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Feliciano, Italy, wake up!

I groaned as I heard someone yell at me. My head was pounding.. Now is not the time to be woken up...

We're back, come on now!

"Back? Back were?" I sat up, but instantly regretted it because the memories of earlier came back all at once, full force.


I opened my eyes to see a ghostly form of me hanging over myself.


That's not weird at all. "Wah!"

Calm down Vargas. Now come, in order for history to be fixed, it must repeat. Remember what sets you off, then I'll give you one more chance.

Ghost-me spoke as if this was an everyday thing, as he walked towards the door.

You coming?

"What are you, insane?!" I yelled at him.

No more then you are. Now come, your late for Germany's training.

Training? With Germany? But I haven't done that since... I looked down at my hands. No sign of blood...

Tsk, here comes Germany.

And with that ghost-me vanished. "Hey wait!"

"Italy! Your late for training!" Germany yelled at me.

I sniffled and stared at the floor.

Why did I ever kill that German in the first place?!

I jumped up and tackled him into a hug.

"Don't you ever die on me you bastard!" I sobbed into his chest.

I surprised myself with my language, but I really didn't care right now.

Italy you idiot, he doesn't die on you, you kill him!

Letting go of Germany, I whirled around to face ghost-me.

"Why can't you just leave me alone?! I won't kill him! Not this time! Things'll be different!"

I then hugged Germany again.

Germany was just standing there, confused.

"Germany... Don't let me kill you. If I try, kill me! I don't want to be alone again..."

Feliciano, don't think this will stop you killing him. At best It'll slow things down.

'Sh-shut up!' I directed my thoughts to ghost-me, hoping it'd work. 'You don't know that!'

I do know that though, Feliciano. Enjoy your time with him while you can.

I spent the next few days, mostly with Germany, making my time last in case what ghost-me said was true.

But when I was alone, or sometimes even when I was with Germany, ghost-me would be there...

You don't have much longer.

"Leave me alone, you idiot..." I whimpered.

Feliciano, just give in already, and kill him.

" NO. I won't kill Luddy!" I cried.

You will, Feli.


He doesn't love you back Feli.

"You don't know that!"

Well then why don't you ask him?

And with that, ghost-me disappeared.

I turned around, to see Germany standing there, eyes wide.

"G-Germany, did you..?" I could feel tears welling up.

He nodded and stared at me.

"Uhm..." I wiped at my eyes to keep my tears from falling.

"Italy..." Germany spoke

I looked at him hopefully.

"I... I don't... Really... Like you that way..."

My face fell at those words.

So.. He doesn't like me like that...

"Well, why don't you stay for some pasta?" I smiled.

Germany looked even more confused at my change of attitude.


I gave him my brightest smile. "Great! You can wait here!"

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and some tomatoes for the sauce.

Today I feel like making it home-made... With some help from Luddy, of course!

"Hey Luddy, can you come help make the sauce?" I asked.h

Nodding, the German walked over.

I twirled the knife around, the tip against the table.

I could tell Germany was in defensive mode, so I decided to play innocent.

"Ve~ Germany, can you grab me those tomatoes?" I asked, pointing behind him.

He turned around to see no tomatoes.

"Italy, zere's no tomatoes over here..." He turned back around.

He jumped when he came face-to-face with me.

I held the knife behind my back, a fake happy smile plastered on my face.

"Well if we have no more tomatoes, what can I make the sauce with?" I pondered.

"Oh I know!"

Germany tilted his head.

"Your blood!" I giggled and stabbed Germany in the stomach.

Germany immediately doubled over in pain.

"I-Italy... Vhy...?"

Outside I just smiled and said; "You know perfectly well why, silly!"

I wanted to cry and scream, 'WHAT THE HE'LL DID I JUST DO?!', but my body wouldn't let me.

It was as if someone else was controlling my body.

So... Ghost-me was right. I just killed Germany...

Once he dropped down to the ground dead, I re-gained control of my body, and stared down at my blood-covered hands, tearing up.

Ghost-me showed up out of no where, right beside me.

I told you that you'd kill him.

He said with a smirk.

I slowly looked over at him.

His hands were covered in blood, just like me...

At that my eyes widened and pupils got smaller.

"You... You..." I pointed at him.

He looked at his hands. "Oh this?"

I couldn't really see anything anymore, as my vision was blurred by tears.

Did... Did he make me kill Germany...? Did he posses me...?

Feeling sick, and not wanting to talk to ghost-me anymore, I ran outside and ran away.

How I managed to run with my legs feeling like they would collapse at any minute? I don't know.

~Ghost-Feliciano P.O.V.~

*Sigh* What an idiot.

But I guess if he's smart enough to realize he was possessed when he killed, he isn't that stupid.

But The only reason I possessed him was because when he kills, he basicly turns into me. *fixes fur cap*

So he's still stupid, just not an idiot.

*Looks out window* Hm, I forgot how fast a runner I am... I've been floating for the past... Um... I don't know how long. Damn.

*watches Italy collapse to ground in a sobbing fit*

*Sigh* What a baby.

*Floats through door and over to Italy* Oh stop crying, will you?

*Italy looks up at Ghost (2P) Italy* L-leave me alone!

*Sigh* Idiot... *Disapears*

*Italy P.O.V.*

I watched as ghost-me disappeared.

He's such a jerk...

I sniffled and looked back at the house.

"So... Germany's body is in there... Dead... What am I going to do..?"

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