Derek woke up to quiet voices. He felt the weight of Stiles down his left side, there legs tangled together, the teens arm thrown over his chest whilst Dereks arm was tucked underneath him, pulling him closer. The buzz cut was still on his cheek. The gentle warm breathing from Stiles' slightly parted lips pressed against his neck was strange.

"I'm thinking Red" Peter mumbles.

"What like blood?" He could practically hear erica's grimace as she spoke.

"No like little red riding hood, right?" Isaac's voice swam into his mind.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you." Peter mumble, Derek finally opened his eyes, vision blurred slightly. The room was dark, but small beams of light where shinning through the dark, closed curtains letting him know it was day. Erica, Peter, Isaac and Lydia where leaning over the back of the couch.

"What's going on?" He mumbled, voice rough from sleep.

"We're discussing your wedding colors, Peter thinks red would be good but honestly it's too cliché" Lydia said, looking down at him. Eyes soft as her lips turned upwards.


"So I'm thinking tuxedo for Derek"

"Why are you here?" He snapped, waking up more as the three talked.

"Got a text from Isaac with a picture of you two all lovey-dovey cuddling.. Needed to see it for myself" Erica said with a smirk, he saw Isaac shrink back slightly.

"Same" Lydia said proudly.

"got a text from Erica saying that you two where cuddling. I had to come for blackmailing reasons" at that moment he snapped a photo on his phone smirking down at him.

"All of you delete the pictures now!" They all tilted their heads at the same time, pulling the same 'you-really-think-i'm-going-to-do-that' way, which was creepy. Derek carefully moved Stiles off him so he could stand up. Ignoring the coos from the other 4 as he did. "delete them, or i'll kill you" He threatened.

"You're not going to kill us" Isaac mumbled.

"He's already killed Peter once. Might do it again" Everyones eyes flew down to Stiles who stood up and slowly wandered off. The werewolves listening as he walked off until they heard the bathroom door open, definitive by the slight creek from rust on the hinges.

"Did you know he was awake?" Lydia asked, eyes floating from werewolf to werewolf.

"He probably still doesn't know he's awake" Isaac said with a laugh.

"He's not very good in the mornings"

"You would know" His uncle said, a smirk twisted on his face. Erica laughed.

"So now seriously, I think red is tacky. Why not go with something like b-"

"Get out now" Derek ordered. Interrupting Lydia. "and delete the photo's"

"what bu-"

"Now" He spat, the order didn't have an Alpha roar to it, he'd only done that the one time with Isaac to stop him hurting Stiles. Apart from to keep someone safe he would never force them to do anything. Although none had to all but Isaac left. He turned to glare at Isaac once he had watched them leave "was that really necessary." Isaac didn't answer, his face falling as he looked down to the floor nervously. Derek let out a puff of breath, trying to tell Isaac off was like trying to kick a puppy. "Give me your phone" He watched the teens hand shakily go into his pocket, the smell of fear leaking from him before he passed it over to Derek. "You get this back when you take me down"

"wha-" Derek was across the room smirking at the bewildered Isaac.

"Take me down you get your phone back...Training"

"and a punishment" Isaac said head tilting to the side waiting for an answer. Derek gave a stiff nod. Waving the phone towards the teen before turning and sprinting from the house.

The two made it back from the house 5 hours later. Stiles looked to them with a raised eyebrow when they walked in, both covered in mud. Clothes ripped and small bits of blood splashed across them.

"What happened?" He asked watching Isaac walk towards the stairs to go have a shower.

"training" Stiles gave a small nod, Derek went to sit down next to Stiles on the couch but before he could sit a hand smacked across his head. "Stiles" He spat out, glaring at the teen.

"you're not sitting on the couch when you're that muddy, that'll never come out. In the kitchen or out on the porch it's up to you" He was tempted to sit down, just because he could, because Stiles wouldn't be fast enough to stop him but that woould be insanely childish and he didn't want the sheriff annoyed at him for running the couch. Huffing he made his way to the kitchen. A minute later he heard the pad of feet following him out and Stiles appeared in the doorway. Hands in the pockets of his hoodie...his red hoodie.

"So my dad said that Lydia told him that we're getting married" The teen said slowly, watching the alpha's face carefully, judging if he could joke about this or not. "Apparently Lydia wants us to have a summer wedding, personally i'd prefer fall"

"More of a winter guy myself"

"Of course you are, Dark rainy days, thunderstorms, not wanting to leave the house since it's to cold and dreary." Stiles smirked, walking to the fridge to grab a soda. Isaac walk downstairs. Cleanish but by the speed of it, and the mud stuck in his hair he had obvious only quickly wiped himself down and changed.

"Going to Scott's, back before dinner!" He stated as he walked towards the door. Derek noticed Stiles roll his eyes before he decided he was fed up of being covered in dirt and made his way to the stairs.

"By the way, the wedding colour is red" Derek said after grabbing his duffel from it's place on top of the washing machine. Pointedly looking at Stiles' hoodie before leaving the room. "and it'd be in winter because i'd win that argument and I like the pure white untouched snow so it'd be relatively early in the day" He could hear Stiles snort in disbelief as he made his way to the bathroom.

Dinner at the stilinski household had never been so awkward. Isaac was back, leaning over his food tears falling from his eyes as he howled with laughter. Derek kept shooting him angry looks. Stiles just sat gaping like a fish whilst the sheriff stared at them seriously.

"I'm just saying that spring would be a great time for the wedding, especially with the red theme" John said, Derek could smell the amusement rolling from him and Isaac so could tell that the sheriff apparently found Harry Potter and the Sterek snuggling session amusing (Stiles had came up with the name). Stiles however didn't know that his father was joking and was slowly getting paler and paler. Smelling more and more distressed. Derek would have helped, really. If he hadn't had to endure Stiles joking about it all day, apparently he was getting to comfy around the alpha and thought it was okay to mock him now.

"Dad we're..not..we aren't even..we'de never" Stiles stuttered out.

"You know i'm okay with it kiddo. I mean if you're gay you're gay."

"but i'm not.. not with him at least"

"but you are gay with other people?" Isaac asked

"you're cheating on him?" the sheriff gasped. Making Derek's shoulders shake with silent laughter, the truth is. Seeing Stiles almost lost for words was pretty amusing.

"I'm going to bed, and this will all be a dream" he said eventually. Standing up and walking from the room. Isaac followed him soon after, the training session from earlier having made him hungry and tired.

Silenced filled the room as Derek helped the sheriff clear up.

"you're not actually... Dating are you?" The sheriff blurted out eventually and Derek paused, turning round to look at the sheriff wide eyed.

"No" He said quickly.

"You're sure"

"I think I would have noticed"

"...good..that's..that's good" Derek refused to think about why he felt some disappointment when he realized just how much Stiles' father didn't want them to date.

"I'm going to the house tomorrow, see what they've done to it."

They had done a lot of the structuring. Peter wandered out when Derek pulled up. Isaac and Stiles riding behind him in the jeep.

"The workmen where buzzing around." Derek spotted the operation manager as the guy spotted him. Both walked towards eachother meeting in the middle.

"How long?"

"2 weeks, earliest." Derek thought of the full moon coming up again in a week and a half. It would be good to have somewhere to go

"anyway you could speed that up?" He inquired eyes jittering round to see what the workers where doing.

"These guys are worked to the bone already."

"what if I got you more?"

"More here would just mean to many people around at one time. It would probably slow us down"

"what about more people for the night?"

"you want us to run a team over night?"

"I can get you lights and more than enough money to pay for another team."

"When do you need it done by?"

"no more than a 10 days" He said looking down to the manager. He watched as his eyes scanned across the building.

"We'de need more pay to convince a team to work overnight" He could hear the lie but he didn't care.

"Fine, more pay now can you do this" He watched a smile come over the man's face for a second before a determined nod.

"ALEX! Call Toby tell him we need 15 men working over night from tonight onwards!" Derek walked to Peter to see what had happened the few days he hadn't came by.

Stiles sat on the hood of his jeep, Isaac standing next to it.

"Then Scott said we should go play some baseball so we tried but even with the werewolf stuff we're not very good and I got a ball to the head and got this huge cut but it healed in like a second but I was still dizzy for a while so Scott had to call his mum to pick us up. We ended out going for lunch, Melissa gave me some make up wipes to clean the blood of with. Then Scott told the funniest joke!" Stiles tuned him out, looking up at the house, beams slowly coming in place to make it look more and more like a house the pile of rubbish outside was getting bigger and bigger. He noticed footsteps over Isaacs rambling about his and Scotts epic romance and saw Lydia strutting up.

"Hey little Red" she smirked to the teen who just rolled his eyes, having had his fill of the little red title already. When she reached the jeep she started pulling herself onto the hood.

"What do you think you're doing"




"You can't sit on my baby"

"but you're sitting on it!"

"it's my baby! I can sit on her if I want to."

"Why can't I"

"You might dent it"

"are you calling me fat?"

"What no! I just don't like anyone sitting on this but me. Is she dents with me on her then i'll feel bad but okay but if I let her get sat on by some randomer, I'd feel way to guilty"

"You're a freak"

"In 15 years you can sit on her" He watched as Lydia's lips turned upwards into a smile and she rested next to Isaac, still talking a happy expression on his face, eyes bright and wide. The fall into silence, Lydia looking over the house and some of the workers with their tops off before checking her nails. Suddenly Dereks next to him. Jumping onto the hood of the jeep easily and probably looking a lot cooler doing it than Stiles ever could.

"wowowowow Dude!" The older man turned to him, one of his rare sarcastic smiles on his face. The kind of one you want to slap off but also feel the need to give a round of applause for.

"What?" The alpha drawls.

"How's the building coming?" The smirk on his face gets bigger

"How come he gets to sit on it?" Lydia snapped.

"I'm the Alpha" Derek said in a flat voice and Stiles had to bite back a laugh. He was joking, in his own weird way.

"Prick" Stiles coughed. For a split second Derek's smile changed, as if turning into a real one before it was back to a haunter look. The way it would change whenever Derek seemed to be feeling happy and at ease made Stiles wonder if it was intentional, if everytime he started feeling okay he'd think of his family, like feeling happy was something he shouldn't have, like he should be punished.

"Boyfriends" Lydia sung to her nails.