Hi... I'm Feliciano Vargas, the personification of the North of Italy.

"Ve~ Hello everyone! How are you?" I smile as I enter the room the World Meeting is being held in.

Or... I guess all of Italy now..

"Oh, is everyone giving me the silent treatment today?" I question once I get no response.

Because.. You see...

I open my eyes to look around the empty room. "Oh, that's right..."

Mi fratello, who was the South, along with everyone else...

"Your all dead." My voice was stone cold, yet it cracked a little.

Died. Everyone in the world, except me...

I felt a few tears well up behind my eyes, but I hid them by shutting my eyes and smiling again.

I wonder.. Why I'm being punished...?

"Well I can see your all busy with something else! I'll be back later!"

What did I do? I've been a good person, haven't I?

Once outside the door, I drop my blood-covered briefcase and stare at my blood-soaked hands.

I guess I know what I did, though.

I drop to the floor and rest my head on my hands.

I've been a bad boy... And I punished myself.. Because...

"I'm the one who killed them."

Why did I do it?

Tears drop to the ground from my face. "I can't... I don't..."

That's a good question... Why don't we ask him?

I look over at a large piece of broken mirror that was left against the wall.

"Why did you do it, Feliciano?" We both say at the same time.

" I.. I..." I choke out. Not being able to answer myself, I burst out in full-on sobbing.

It seems he doesn't know... What a shame.. You know, how about we go back to the begining, Feliciano?

"No! I don't want to remember!" I yell at myself.

That's to bad Feli. If you remember now, maybe next time will be different.

"Wait! Wh-what do you mean?!" But before I can get an answer I'm sent spiraling down in swirls of memories.

You'll find out.. Then, maybe you can save yourself.