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Since the problem concerned the Avengers and their previous work, they headed for New York and Tony Stark's tower. Thor sat twitchily and stared out over the landscape, deep in thought—a thing his brother would have mocked him for, he mused—while the guards sat perfectly still and quietly.

The Doctor was going out of his mind with boredom after the first hour. He paced around in the helicopter, putting all the S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel on edge, and talked on and on and on. He would have gotten some feedback about his thoughts and ideas if he'd let anyone get a word in edgewise.

He was ready to hijack the helicopter and fly it himself just for the sake of something to do by the time they headed for a place to land near an airport. He probably would have if Agent Martin didn't constantly give him a meaningful look, as if she knew exactly what he was contemplating. As it was, they had a very jittery Time Lord by the time they landed and disembarked and slipped into a few gleaming black SUVs that were waiting.

"Always nice to be expected," the Doctor remarked, eyeing the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was driving. The Asgardians had piled into a different car, but Agent Martin had somehow ended up sitting next to the Doctor.

He looked at her. "You're trying to make sure I don't break anything, aren't you?"

She raised her eyebrows and smiled. "I most certainly am, Doctor."

He sighed, yelled, "Shotgun!" and switched seats just as the driver began to drive after the other SUVs. The front had a better view. Martin chuckled a little.

The trip to the airport took a lot less time than the helicopter flight had, and the Doctor wasn't quite so jittery by the end. Everyone piled out and headed into the flight that was about to take off for New York. Several passengers stared at the Asgardians as they regally strode aboard and found seats in the reserved section of the flight. Agent Martin casually struck up a conversation about cosplayers with the Doctor as they passed, and that seemed to be generally accepted as an explanation by passengers who overheard.

The Doctor could hear the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and the Asgardians discussing something with a man with an eyepatch as he prowled around and looked for the best place to sit. Silly human aircrafts.

"Well then, Doctor, what information can you contribute?" the man suddenly said, addressing the Time Lord.

"Bananas are good," he said instantly, turning and smiling benevolently at the group's collective stare.

"Anything relevant to-" the man began, but the Doctor already started talking again.

"Thor's brother has my TARDIS, the last in the universe. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. It can travel across time and space. But… it was somewhat damaged. Things might be a bit off with it. It might not work well." His brow creased a little in concern for his Sexy. "Right now it's somewhere back in the 1920s. Give me a map and I can figure out exactly where. I have coordinates."

The man nodded to an agent, who headed off, then looked back at the Doctor. "You have a time traveling machine, then? And Loki stole it?"

"Yes, well, I don't know if he stole it or not, but according to Thor, he ended up in it." The Doctor shrugged a little. "Yes, it's a time machine. It's a lot more than that, but-" The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent appeared at his elbow with a map and the Doctor broke off and looked at the map. "Oh, lovely! A map! You have very lovely continents, have I ever told you that?" he said to the agent, taking the map and sprawling out on the nearest surface large enough. He spread out the map and ran his fingers over the map, mumbling under his breath.

The Doctor didn't notice announcements of the impending take-off until a stewardess stood over him and spoke. "Sir? Sir, I have to ask you to seat yourself and put on a seatbelt. We are about to begin the flight."

"Seatbelts are rubbish. Inconvenient," was his only reply.

The stewardess blinked, obviously unsure of how to respond to this. "Sir, please get into a seat."

"Doctor, sit down," the man with the eye-patch said sharply.

"Why do I need to sit down? You're all sitting down. There's enough sitting-down-ing doing on without me doing it too," he protested, reluctantly getting off the floor and crumpling the map up as he carried it with him to his seat—which just so happened to be next to Agent Martin.

She gave him a look. "Because otherwise you'll be kicked off the plane for not cooperating."

The Doctor wasn't sure he believed her. He gave her a similar look and fumbled with the belt, eventually managing to strap himself in before the stewardesses finished with their monologue of plane safety. The takeoff was announced and the Doctor sat quietly until the plane was in the air.

Most of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents carried on quiet discussions or listened to the Asgardians talk about Loki's escape. They needed to glean every possible detail. The man with the eye-patch turned to the Doctor and finally introduced himself as Nick Fury, and began questioning him about the TARDIS and what had happened.

Nick Fury had met many bothersome, frustrating or infuriating people in his long years. But there was no one in his memory that matched up to the sheer oddness and irritating alien personality of the Doctor, and these qualities only worsened as the Time Lord had to be on a plane for several hours in close quarters with nothing extremely interesting to do.

It was a long, long trip.


Steve fled back into hiding when he and Loki heard the Ponds returning from the depths of the TARDIS. Loki sat down and watched as the pair came into view, discussing whether or not they had a sonic screwdriver.

"Loki! Is this a magic wand?" Amy held out what looked like a metal cylinder with some sort of circle and star on the end.

Loki frowned. "Magic wand?"

"How's he supposed to know what a magic wand looks like?" Rory took the thing with a sigh. He fiddled with it for a minute. "So, we think it's a sonic screwdriver. And we think it might do something to help get rid of… whatever's inhibiting your powers."

"An interesting thought." Loki eyed the… magic wand… with a doubtful look.

"Don't look so worried. We have to try something." Amy reclaimed the magic wand and turned it over in her hands, standing next to Loki. "I don't even know what it does."

Loki sighed and plucked it out of her hands, holding it up in front of his eyes and carefully studying it. He turned it a few times and tapped the end with one finger. "I do not understand its make or function," he reluctantly said.

"I still think it's a sonic screwdriver." Rory plucked it out of Loki's hand, not noticing Loki's brief look of irritation. He drummed his fingertips on it and pointed it at Loki.

It made a whistling sound. Loki stiffened, sensing some kind of energy disturbance. Rory dropped it just before it built to teeth-gritting-inducing levels. "Whoa. O…kay. It works."

"But works how?" Amy swept it off the floor and into her hand. "What did it do?"

"It induced an energy reaction." Loki ran a hand over his slightly frazzled hair, his nerves on end from the disturbance.

"Well, let's try it again." Amy pointed it at Loki and imitated Rory's finger-drumming.

The whistling sound came even louder than before and Loki clenched his jaw to fight back a yelp. He began to protest an instant before there was a snap and he felt something give way.

Amy lowered the wand. She and Rory had heard the snap too. Loki put his hands over his chest, searching to understand the cause of the snap, and sensed it; his powers were no longer beyond his grasp. They seemed slightly chaotic, but he most certainly could use them.

A slow, pleased grin crept into his expression. He lowered one hand and spread it out, parallel to the floor, and watched as frost began to gather at his feet, slowly growing into ice crystals.

Amy and Rory stared at the spot. Rory tilted his head. "That's… odd."

"Most excellent," Loki said. Amy looked up and made a sound of surprise; he was nowhere to be seen. Then he spoke again behind them. "It would seem that your magic wand has performed a useful trick. My sorcery is once again usable."

"Good news," Amy said, turning a bit too quickly from surprise. Rory was less startled; he'd heard Loki a moment before he spoke. Amy leaned slightly against her husband and asked, "Well, can you fix the TARDIS now?"

"There is some chance I might." Loki stepped around the Ponds and walked to the TARDIs, putting his hands on the console and studying it. Part of his mind was on repairs and trying to understand the ship; the rest was on deciding what he would do after repairing the ship.

Would he still need the Ponds after he'd learned what he could from them? He mused. No. He wouldn't after leaving Midgard. He walked around the console, examining it and crouching to look behind a panel once he had made a full circuit. He stood again and went to the edge of the platform to go under it and look around.

He needed a base of operations, a safe place where he could work at or retreat to. The ship would grant him means to find such a place, or even be the base itself.

"Once we get the TARDIS working again, maybe we can backtrack to wherever the Doctor fell out at," Rory said. The Ponds had been talking before that, but this sentence caught Loki's attention. He suppressed a grimace.

He'd almost forgotten the previous mentions of the Doctor. Something told him that this Doctor was responsible for the TARDIS and no doubt its pilot; there was no way either of the Ponds were competent enough to handle the craft. He would have to work around this stranger.


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