Kokoro and Eliot were not even three miles away until suddenly, they were startled by none other than the flamboyant Zack. The first words that were spoken after Zack's scream was: "Did you follow us here?" The DJ quickly groomed himself after getting up. He knew Eliot was irritated by the tone of the question. "Well, uh, you see-"

"Did that chopper of yours just so happen to break down so you could have excuse to follow me and Kokoro?"

"Well, actually, the chopper was hijacked."

"Really?" Both Kokoro and Eliot did not seem surprised nor anticipated.

"Yeah. Three hooded dudes had me down! They were really tough, Man! Black smoke everywhere, flashy ninja moves, the whole bit!"

"So we're stuck with Brad Wong II." Eliot made his way onto the trail again.

"Uh, I know my way to the train station! I've been through here with the helicopter!" Eliot turned around at Zack's word. He didn't seem sure to trust the DJ, being the man was, well, creepy. "Kokoro, would you allow it?" he asked. The former Geisha looked at the older man. "Zack, Eliot's been through hard times during my presence. I request you to, uh, be a little, um…"

"Mature," Eliot added.

"Yeah. Mature. Please do not give us any more trouble than we need, okay?"

Zack kissed Kokoro's brown shoes. Eliot's impatience and irritation soon turned to anger. His face turned a bit red as he tried his damn hardest not to explode. Kokoro noticed this very well. "Zack, please. We have a long ways to go," she reminded.

Kokoro noticed she was very dirty when she saw the dirt under her finger nails. She remembered just the day before when she was on the ground, and she witnessed Eliot stabbing the man who fell next to her. She also noticed dirt all over her stockings and skirt. She didn't know whether to complain being Eliot was obviously grumpy, but she didn't want to feel the way she did.

"Um, Eliot. I don't want to sound selfish, but is it alright if I grab a pair of clothing really quick and prepare myself with a pack and everything? The trip might take a long time."

She did not realize she had thought out loud.

The two men took a glance at Kokoro and knew she had a valid point. Eliot then felt bad for bringing her to the shape she appeared to be. He thought about her appearance. She looked like a young, innocent Goddess who was captured and tortured by demons.

Even he felt like a demon.

"Zack, what is the closest place here that sells clothes?" Zack took a look at Eliot. The apprentice's eyes were fixed to the Geisha. "Follow me this way," Eliot had not heard that phrase that Zack had denounced from his lips; his attention was focused to that "Goddess" who was "captured by demons and tortured." He began to blame himself for putting the young woman in his situation; he felt she deserved something better from him.

Kokoro and Eliot both agreed that they did not like having Zack for company, but he deemed to prove himself worthy after learning from him that they had a faster route to Paris. The trio made it to a small town that was filled with cafès, shops, and obviously a surplus supply of socialization. The duo both decided that Zack was the one to purchase the clothing. Neither of them understood French, and Helena was not around to help.

Kokoro did not try on her clothing, knowing she was in desperate need of a shower. She grabbed a black uniform skirt that had a mesh bottom, a grey shirt with black dots complete with a pink belt, glittered hosiery, and a pair of stylish boots that were comfortable enough to travel in. She piled the clothing on Zack's shoulders. "I hope you don't mind holding these," she added. She then ran to Eliot. He was literally asleep in the chair next to the dressing rooms. "I'm done, Eliot," she said softly, nudging his shoulder. His eyes slowly opened, meeting hers. He remembered that Goddess that was tortured. "Am I still dreaming?" he murmured. Kokoro rolled her eyes. She dragged him from the seat and aided his weary self to the clerk. Zack had already finished paying for the clothes. "You need a bag, don't you?"

Eliot rolled his eyes, knowing it was going to take a while.

It was three in the afternoon when the trio made their way back on the trail. Eliot was still mentally exhausted from the events of the morning, while Kokoro was physically gaining fatigue. Zack was the only one who was far from tired; he walked Leonardo DiCaprio style, imagining himself in a scene when birds sing his name in arpeggios, squirrels running around his feet and cheering, and hoping a top hat would fall on his head. He then imagined his suit would change to a striped one. He hoped he would magically turn into Dick Van Dyke. In conclusion, Zack was in the "High Zone."

His moment was cut short when he suddenly spotted a hotel in the beginning of the next town. "Dick Van Dyke" jumped in glee. "Kokoro! Eliot! We could chi- I uh, I mean crash there for the night!" he yelled, pointing to the building. Eliot nodded. He then put his hand on Kokoro's shoulder. "Please, for the sake of both our sanities, let us not share a room with him," Eliot added. Kokoro giggled. She took a glance at "Dick Van Dyke." Her giggle got even louder as he hopped over to the door. Eliot did not seem very happy about that snort he heard leave her lips.

The sun was setting and the duo slammed their bags onto the beds. "I'm going to go take a shower," the geisha added. Eliot did not even listen, as he was about to leave reality and open himself to the world of dreams. Little did Kokoro know this was a bad sign, knowing he would have been unaware to her time spent in and could walk in on her.

Which was exactly what happened.

It was seven at night and a half an hour after Kokoro got into the shower. Eliot woke up from his short nap. He still felt that large amount of fatigue, and all he had in mind was the urge to pee. He walked up to the door, and due to his fatigue, he did not knock. There stood the naked figure, unaware of his sudden appearance behind her. Eliot took a long glance at her butt, eyes widened, cheeks warm and red. When Kokoro finally turned around, she was left speechless, astonished, and humiliated. "ELIOT!" she shouted, suddenly covering her breasts and turning her body to the side. He did not hear her shout (which is assumedly louder than interpreted by the caps of his name printed), and so the apprentice still stood there, completely lost in another world. She walked up to him, bare naked, forced his body the other direction, and tried to walk him out of the bathroom. To her misfortune, he did not budge.

She finally got the statue out of the bathroom and continued to preparing herself for bed. When reality hit back, he looked down. "Nope. I'm still good," he sighed in relief.

It had been fourteen years since he wet his pants, and it will stay that way for another sixty years.

"I'm going to have to get to Zack's room and take care of business before I have a bigger accident."

Zack, on the other hand, was enjoying himself with a cold one and two girls on TV having a mud battle. Once the door knocked, he seemed very disturbed. Zack walked over and opened the door. "Oh, Eliot!"

"Zack, I got a problem."

"A problem?"

"Let me piss first!"

Eliot went and took care of business really quick, much to Zack's annoyance. Once the apprentice walked out of the restroom, he shook his head. "Man, I messed up. I seriously messed up," he complained. Zack seemed very perplexed, and wondered if there was any, well, tension. "Talk to me, Man!"

"Well, let's just say that needing to pee is much harder when you're sharing a hotel room with a girl."

"Really? Why is that?"

"Well, um, well… I sort of, well."

"You walked in on her didn't you?"

Zack laughed at the crimson hue that covered the boy's face. The boy nodded his head embarrassingly. Zack was even more amused when he noticed Eliot look down and kick his feet up. "Boy! You've really got a way with girls don't you?"

This is what happens when I type at three in the morning.