1959; Marshall College

"1718 was the year the first mission was established in San Antonio, Texas. Can anyone remember what that was?" A professor said in front of his classroom.

"The Alamo?" A student chimed in.

"That's right, so what does that leave us with for today?" The teacher continued.

"We remember the Alamo?"

"Right! Hold in on to that and we will touch base on it again on Monday! Have a good weekend guys!" He finished right as the bell ran through the building, signalling the weekend for the students.

Professor Jones was wrapping up his final year teaching at Marshall College. He had been the Dean for 2 years, but kept a class going to fill his time. He hated grading papers, but he lived for the lecture. His body was sore with years but his mind raced with ideas an adventures not yet had. He was pondering on the thought of his time with Sallah in Cairo when a student approached his desk.

The students' clothes changed so much through the years, from the plaid, to the poodle skirts, to the knee length ponchos, her outfit of a bright neon shirt and knee high boots barely surprised him at all.

"Professor, I really need to talk to you." The girl started.

He lifted his head in interest, concerned with her tone.

"There were some rumours that you are more than just a teacher. Some people say when you were our age you use to run around in a fedora and whip people."

He stood up now, defensive. "Hey, now, they all deserved it."

"So it's true! You are truly an adventurer!" She grinned. "Sir, I have a mission that I really need some help with."

He waited until the last student had slipped off into the hallway until he waved her to continue.

"What is it Anna?"

"My brother was working in Berlin with the U.S Embassy last year. He was never allowed to tell my family more about what exactly his job entailed. Around Christmas we got a letter from him that he was being sent away to Sydney, Australia and that he would be home in a few months. We haven't heard from him since, and the embassy won't return my mother's calls. I don't know what else to do; I am worried that something has happened to Samuel."

"I've retired from my adventuring life Anna, I don't know what I can do for you." He replied sadly, he was now 60 and he was out of shape.

"I am going to Sydney with or without help, Mr. Jones. I hope you will consider coming with me, because I need all the help I can get." Anna said.

"Meet me at my home in the morning. I will give you supplies and any money you need to find your brother. I can promise nothing else. I'm not trained for finding missing people, I'm only an archeologist."

"I think we both know you are more than that, sir." Anna said, and walked out.

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