Indiana sat slouched over his dinner table, shoveling in tasteless ravioli.

"What's your problem?" His wife Marion grunted, in a rather unfriendly tone.

Since their marriage, their relationship had taken a downward sour turn. Living together, it turns out, was nothing they had hoped it would be.

Indiana rubbed his temples, confirming how tired he was after a day of simply standing and speaking. He balked at the thought of scaling a wall, or standing atop a train while it was in full motion. How was he to help Anna after all? The guilt racked him.

"A girl asked me for help today. The help of a man I don't know if I can be anymore." He said solemnly, as Mutt walked through the door.

"What's that; a man that can manage simple everyday tasks without back ache?" He said sarcastically. "She ask you to hang a painting for you?" He scoffed.

He had once embraced the idea of the father he never knew, looking forward to adventures they could have together. But he was let down, way down. \

"Mutt, come eat your supper, and hush your mouth." Marion said, in a tone much sweeter than she used with her husband.

"Take my advice kid, you don't wanna eat any of this stuff. Run before she fixes you a plate of this."

Mutt almost started to laugh, but the whole thing felt way to family like to him and he stifled it.

Luckily for him, that's when Anna knocked at the door.

Indiana went slowly to the door and was actually surprised to see her wearing brown and black for a change. "Anna, I must say I never knew you owned anything dark coloured."

"There's a lot you don't know about me Dr."

"An apparently there's a lot about me that you know." He added.

"I did my homework, I thought I knew who I was asking help from. Did I chose right? Will you help me?"

Again he hesitated. From the sidelines Marion and Mutt watched the interaction. Mutt's ears had perked up, he was itching for an adventure. He was tired of waiting for his old man to come home with one and offer him to tag along. He needed to be proactive if he ever wanted to see the world. He stood up and pushed past Indiana.

"Hi, I'm Mutt, at your service. I don't care what he says; I'm in for a journey, or at least some one to punch. If you are looking for Indiana Jones kind of work, I'm your man."

Anna raised her eyebrows at Mutt. The name alone evoked little to no confidence that he would be any help to her.

"So, you've done this before?" She asked him.

He cringed a bit, he was going in blind and knew nothing about what she needed.

"Well, no, but everyone's gotta have a first time." He winked.

She took a half step backwards from him. Cocky, definitely cocky.

"I don't know how I feel about this…" Indiana piped in.

"I don't give a loaf of sliced bread how you feel about it, pop! Just because you don't have the good sense to be useful to the world again, doesn't mean you can take me down with you!"

"You took yourself down when you refused to go back to school Junior!"

"Don't flipping call me that! Damn it!" Mutt's eyes rolled in the back of his head. "Just give the girl her damn supplies and we will be out of your hair."

Marion came in between the boys and held her hand out for Anna. "Come in honey. Have some supper and I'll make sure you get what you need, and you can set out in the morning." She smiled warmly.

Indiana inwardly growled at the sight of a warm smiled he hadn't seen in months.

That night, Marion set Mutt up on the couch and gave Anna his bed. The minute his mother went to her bedroom though, he ran back to his own room to talk to Anna. He wanted to know all the details about this mission. They were only speaking for a few moments when they heard a shuffling in the hall. He quickly covered her mouth with his hand and listened to the air around him. He heard a cough, and then a violent succession of banging and swearing, ending with a faraway thud. Mutt waited a moment and then grabbed a lit candle beside him, and led Anna to the source of the dramatic noise. Once their eyes adjusted they could see the hall table crumbled on the ground, along with the table cloth in a bundle, and all the knick knacks that were on it, now littered the floor all the way down the stairs. They followed the trail until they found a moaning Indiana balled up at the very bottom.

"What have you gone and done to yourself old man!" Mutt hollered at him.

Anna knelt to his side and helped to unfold him. He lay strewn out on the floor when Marion appeared with bandages.

"You've broken something for sure. The adventure of walking the hallways at night, eavesdropping, proved too much for you."

"How could you have possibly known I was eavesdropping Marion!" Indy asked.

"I have Mom ears and senses. I know all." He replied, wrapping first his ankles that were slowly swelling up. "Kids, get some rest. It's only you two now that can find Samuel. Indiana Jones is sitting this one out for sure!"

They all shared an unsure look before going to their respective beds. How could this possibly turn out okay without the chance of help from the one and only Indiana Jones?

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