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Chell bit her lip. To think that she thought that the portal she just made would get her anywhere, but no. It was another dead end, and the worst part was that there were no portal surfaces to escape. The only one was on the ceiling and—

She cursed herself. The only thing in the room was a door. 'GLaDOS Emergency Shutdown And Cake Dispensary; Keep Unlocked' was the label. This was way too good to be true.

Nevertheless, she opened the door...only to have it fall at Chell's feet and reveal its cardboard back. The walls began to move, individual panels moving and twitching to see what had dropped in.

"I honestly, TRULY didn't think you'd fall for that." An icy voice boomed in the room. Chell could imagine the smirk appearing on the AI's face. The panels started moving in toward the middle of the room. "In fact, I devised a much more elaborate trap further ahead, for when you got through this easy one." At this point, the room was about the width of the skinny fake door and was about the size of a small, one room apartment. A VERY small room. "If I'd known you'd let yourself get captured this easily, I would have just dangled a turkey leg on a rope from the ceiling." Chell rolled her eyes. If the robot jerk was expecting a response, she was mistaken.

The floor started to spread apart. Chell, pressing up against the wall, realized that it was pointless to try and avoid it and jumped down. An even smaller room that was basically a glass cube was below, and with no way to escape in sight, Chell felt it move forward towards a wall on a rail. "Well, it was nice catching up. Let's get to business." The voice continued. Suddenly, the wall moved, revealing the Main AI Chamber, completely cleaned up and instead of being covered in vegetation, it was covered in loose panels, all pointed downwards and glowing blue, moving in sync with—

"I hope you brought something stronger than a portal gun this time. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're about to become the immediate past president of the Being Alive club. Ha ha." GLaDOS fakely laughed. But no one could mistake the sadism and hate in her lifeless gold eyes and evil smirk. If Chell was a normal person, she would've probably gotten chills and froze with terror just from the voice. Good thing that she wasn't normal whatsoever. It was this fact that didn't make her confidence suspicious to GLaDOS.

Her lab coat was clean once more; the grass stains and rips from 21 chambers ago were gone, and there was only a single pink blotch on her right elbow. She was also back to white hair and even cut it a little shorter, and her headset didn't have a scratch. If it weren't for the pure hate in her eyes, someone would have thought that the first time she died never happened.

"Seriously though, good-bye." As the women turned her back and started to walk to the other side of the chamber, multiple claws placed blackened turrets around the cage, their lasers attempting to find their next victim—

GLaDOS suddenly stopped, raising her head a slight bit. She whipped her head around angrily as the turret skeletons that were supposed to make noises of a machine gun only made clicking sounds and blabbered like no tomorrow.

"Arggh! I'm on fire!"

"It's my big chance!"

"This is trouble."

"Watch out pal!"

"Aggh, not again!"

"Here it comes, pal!"

"Locked and loaded!"

"Oh, this ain't good..."

One by one, each of the turrets caught fire and exploded, cracking the glass.

"Oh. You were busy back there," said GLaDOS, as she narrowed her eyes at Chell. In response, she smiled triumphantly. The supercomputer begun to walk towards her, and leaned her left arm against the glass. "Well. I suppose we could just sit in this room and glare at each other until somebody drops dead, but I have a better idea." She smiled her sickening sweet smile. She stepped back to her original spot as a few panels moved out of the way of a large pipe spiraling into the chamber. "It's your old friend, deadly neurotoxin. If I were you, I'd take a deep breath. And hold it." The pipe broke into the top left glass and a small whirring sound started to sputter. Instead of the green rotten-eggs smell however, a series of stuttering yelps came out, and caused GLaDOS to raise an eyebrow and shift her eyes.

"'Ello!" Wheatley called out, just mere seconds before he face-planted on the glass just by Chell's feet. The glass shattered against the impact. GLaDOS bowed her head and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I hate you so much," she said, attempting and failing to sound casual.

"Warning: Central core is eighty percent corrupt," a calm male voice echoes in the chamber.

"That's funny, I don't feel corrupt. In fact, I feel pretty good." GLaDOS replied, crossing her arms and giving the ceiling a matter-of-fact look.

"Alternate core detected."

"Oh! That's ME they're talking about!" Wheatley chimed in, as Chell helped him up off the ground.

"To initiate a core transfer, please deposit substitute core in the receptacle."

"Core transfer? Oh, you are kidding me." GLaDOS rolled her eyes and gently face palmed herself as the supposed receptacle rose from the floor.

"I've got an idea! Do what it says, plug me in!" the Bristol man pulled on Chell and pointed to the plug-in like a little kid begging for a brand new toy.

The main computer suddenly looked up, desperation appeared in her eyes for only a nanosecond. "Do NOT plug that little idiot into MY mainframe." She was really talking through clenched teeth at this point.

"No, you should plug that little idiot into the mainframe!" Wheatley countered. Under normal circumstances, Chell would've snickered at him for calling himself an idiot. But more adrenaline than normal was pumping in her blood. More adrenaline than the daring escape she and Wheatley had not too long ago.

"This cannot end well," she thought. Biting her cheek, she grabbed him by the wrist and sprinted toward the receptacle.

"Don't you DARE plug him in." GLaDOS said, and suddenly runs in the same direction as Chell.

"Yes, do do it!" He bickered. A single cold hand grabbed both wrists.

"Don't. Do it." She said, tightening her grip to the point of breaking both wrists and using the deadliest voice Chell has ever heard since hearing her life was a mathematical error.

All three let go of each other and Wheatley clumsily ran around but didn't see GLaDOS's coming punch to the back of his head. He does his second face-plant in less than five minutes. But this time, he slid right next to the plug-in. Chell barely heard GLaDOS curse under her breath.

"Don't listen to her, do it." He handed a wire to Chell, who, as quickly as she can against the sprinting AI, plugged it into the back of his neck.

"Substitute core accepted," the male voice returned. Shackles appeared from the ground unexpectedly and locked around GLaDOS's ankles. Her momentum also caused her to fall, her hands barely catching her. "Substitute core, are you ready to start the procedure?"

"Yes!" Wheatley responded eagerly.

"Corrupted core, are you ready to start the procedure?"

"No!" GLaDOS yelled at the ceiling as she picked herself up.'

"Ohhhhhh, yes she is," the smaller core called mischievously.


"Stalemate detected. Transfer procedure cannot continue." The announcer's monotone voice disregarded both androids' desperate answers.


"Pull me out pull me out pull me out pull me out pull me out-" Chell started running towards Wheatley, unable to disconnect himself.

"...unless a stalemate associate is present to press the stalemate resolution button," the annoncer voice continued against Wheatley's helpless calls.

"Leave me in! Leave me in! Go press it!" He exclaimed just as Chell was about to touch the wire. A wall opened, revealing a single button in a separate part of the chamber.

"Don't. Do it," GLaDOS struggled against the tight shackles on her ankles. No one notices the blue hologram that appeared right next to her. She started pressing a command in the program. "Don't press that button. You don't know what you're doing." Chell started to run toward the button, but just as she got next to the archway, a panel catapulted her, landing on her back right next to GLaDOS. "Not so fast!" Chell hesitantly looked up, and caught the horrifying look of two golden, lifeless eyes looming over her. The single, bright light source in the chamber lit just above her, causing only the outline of her body and her eyes to be visable. "Think about this. You need to be a trained stalemate associate to press that button. You're unqualified." Chell shot up, and ran back to the archway.

"Don't listen to her!" Wheatley called to Chell as she ran by. "It IS true that you don't have the qualifications. But you've got something more important than that. A finger, with which to press that button, so that she won't kill us." She was stopped by a few more panels, however, and landed right back to where she started.

"Impersonating a stalemate associate. I just added that to the list. It's a list I made of all the things you've done. Well, it's a list that I AM making, because you're still doing things right now, even though I'm telling you to stop," GLaDOS mocked, as she looked at her fingernails. At this point, Chell had portaled into the room and was facing more panels that surrounded the button. "Stop, by the way."

"Okay...that's probably correct," Wheatley added uncertaintly. " But where it is incorrect is while I've been stalling you WE JUST PRESSED THE BUTTON! USE THE MOMENT OF CONFUSION I'VE JUST CREATED TO PRESS THE BUTTON!" Chell rolled her eyes and tuned out the two fighting robots. She quickly portaled on both sides of the walls and evaded the panels. She slapped the red button, and just as she did, she heard a yelp from the AI chamber and saw GLaDOS's outline spark and fall to her hands and knees.

"Stalemate resolved," the announcer's voice came back. Chell walked back to the chamber just in time to see Wheatley go down into the floor with the plug-in.

"Here I go!" He said excitedly. A look of terror suddenly appeared in his face. "Wait, what if this hurts? What if it REALLY hurts? Ohhh, I didn't think of that."

"Oh, it will. Believe me, it will," GLaDOS said with more sadism in her voice. She looked up, with a sweet smile across her face.

"Are you just saying that, or is it really going to hurt? You're just saying that aren't you? No, you're not. It is going to hurt, isn't it?" The floor suddenly closed in with Wheatley down under it. "Exactly how painful are we tAGHHHHHH!" An electrical shock was heard from under the floor.

A few pointed claws came from the ground as well and grabbed onto GLaDOS. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! NO! STOP!" A wall came up and surrounded her, almost like a curtain. "No! NO! NO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" Chell cringed at the scream. She couldn't decide if her ears hurt because of it, or if the fact that GLaDOS was hurt took a toll on her. A small part of the wall lowered a little and GLaDOS was thrown out. Her short white hair rapidly grew to her lower waist and turned sooty black. Her lab coat had a huge rip on the back, exposing her entire upper back. She squeezed her eyes shut, sparked and twitched, until she was finally still, with a look of pure horror in her face.

All the walls lowered and Wheatley stood there, newly attached wires on his back and head. The spaces between the panels started to glow.

"Wowwwww! Check me out, partner! We did it! I'm in control of the whole facility now!" He started to spin, and the panels did a wave in sync with him. "Whoa-ho-ho! Would you look at this. Not too bad, eh? Giant robot. Massive! It's not just me, right? I'm bloody massive, aren't I? Metiphorically anyway? That would be weird if I actually did grow bigger-" Chell shook her head. She coughed a little, put an index finger on her other palm and rose it. "Oh! Right, the escape lift! I'll call it now." After pressing a button on a translucent hologram, the elevator rose up and stopped next to GLaDOS's still sparking body. "There we go. Lift called." She started to walk to it, wondering how Wheatley would also get in if he's connected to the mainframe. "Look how small you are down there! I can barely see you! Very tiny and insignificant!" Chell raised an eyebrow at him as she stopped to examine GLaDOS. She was in better condition than before, but instead of a smile, she was shaking. Clenched teeth, quivered and sparked with every twitch, almost as if she was dreaming a terrifying nightmare. Chell's breath shook as she stepped into the elevator.

"I'm sorry GLaDOS," she thought. Suddenly, she frowned. "Do I still hate her or am I guilty?" She cringed and looked away. "She's a robot. She'll never die completly. At least...I don't think-"

"I knew it was gonna be cool being in charge of everything, but... wow, this is cool!" Wheatley spoke, doing another 360 and dropped a few cubes and confetti. The cubes bounced off of aerial faith plates. "And check this out! I'm a bloody genius now! Estás usando este software de traducción de forma incorrecta. Por favor, consulta el manual. I don't even know what I just said! But I can find out!" Chell smiled but bit her lip. She looked upwards and back again. "Oh! Sorry. The lift. Sorry. I keep forgetting." He pressed a second button, and the lift begun to move upwards, leaving Wheatley behind.

"This power is amazing, seriously!" he goes on. "I can't get over how small you are! But I'm huge!" He started to giggle his little laugh, but it quickly turned into something scarier. He actually started to laugh like a maniac, a mad scientist maniac.

He actually started to sound like GLaDOS.

"Actually, why do we have to leave right now?" he asked, the laugh trailing off. The room got darker as the lift stopped, and then slowly went back down to its original spot, Wheatley's fingers trailing down the hologram. Chell, wide-eyed, knocked on the elevator door, wanting to ask Wheatley what was wrong.

But to Wheatly, nothing was wrong. "Do you have any idea how good this feels? I did this! Tiny little Wheatley did this!"

"You didn't do anything," a tired voice interrupted. GLaDOS, struggling to sit up, was alive, but her eyes weren't glowing. She obviously didn't have much power left. "She did all the work."

"Oh really. That's what the two of you think, is it?" he countered confidently. "Well, maybe it's time I did something then." As he reached out his arm and clenched the air, the same claws that disassembled GLaDOS from her power caught on her ankle.

Wheatley pulled his arm back to his body. "...What are you doing?... NO! NO! NO!" GLaDOS was dragged to a hole in the middle of the chamber, and as soon as she was under, the hole closed.

All the panels suddenly pointed towards Chell, the lights glowing a blood red. "And don't think I'm not onto you too, lady. You know what you are? Selfish. I've done nothing but sacrifice to get us here! What have you sacrificed? NOTHING. Zero." Every word he said, Wheatley stepped closer and closer to the elevator. "All you've done is BOSS ME AROUND. Well, NOW who's the boss? Who's the boss? It's me!" He pressed his face up to the door, close enough for his breath to fog a little patch, glaring at Chell.

"I knew it! I knew this was a bad idea!" Chell tried not to tear up. "…"

A small beep is sounded behind him. "Ahhh..." He moved to the same hole and what arose from it was GLaDOS, her wrists and ankles shackled by the claws, her long black hair tangled and caught in her new attire. Wheatley held out his arm once more. "See this? This is a potato sack. Children use them for games. And now she lives in one. I guess you can say...she should now be called...PotatOS!" he snickered, forcing her to her hands and knees. Wheatley once again manically laughed.

"I know you," the woman in the sack said through clenched teeth. It was worn like a tunic, a single rope wrapped around her waist, and came just above her knees.

"Sorry, what?" Wheatley whipped around to face her, jerking his arm and GLaDOS up to his level. She cringed at the sudden movement, but doesn't back down on her explanation.

"The engineers tried everything to make me... behave. To slow me down. Once, they even attached an Intelligence Dampening Sphere on me. It clung to my brain like a tumor, generating an endless stream of terrible ideas."

"No! I'm not listening! I'm not listening!" he said, holding his ears and walking away.

"It was YOUR voice." GLaDOS glared at him as if she could still hurt him.

"No! No! You're LYING! You're LYING!" he whipped around, a snarl emerging.

"She's going to make him kill us..." Chell thought, biting her lip again until it bled.

"Yes. You're the tumor." GLaDOS went on. "You're not just a regular moron. You were DESIGNED to be a moron."

Wheatley finally broke. "I am NOT! A MORON!" He swung his arm and slammed the other AI into the glass door, cutting up her face and cracking the glass.


"Well, how about now?" He threw GLaDOS into the elevator, slumping next to Chell. "NOW WHO'S A MORON?" The arms that held the previous supercomputer started to hit the top of the elevator, pushing it farther down in the crevice, as he punched empty air. "Could a MORON PUNCH! YOU! INTO! THIS! PIT? Huh? Could a moron do THAT?" A rumbling noise came from the elevator floor.

Chell barely heard Wheatley say "Uh oh," right before the floor broke and sent the two women into the abyss.

Chell screamed for the first time in many, many years.

Chell's thoughts are basically mine when I very first played Portal 2. WHY WHEATLEY?! Anyways, I'm kind of torn on which scene I should do next...I'll put it up on a poll on my profile. Please review!