he asked, crossing his legs and arms in the process.

"Hmm... Well, we don't have pirates in my time, or rather, that era ended I guess-"


"I live in the time where there's dependence in technology, like computers, Internet, phones, and the like. It's hard to explain what it looks like, but I can draw it for you if you have anything I can draw with and on."

He shook his head in disappointment, "Sorry, I don't have anything like that."

I nod, "I'll just draw it for you next time."

He seems to be fine with that for he smiled at me with his signature smile. Either way, he's smiling pretty widely as he lied down on his back, and just enjoy the smooth sailing of the boat.

'It's actually pretty interesting being in an anime. Rather, it's quite exciting after you swallow the facts.' I lie down myself, thinking of what to do now and as to what I know so far.

Okay, so I'm basically at the beginning of Luffy's journey. Dang, I wish I could see his 7 year old version... but that's besides the point. Okay, step by step. I'm in the anime 'One Piece'. I'm an anime character that's an OC. I'm currently with Luffy at the start of his journey. I have no clue as to how to get back to my own world nor how I managed to get stuck in this one.

I also don't know if this is manga-based, or anime-based. Luckily, either way, I know what's going to happen because I'm an absolute fan of this anime. It's one of my many favourites!

Ahem, pardon me, I'm getting too excited there. Don't want to fangirl on anyone (for now).

What was I saying? Oh right, my dilemma. Wait, I just finished that. Then it's time for the plans. Since I'm involved, I could only hope that I don't ruin the main story as much.

I can't fight nor have I eaten any devil's fruit. I don't have anything special about me that could become a good asset to the crew rather than the knowledge of future events... but if I spoil it, I'm quite certain that it's going to alter the storyline big time. That means spoilers are a no-no. So I guess, I'm just going to tag along.

I sigh, exasperated from the recent turn of events. It'll probably take a while before we get sucked into that whirlpool.

I turn sideways, and felt something fall out of my pocket. I picked it up and changed my position to lying on my back, before examining the piece. It was a small black card, the size of business cards that had white-coloured text. At the front it says, "Welcome to the Pirate Era!" above the skull and crossbones in the middle. Below that said, "We hope you experience a wonderful time~"

My initial thoughts were, 'Are they mocking me?' before turning the card over.

There was a message written on it.

"To get back home, you must obtain 'One Piece', my treasure. Find it. I've chosen you and whoever you'll bring along with you, to have the chance to take it. However, you mustn't say a word about having chosen you to anyone. If you do, you will die..."

I gulped. I took a deep breath to calm myself, before continuing reading the rest.

"Rest assured. I will give you some help by allowing you to eat a devil fruit. It's called, 'Mizu Mizu Fruit'. You'll know it when you find it..." Upon reading that, I couldn't help but express a confused look on my face.

'What do you mean I'll know when I find it? I don't even know what it looks like!'

"How you progress in your journey is up to you, but I'll be expecting you not to die halfway through. I've chosen you among many others after all," At the bottom was a signature, "Gold D. Roger".

Oh my God! I wanted to keep it, but... someone might read it. I sighed, 'It's so depressing when you got to do the right things sometimes.'

So, I ripped it into pieces and threw it in the water. Watching it sink to the depths below.

I mentally cried in sorrow to let such a rare item go. Then I cursed Gold D. Roger for writing something so cruel that prevent me from keeping it.

"Whatcha doing, Jameel?" Luffy asked curiously.

Oh yeah, I kind of forgot I got company.

"I... I know how to get back home."

He practically jumped in excitement, "Really?!"

I nod. It only said not to mention to anyone about being chosen, but nothing about not mentioning how I can go back.

"I need to find 'One Piece', and I'll be able to go back home."

He seems to be contemplating it, before he responded.

"I see. Then that won't be a problem! After all, to be the 'Pirate King', you'll need to find 'One Piece'!" he said, smiling widely as he puts his hands behind his head, "It'll be like taking down two birds with one stone, so it's a good thing that you became part of my crew."

I smile back at him, 'Well, ain't that nice? Now, I won't have anything to worry about. Except surviving of course, like any normal person in this anime... Oh right, I wonder how I look? Also, will I really find that fruit? ...Meh, I'll just go with the flow,' And right after I thought that, the aforementioned whirlpool appeared.

Oh! We're finally flowing with the story line... Wait, I have to tell Luffy that I can't swim.

"Luffy, I can't swim," I said as we were slowly approaching it.

"Seriously?! Wait, we don't really need to know how to swim in situations like these."

I sweat dropped as we got pulled in it.

"Gaaah! Luffy, do something!" I screamed, holding onto the boat for my dear life.

"Aaaaaah!" I hear him scream as a strong current almost tip the boat.

Then I felt something wrap around my waist, and pulled me in. I found myself squished with him inside a barrel. I let out a sigh of relief, 'Thank God for this one barrel on his boat.'

I heard some crashes from outside, it was probably the boat, getting crushed into smithereens by now. The barrel we're in kept turning and going off into different directions. It does not help to feel wood rub against your skin, as you are being continuously thrown around by strong currents.

It took minutes, minutes I tell you! Before the water calmed as we felt the barrel sway gently, drifting to who knew where.

'Glad that was over,' I thought, and decided to fix my position to get comfortable in this tight space. Oh anime logic: Only he can fit two people inside a barrel, and have that said barrel, survive a whirlpool.

I shifted a bit, "Luffy, cross your legs around my stomach or something. I'm trying to get comfortable."

He did what I told him. In fact, it looked like he was hugging me from behind.

"Jameel, why don't you turn around? My back's going to hurt if I say like this."

'You're made of rubber!' I thought, but complied anyway. I was actually tired from all that twisting and turning.

I shuffled a bit more, so now I was facing him.

'... Ok... Awkward.'

He pulled my legs to wrap it around his waist, and shifted slightly to get comfortable himself.

'Ok, double awkward. Not to mention suggestive,' I thought briefly as I laid my back against the barrel.

It was satisfactory, and decided to take a nap then.

That was the plan, until...I heard him call out:

"Hey, Jameel,"

I had just closed my eyes then too.

"What?" I answered, looking at him.

"I'm still not comfy, so we should do this," he said as he changed our positions.

He pulled me so that as his back was supported by the barrel, my head was on his chest, my arms folded to my own, and my legs were curled close to my torso, rather than around his waist... It basically looked like I was snuggling to him.

"There! Now it's comfy," he said in a cheerful manner.

I swear, Luffy was made of 80% joviality or something. I suppose easy-going is a part of that as well.

Again, it was awkward. Though, as awkward as it was, I was really tired. I wanted a nap, and dammit, I'm going to have my nap.

"I'm gonna nap for a bit," I mumbled, closing my eyes.

"Go ahead. I'm planning on napping as well." It was the last thing I heard before sleep consumed me.

I had 2 of my friends edit this. So I hope it was enough to lessen any mistakes in grammar and spelling. I've been into One Piece... Well, I have been for a long time, but I never wrote a story on it. ^~^

This is my first time writing a One Piece story, and a character x OC. The OC I own will only say her first name throughout the whole story. I had a plan for future arcs, but since I'm at the very beginning... WOW, I have a really long way to go.Hope to get there sometime in my life :9

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