Stiles was 100 percent positive that it wasn't normal for a clumsy, sarcastic, always getting into trouble human boy to feel the need to wrap his enemies Alpha in a blanket with a hot chocolate and force feed him cookie dough ice cream every time he got that betrayed or self loathing (the second one pretty much permanent) look on his face. How he had went from terrified of the guy to only mildly scared and wanting to comfort him, stiles didn't know. He deducted it was probably some where between nearly chopping the guys arm off after he puked up black goo and the alpha saving him from being Isaac's puppy chow at the police station.

Can Derek smell the fact Stiles wants to coddle him and never let him go near another supernatural creature ? That would be awkward.

It was that particular need that lead Stiles to his Jeep two days after the whole warehouse kanima, Gerard, crazy Allison show down. He had looked in the abandoned subway for Derek the previous day but left quickly after figuring out no one was there and no one was coming back. He had been on the way to the Hale house when his dad had called him wondering where he was, sounding worried. Stiles had put the Alpha out of his head for a few hours and went back to his dad only to not be able to get him out of his head again once his dad had gone to bed. Stiles couldn't convince himself to leave the house, scared his dad would wake up and find out he was gone and start to panic.

So now he sat drumming his fingers on the wheel as he drove towards the Hale house. His dad was out for the night shift after having sat with Stiles all day, watching him like if he looked away for even a second Stiles would disappear. He sailed down the quiet dim roads, turning up to the dark rough track that lead to the burnt remains of the Hale house. Considering the fact he knew they all had super hearing and speed Stiles shouldn't have been shocked that by the time it took him to turn towards his Jeep and lock it after jumping out the little pack where all standing on the porch. Looking like the cover of a boy band album.

"What are you doing here?" Derek snaps, glowering at the teen as he walked calmly towards the three wolves.

"Hi, how am I you ask ? I'm great thanks, oh the bruises from me getting beaten up as message to you wolfies, yeah there good, healing well even without wolf powers. I had a lovely day about you?" Stiles rambled, rolling his eyes slightly at Derek.

"Why are you here Stiles?" Derek asked again, this time tone more exasperated than angry.

"What's that symbol on the door? Are you teaching Isaac to draw?" Stiles joked walking closer to the steps.

"Stiles" Derek growls "what are you doing here Scott"

"What about Scott? Scott's not your little Beta anymore?" Stiles interrupts "Just because you're not Scott's Alpha doesn't mean you're not mine" He quickly walks up the stairs, pushing past the bemused Derek into the dark house. The trio follow him quickly. Peter seeming to lose interest falling onto the burnt couch. Stiles looked to Derek who looked like he was about to talk. Shocking I know.

"Look, I know I'm not like you, I know I get hurt easier and I'm slower and I can't hear or see or move anywhere near as well as you guys can but I can do stuff that you can't. Like the mountain ash. Scott's still my best friend, always will be and I'd do anything for him but he's going to try and put all the werewolf shenanigans behind him, pretend to be normal, pretend everything is normal but I can't. You may not be the best Alpha there ever was, I mean most of your ideas suck and when you get a good one you don't execute it properly so it fails and you seem to have a kink for throwing me into walls and trying to hurt me physically but you try to do the best thing, you try to keep people from getting hurt and even though I'm just human you haven't let anyone kill me yet. And I want to help..I guess" Derek looked at him for a few seconds before doing a short nod.

"If he's pack you should probably fill him in and give him the bite" Peter mumbles from his place on the couch, eyes now closed head rested against the arm.

"I don't want the bite" Stiles snapped watching Peter as he peaked an eye open, smirk now painted lazily on his face.

"You're still lying" He cooed. Stiles licked his lips, thinking of a way to reply, to twist his words so he could say he didn't want the bite without his heart beat giving him away. Before he could Peter was on his feet, looking around nervously. Isaac was transformed, snarling and Derek's eyes where glowing red.

"Stay here" The Alpha snapped at Stiles as Isaac and him stormed outside.

"I'll watch over the human" Peter called out nervously making Stiles roll his eyes.

"you where a lot more badass as an you just seem a bit wimpy."

"I could still kill you" He mumbled back, eyes flicking to Stiles. The teen rolled his eyes, trying to ignore the fear slowly starting to build in him before he started towards the door. "what are you doing? He told you to stay here" Peter yelped after him. Staying in his place as Stiles left the house.

Before Stiles was even down the porch stairs Isaac was running past him, cradling Erica in his arms as he went into the building. Stiles ran after him, watching as he laid her down on the burnt couch. There where long gashes across her stomach arms and deep, bleeding holes at her ankles. She was awake, breathing heavily. There was the heavy sound of footfalls behind him causing Stiles to spin round and see Derek, helping an almost unconscious Boyd walk in. He was more ripped up than Erica, blood dripping from him as Derek kept him upright.

Stiles rushed towards him as Derek helped him sit on the floor, kneeling next to him and looking at one of the deep wounds in his arm.

"why isn't it healing?" Stiles questioned, looking up to Derek.

"It was done by the alpha's...They reek of them" He mumbled, inspecting one of boys wounds. "We need to get them to Deaton" He decided looking to Isaac. "Call Deaton, tell him we're coming" he snapped, throwing his phone to the boy. Then his car keys "take Erica the second you have" Boyd had stopped moving when Derek looked back at him, sweeping his arms under the teen and lifting him up. Walking quickly outside. "Stiles come on!" He growled. Stiles quickly ran after him, trying not to think of how he will explain blood stains in his Jeep. Again.

When they got there Deaton was already waiting. Stiles followed as Derek grabbed Boyd and rushed him into the vet practise. Lying him on the table. Deaton started work immediately, Grabbing things from the table full of pre prepared stuff.

Derek's arms were coated in Boyd's blood as he stood watching deaton work on Boyd, worry coating his features. Isaac arrived with Erica a few minutes later, tears where streaming down her pale face as she let out small whimpers of pain.

"Stiles you know first aid?" Deaton asked, not looking up from Boyd

"A bit, my dad made me take a course, Scott's mum taught me some nursing stuff as well" Deaton nodded. Isaac laid Erica down on the second table.

"start disinfecting her wounds. I'll tell you more after you've done that" Stiles moved quickly to Erica's side after grabbing the things to disinfect her. He began wiping at the wounds carefully. Cleaning away the blood and dirt. He started with he arms, when he got to the third gash on her stomach he noticed what looked like a thick shard of bark embedded in the ripped flesh. Carefully he moved his hand pinching the end, giving it a light tug. He hadn't registered the moving until his head was smashed against the metal table with a thud. Claws at the back of his neck and a growl coming from Derek was at erica's side straight away gripping her arms pulling her away from Stiles as her eyes flashed orange. Isaac grabbed stiles' head lifting it up to look at where he guessed there was now a large red bump.

"You okay?" He asked nervously and Stiles gave a short nod, headache throbbing.

"yeah great." He looked back to Erica who was calm again. Derek grabbed her arms, holding them tightly stopping her from moving them and her top half.

"Get her legs" Derek ordered Isaac who moved quickly. "get it out?" He asked Stiles, looking like Stiles might say no. Stiles nodded again talking another step to Erica, pinching at the wood again. Tugging at it, She let out a growl again. It turned into a scream pretty quickly as he pulled at it. It slowly came out, causing a blood to flow from the hole. Isaac moved away when Stiles had managed to stem the bleeding and finish disinfecting the cut but Derek stayed, hands gently placed on erica's arms. Thumb rubbing in small circles as her looked at the wound.

"We're sorry" She chocked out, looking up at the alpha.

He had just finished bandaging the second arm when Deaton finished Boyd and helped bandage the rest of Erica. Deaton stopped and began to walk from the room.

"Let them rest before you move them. Lock up when you leave" Then left. Isaac took a seat on one of the counters next to Stiles as Derek fell into a chair in the corner. Staring at the sleeping Betas. Stiles looked down to his blood covered hands and took a deep breath.

"so...Alphas hu? As in..more than one?" He asked eventually

"A pack of them" Came Derek's voice a second later and Stiles looked up confused.

" does that work, it doesn't fit in with pack dynamics there can only be one alpha"

"Two. Male and Female...I watched the discovery channel" came Isaac's voice.

"Well whatever, that's different there's still a dominant one to them. How does it work? The pack, I mean don't they just challenge each other authority all the time and end up killing each other, who runs the pack ? Why is their a pack of alphas? Why didn't they just get some betas?"

"Shut up" Derek snapped causing Stiles to look up from his hands. "Come by the house on Friday, I'll tell everyone everything I can then" Stiles gave a short nod.

"Is your head okay?" Isaac asked, looking to Stiles. It hurt like hell. Still pounding.

"it'll heal" he mumbled

"Where's peter?" Derek asked looking up to Isaac

"protecting the house" He snorted back making Stiles give a small smile, the dude was no where near as strong or badass anymore.

Stiles ended up having a sleep over with the two injured Betas that night. His dad downstairs with no idea off the werewolves upstairs. Derek had said he didn't want them in the house when they couldn't defend themselves. On the morning they where walking slowly arm his room, wincing slightly every time they moved to quickly, The wounds looked a few days old now scabbed over, smaller than before. Stiles had a feeling by the time it was Friday they would be no more than thin red lines. When his dad left for work Stiles packed up his lacrosse stick and a bag of lacrosse balls.

"Stay in the house, Eat what you want I'll be back in a few hours. Don't answer the door, hide back in here if dad comes home" he ordered before walking from the house and jumping into his Jeep and driving to the school field where he spent hours throwing the ball into the unguarded net, choosing places to try and hit. Moving back a step everytime he got it right.

"hurry up batman" Erica snapped jogging Stiles from his thoughts, he looked to her confused for a second before looking back down to the steering wheel.

"sorry" he mumbled before jumping out of his baby. Looking up at the Hale house where Derek was standing by the door glowering at them.

"Get inside" he snapped walking back through the door and slamming it behind him.

"why did I come to this again?" He mumbled.

"Because you for some reason think your scrawny human ass might help us in a fight against an alpha pack" She replied, flicking him another smirk.

"My ass is not scrawny! And I've already helped kill one Alpha"

"not very well" She reminds him making him laugh. she walked forwards quickly bounding up the creaking stairs in a way Stiles would never dream of, scared the porch might collapse under him. He walked up the front steps as carefully as he could, looking at the symbol painted on the door for a few seconds before he pushed the door open and walked in.

He tried not to giggle when he saw the pack all sitting cross legged on the floor in a circle like a group of little kids about to tell stories and share secrets at a slumber party, if you ignore the hole burned down house with blood stains part of it. He took a seat in-between Isaac and Peter. He gave Isaac a wide smile as the guy gave him a clap on the back as a greeting. He looked to Peter who shot him a smile and tried to force one but it came as more of grimace, something that made peter smirk, a laugh barely hidden. Stiles next turned to the grumpy Alpha sat awkwardly half cross legged. Which led stiles to wondering if Derek could actually sit fully cross legged in the skinny jeans he always wears. Which obviously leads to thinking about where werewolves buy clothes from. From their it's only a small step for Stiles to come to the conclusion he should open a werewolf clothing shop. Filled with Leather jackets, skinny jeans, hardly hid your boob tops. Wife beaters, must show all my muscle tops and chains for any new baby beta's trying to get passed there first full moon without kill anyone. Then again, that might be difficult to explain to people that no this shop isn't for people with leather and sadistic fetishes but in fact a shop for werewolves who have surprisingly good senses of style and are totally real.

His mind comes back to the room and away from his werewolf shop.. he'd call it half moon howl...or maybe pack purchases, no wait! That could be a deal packs buying stuff together get a discount.

"Stiles" Derek snapped

"I agree!" He yelped hoping that they had been asking his opinion and not just telling him off for not paying attention. If Isaac's snort was anything to go by no one had been asking his opinion. He gave an awkward smile to the glaring Alpha who went back to talking. Stiles listened as Derek said everything he knew about the Alpha pack, which wasn't too much, but hey, at least it was something. Peter knew a bit more, filling in some of the blanks to Derek's information.

"Why didn't they come after Peter" Stiles suddenly asked.

"There where already people here dealing with Peter. They didn't need to move until either they had been killed or their was a new alpha"

"but couldn't they have just came in and killed peter quickly rather than you being Alpha then coming? And what do they even want"

"To challenge Derek as an Alpha, see if he can take the role. Contain his Beta's. They want the territory. If they see weakness in him or his Beta's they'll try to take it from him" Peter said calmly, glaring slightly at Erica and Boyd.

"So they want to kill Derek" Isaac said, looking up at his Alpha worried. Derek did a short, awkward nod.

"And since these two idiots have already shown him to be weak and unable to take care of his pack" A low growling started, Derek's eyes slowly going red, Stiles knew that it was a warning not him loosing control. "We need to act quickly to make Derek look like a real competent Alpha, however difficult that may be" For a psychotic murderer werewolf Peter wasn't that bad.

"So we're doing more training, every night we'll do ma-"

"Don't be an idiot" Peter snapped at his nephew. "That makes you look scared, like you're training for something to happen. You need to establish your place in Beacon Hills" He said smartly.

"no they need to be able to fight" Derek snapped back.

"They can already fight"

"What do you suggest then?" Derek asked in a growl, not really seeming to care what Peter had to say but humouring him.

"We rebuild this place. Living here makes it looks like you're ready to run off at any second."

"I'm up for that" Isaac said quickly looking to Derek, nerves covering his face. Stiles looked to Isaac, then to the small bundle of blankets on the sofa with isaacs clothes strewn around it. He guessed that was isaacs 'room'. Erica also agreed, looking even more nervous that Isaac, then Boyd

"All the pack wants it" Peter cooed and Stiles wanted to slap the gloating smirk off his face when he looked to Derek who had a mixture of emotions running across his face and looked about ready to cry and kill someone at the same time. Stiles looked back to the pile of blankets and wondered if they would find it inappropriate if he jogged over to them and wrapped them so tightly around Derek's form that he couldn't move, even if he was some awesome alpha werewolf.

"Stiles didn't answer" Derek says, looking at Stiles as if he is his last hope of staying alive.

"Stiles..what do you think?" Peter sings. Stiles looks to everyone, peter gloating, Isaac hopeful, eyes flicking to his 'bed', Erica a nervous yet excited smile on her face, Boyd blank face but there was a slight glittering underneath of enthusiasm and then Derek, Derek who was constantly frowning was looking at stiles with a soft expression, so hurt and lonely and hopeful that stiles might just save him again and he wants to tell peter to shove it, tell Isaac to suck it up he can sleep on some blankets or come stay with stiles. Tell Erica and Boyd they should have no say having left Derek like that.

"I think we need cookies" Is what he says instead.