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Chapter One – The Unexpected

"Hannah, could you give a cup of tea?" Ana shouts from her office.

She's tired, withered and has heavy bags under her eyes. She thought it must have been the rough patch Christian and she had. A lot has happened since their marriage, with Jack Hyde still in the open and her dad recovering from a car accident. She wondered if all couples had these problems piled on top of each other.

Hannah interrupted her piece of thought, "Here's your tea, Mrs Grey."

Ana's hands reached for her cup of tea. It felt warm, but something didn't feel right. Her stomach quivered and she dropped her tea on the floor. She didn't bother to look at the mess and bolted to the bathroom.

She heaved once and then vomited into the sink. Hannah was by her side in a matter of seconds. "Mrs Grey, are you okay? Do you need anything?" Ana rinsed her mouth. She felt better after the vomit.
"No I'm fine I just had an upset stomach, but you could make me another tea."

Ana questioned herself back at her office. She looked at her calendar; it had two crosses from two weeks ago. Hannah comes in with her second tea. "Hannah why didn't you tell me I had missed two appointments with Dr. Greene."
Hannah looked puzzled; she has her anxious look on her face. "You were so busy last week with everything, I thought it wasn't important." She looks at the ground.

"You thought wrong. I missed two of my shots and you know what that means. I could be pregnant." Ana couldn't be pregnant. She already had the baby talk with Christian. It would be too soon, way too soon.

"Next time you tell me if you cancel my appointments." Ana flares her nostrils and grabs her handbag. "I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off." Without glancing back at Hannah, Ana sips her tea and heads off.

Sawyer is waiting by the car. He greets Ana politely when he exits the building towards the car. "Good afternoon Mrs. Grey, where shall I be driving to?" He smiles kindly waiting for Ana to reply.

"I need to see Dr. Greene immediately," she says, her voice a little shaky.

"Is everything alright Mrs Grey?" He asks.

She pauses. "Yes," she quietly mumbles. "Just drive faster this time," she gestures him to leave.

Waiting in the car impatiently, Ana repeats "I pray to god I'm not pregnant. Please do not let it be true. Please, please!

"Mrs Grey, we're here"

Ana momentarily takes a deep breath. She steps out and walks two flights up the stairs.

The place is really quiet and the only person apart from her is the reception lady.

She looks like she's in her mid 30's. "Hi, may I help you?" She gives a friendly smile.

"I need to see Dr. Greene immediately?" She says.

"Do you have an appointment?" She asks.
"No, but this is quite urgent."

"I'll see if she's free." The reception lady dials a number and waits.

"Dr. Greene, a lady here has not made an appointment but wants to see you and she seems really urgent." She looks at Ana while speaking. She holds the line for one moment, "What is your name?"
"Anastasia Grey."
The lady widens her eye and continues speaking. "It's Mrs Grey… Sorry, I had no idea." There is a short pause and she apologises again before hanging up.
"Sorry Mrs Grey, I didn't know who you were. Dr. Greene is coming down to see you. Please take a seat." She blushes and looks at her monitor.

Soon after Dr. Greene appears greeting Ana with a warm smile. "Sorry about Michelle, she's new here. I haven't seen you in a while. You have missed two of our appointments."
"I have been very busy lately."
"So before you have your shot, we should take a test."
She nods, and begins to sweat a little.

Ana comes back from the restroom holding the pregnancy test. She shows Dr. Greene the blue circle that formed just minutes ago. "What is the blue circle?" She points.
"It means you're 4 weeks pregnant."
She could feel her world beginning to crumble. Suddenly she felt cold; a shiver went down her spine. Feeling more and more disoriented, the walls began to move, her head was spinning and she didn't what else to do. What is Christian going to think? Will he want the baby? She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Mrs Grey, are you feeling okay?
No, of course not! What was she thinking? She just announced that she was pregnant, which means having a baby, another Christian and her.

Leaving the clinic, Ana's blackberry beeped. It was Christian. She couldn't tell him over the phone. If she didn't pick up, Christian would know something's wrong. "Hi," she answered. "Hi, I'm still picking you up for dinner?"

Shit! She had totally forgotten about their plans.
"..Um…I wasn't feeling well, I'm coming home now. "
She wanted this phone call to end.
"Are you okay Ana? You don't sound like yourself."

"I'm okay. I'll see you at home."
"Look forward to seeing you."
"Wait to what I have to say", she thought.

The elevators opened and Mrs Jones was in the kitchen cooking chicken, sprinkling some herbs. It smelt divine and she her stomach grumbled. Not only was she hungry but her baby was too. She patted her stomach and sat down.

Christian appeared from behind and plotted a kiss on Ana's cheek. "I've missed you," he whispered. She loved this man with all her heart. Ana was scared, very scared that he will leave her when he found out she was pregnant.
Christian read her face, "Ana, what's wrong?"
She blinked several times as tears cascaded down her face. He wiped the tears away. "Ana what's wrong? He asked again.

"Please don't leave me after I said this."
"You know I will never leave you, I will always love you."
Finally she blurted out those two words. "I'm pregnant."

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