I couldn't help it. I started thinking of a description of this scene on Portal 2 and I figured "why not?". And why not make it humanized as well? Ah well, hope you like it!

"Ok, I'm going to lay my cards on the table: I don't wanna do it-I don't want to go in there-don't-don't go in there-" The British young man squinted his eyes and started cowering in fear, afraid of the terror of what was most likely behind the slowly ascending steel door. His partner grinded her teeth and gripped the portal device tighter. If going into the chamber that housed her greatest fear was the only way to the surface...then by all means they should go in the chamber. But...was she awake? Was she dead? Would she remember her? Or worse...would she—

"She's off-she's off-panic over! All fine! On we go!" the man exclaimed, breaking her train of thought, and marching in front of her. He quickly adjusted his glasses and smoothed his ginger hair as if cowering behind his new friend was an act. The woman, Chell, just rolled her eyes. It was amusing to her that the man, Wheatley, could go from one emotion to another in a nanosecond, albeit in a way that didn't involve reading his strikingly bright blue eyes. Suddenly, she froze.

The gigantic chamber could be passed off as a wildlife preserve without the animals; vines, broken glass, shattered monitors, and even a few birds that flew by covered the entire room. Thin grass and moss covered the rusted metal floor, barely letting it show. But the horrible state that the room was kept in wasn't the thing that made the woman wide-eyed with shock.

"There she is...what a nasty piece of work she was, honestly. Like a proper manic." Wheatley cringed, tip-toeing around...her.

Chell stared at her, unable to look away. Her body laid there, completely lifeless and limp. The rips in her lab coat were stained with grass and what looked like a chemical substance. Her white shoulder-length hair spread out in all directions, dirt making her look like a brunette. Her mic headset? Bent beyond repair (to a regular human anyway). Vines that grew out of the ground avoided her body, as if she were a rock.

Was she just an android? Sure. Was she a psychopath, self-aware nutcase of an android? Absolutely. But Chell couldn't help but feel guilty. She did this after all, she didn't just break her...she killed her. What made her feel even more guilty was the four other bodies spread out in the corners of the chamber, all in a probably worse state than their master was. Four cores were attached to her, and those four cores were wirelessly connected to four other androids, with the same personality and voice as their spherical counterparts. They wore practically the same type of clothing as Wheatley (white and grey suits, however Wheatley was a little less professional looking), and Chell vaguely remembered the color of each of their eyes; a girl with purple, another girl with orange, a boy with dark blue, and another with red. She closed her eyes. She did this. All of this.

"You know who ended up, do you know who taking her down in the end? You're not gonna believe this: a human!" Chell flinched at Wheatley's words. The knife that stabbed her plunged deeper. "I know! I know, I wouldn't have believed it either! Apparently this human escaped and nobody's seen him since. Then there was a sort of long chunk of time where absolutely nothing happened, and then there's us escaping now, so that's pretty much the whole story, you're up to speed." He was just about to turn away, but quickly added, "Don't touch anything."

Chell, turned her body to follow her companion, her gaze never leaving the dead AI's face. When she finally did turn away, she realizes something that made her heart skip a beat.

GLaDOS had died smiling.


Guilt? What guilt? Chell bit her tongue as she ate her own thoughts. When she thought and felt those things, that was when she thought she would never again hear that traumatizing, icy, sadistic voice ever again. But when she did hear it again...

The glare and snarl of the android was enough to send chills down even the strongest test subject's spine. The smile no longer existed.

"Oh...it's you."

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