Tears sprang from emerald eyes as drops of sanguinity burst from an open wound, making their way in an agonizingly slow journey to his nimble fingertips, dripping off in a incessant pattern. Chocolate tresses swept over his sweaty forehead, breathing shallow. The attacker raised his knife, letting the screams resonate openly around a deserted house, as the body was hacked to bloodied pieces.

For the bajillionth time that week, Misaki could feel all eyes on him. On the street, at school, he even felt watched in his own freaking apartment! Goddammit, it pissed him off!

He ground his teeth together violently as he hacked at the vegetables. As an absent-minded thought, he wondered that, if the eggplant had eyes, would they be staring at him too? He shook the stupid question out of his mind and growled. When the hell had he (and everyone else) gotten so paranoid?

Across from the kitchen area sat Usami Akihiko, great lord and novelist, and Misaki's lover (though the latter would deny every ounce of truth in that statement), lighting up his third cigarette in the past hour. He seemed lost in thought, and the brunette brushed it off as him pondering his current storyline.

As he finished chopping up the annoyingly purple vegetable, Misaki glanced up, and Usagi-san was nowhere to be found. Misaki was all too prepared for what was to come.

"Usagi-san, I'm not in the mood." The brunette ground out, glaring down at the scattered slices of eggplant with annoyance. Instead of a dark chuckle and the usual heat of being engulfed by Usagi, Misaki was alone. He was cold and alone, even as he heard the door upstairs close.

Jumbled, and a bit angry, the boy scoffed and made his way over to the bottom of the stairs, "Usagi! I need something from the store. I'm going to go get-!" His words stuck in his throat as his lover quickly left the room and flew down the stairs like a bat out of hell.

"I'm coming with you." the smooth tone laced with velvet only served to annoy the brunette further. He didn't want to deal with his lover's idiocy right now.

"No! I'm going by myself!" Misaki cried, hastily pulling on his coat and shoes. After all, it would suck to catch a cold.

"Misaki, please, I want to get some.. Life experience for my newest story.." The boy sighed. There was no way out of this one.. He growled softly, reprimanding himself for what he was about to do.

"Fine, you can come.." Violet eyes lit into a bright amethyst, and Misaki blushed. This was going to be one long grocery trip..

Much like our beloved Misaki, Hiroki was in a bit of a jumble as well.

Of course, it wasn't as simple as allowing his lover to accompany him to the store. More like he was totally pissed of at Nowaki. So much that he had stormed out during their heated argument and slammed the door right in his lovers face (which he totally felt bad about... Totally).

And so, there he was, resting on a bench, freezing his ass off. He had already contemplated going to Akihiko's or Miyagi's just for shelter away from the bitter wind, but decided against it. They would probably be too busy with their boy-toys to bother worrying about him.

And there was absolutely no way in hell he was going back home. Not after his pride had almost been shattered due to the giant. He scoffed, replaying it over in his mind again. Nowaki had been going on about some murderer or something, telling him to always travel with someone he knew and blah blah blah. It was as if he couldn't protect himself, which Hiroki was totally capable of doing!

The street light flickered dulling, causing the man to jump, a shadow looming over his hunched form. He looked up and met the familiar eyes of another. Grumbling under his breath, Hiroki stood to face the darkened silhouette with his hands on his hips.

"Oh, it's you. What do you want?"

The word 'shit' was uttered, like a mantra, throughout the entire apartment, searching every square centimetre for the missing blonde boy.

Miyagi Yoh might have been bad at keeping track of things, paperwork included, but he never imagined it would get this bad. He never thought it possible to lose his terrorist lover. But then again, Miyagi was surprising himself every day.

Earlier in the night, they had, not surprisingly, had sex. Then cuddled. And next thing he knew, the boy had gone missing, leaving his cell phone lying on the kitchen counter.

The black-haired man cursed again, scribbling a quick note just in case the boy were to come back while he was out searching for him. After that, and without further ado, Miyagi sprinted from the building, but not before snatching his cell phone from the coffee table.

This was a major pain in the ass, that's for sure.

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