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CHAPTER ONE-Holding You Closer Than Most

She had agreed to marry his brother more out of convenience than out of love. Because she knew that she would never been able to have the person that she had always loved, him. Elena had begged him to stay, that maybe one day they could really have what they had wanted, each other. But, she knew deep down that she had to let him go. The way he held her for the last time in the fancy hotel room that he had gotten after he went off on a drunken binge…The night he found out that she was engaged to his older brother, which was the same night that he promised her the world.

"We tried….I'm sorry…baby. I am so sorry." Elena pleaded with him as she sat on the edge of the hotel room bed, placing her jeans back onto her body as tears filled her big brown eyes and she watched him drink his fifth brandy of the night, barely swallowing it down as he watched her prepare herself to go back to the one person that he didn't want to have her.

"Stay with me…Please, Elena. He doesn't love you…He never will." Stefan commented as he bent down in front of her and pleaded with her to stay by his side, but he could tell from the confusion in her eyes that it was useless. She had made up her mind.

"Stefan, I'll find you one day. I promise you, I'll always love you." She commented in a strangled tone as she reached out and touched his cheeks with both of her cool hands. Elena watched as he closed his green eyes to her soft and warm touch and a tear slipped out of the already forming pools of water in her brown eyes.

"I love you. I love you so damn much…I won't give you up, he doesn't deserve you!" Stefan told her as he leaned into her with the smell of brandy on his breath and kissed her once more, savoring the taste of pineapple on her lips and the smell of lavender on her neck.

Elena wrapped her small olive colored arms around his shoulders and cried into them. The time of their secret affair had finally come to an end and tomorrow morning, they would both need to face the reality of being without one another, to put up the blinders of a false love to other people that they both had made fake promises too, time and time again. To love, to cherish in sickness and in health for as long as they shall live.

She had driven out to California to see him. She didn't give a damn that she was supposed to be marrying his brother in the early morning hours in a garden that was outside of San Diego. She had to see Stefan one more time, before she signed herself up for a fate that she wasn't supposed to be living. But, just like everyone else around her, they had told her that Damon was the good guy. That the money that he had made with his company of selling stocks overseas would provide for Elena and that she would be happy in his mansion of a house on the hills of San Diego.

Yet, no one had any idea that her heart had belonged to his brother from the moment that she had stepped into the small bar & grill, asking about the position that they had posted on their small struggling bar. "Waitress needed." Elena had finished up school and was desperate for any sort of job just to give her life the kick start that she needed. But she had never expected to fall fast and hard for Stefan Salvatore, the bartender and the handsome green eyed young man that she had spent hours studying from a far, trying to figure out what his deal was.

As Elena got up and began to pack her things that were not scattered all around the hotel room, she had felt his eyes on her and then she stopped suddenly as she turned towards him. His brown hair was a mess and he now held a bottle of alcohol in his hand as he watched her, fading from his finger tips.

"You remember the night that you came to me, crying because your parents had said that I was all wrong for you….Did you believe them, when they told you that I was the poor brother, the one that would probably never amount to anything and would always live in his older brother's shadow…" Stefan swallowed hard as he took a swig of the bottle and then rested his eyes on the necklace around her neck. It was a golden chain with a shiny diamond that he had given her years ago when this had all started and he had told her to never take it off, no matter what.

"Baby, if I believed them…I won't be here…I love you. But…." Elena began to say as she turned to face him and then she locked her eyes on his hazy green orbs. He was wearing her favorite cotton black t-shirt that showed off the curves of his biceps and the muscles underneath and if it was up to her, she would of spent hours just laying with him and running her fingers up and down his chest.

"I get it. Elena, your just following the rules...Going along with whatever everyone else wants you to do and not listening to a damn thing that you want! Damon, my brother. He can provide for you, he can give you 5 kids, a mansion of a house, a nice car and pay off all of your bills. He can be the one to give you the life that I probably never could…." Stefan said as he let go of the bottle in his hands and watched as its contents spilled onto the cream colored rug.

"Do you think I want this…? Do you think that I want to be saying my vows and looking him the eyes tomorrow...Praying and hoping that you will bust down the door and stop it all! That you will take me away from this life that everyone else wants, but me. If I had a choice, I would…I would stay, I would make love to you until you're wouldn't be able to forget me without it searing the back of your eyelids. They all have told me over and over again, how glad they were that I choose him. But, they have no idea that my heart….my heart has always chosen you. I love you, Stefan and I will regret every single day of leaving..I will regret every single day that I wake up next to him and wish that it was you…that it was your eyes looking back at me and your hands that get to hold me tight." Elena told with him a shaky breath as she wiped away at the tears in her eyes and wondering when was it that this, nightmare of having to choose between the Salvatore boys had all began.

Love it...Hate it?