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CHAPTER SEVEN-Holding You Closer Than Most-

Staying true to his word, Stefan had met up with Leah for breakfast the next morning and tried desperately to explain to her that he hadn't been ignoring her these last few days.

"So, a girl that you dated just showed up at your bar?" She asked as she sat across from him with her hands wrapped around her coffee up and her sunglasses flopping on top of her blonde curly hair.

"Yeah, I mean…I've just been a bit preoccupied. I'm sorry that I didn't call you last night and tell you about the opening of the bar…I know that you knew. But, I should have at least called you and asked if you were still coming to check it out." Stefan tried to explain as he gripped the water bottle in his hands tightly and then glanced up at her reaction.

Leah smiled slightly and then released her right hand and reached over to touch his arm. "It's okay. I 'm sure that you and this friend of yours had a lot of catching up to do. So, will I ever get to meet her?" She asked him as her blue eyes lit up at the thought.

"Um...Maybe before she leaves to go back to the states…You would really like her." He commented as he grinned at her and then glanced down at his watch.

"Leah, I better get going..I have to go pick up some stuff for the bar and then come back here and talk Lexi into taking Italian lessons." He half laughed as he watched her smile and then she brushed a small strand of her curly blonde hair behind her ears.

"I'm still coming over to your place tonight, right?..unless you have plans." She commented as she slowly got up from her chair and then gazed over at Stefan with a wink.

"Of course you are! Dinner tonight at 8?" He asked her as he watched Leah shake her head in agreement.

"I'll see you later then?" Leah asked Stefan as she walked over to his side and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. He responded by wrapping his arms around her and then returned a light kiss on her warm and soft skin.

"I'll see you later, promise." Stefan told her with a smile as he watched Leah smile and then slowly walk away from the table that they had been sitting at, outside of the restaurant.

Just as Stefan got up and pushed his chair back towards the table, he heard Lexi's familiar voice thrown in with a whistling sound.

"How's the double dating with your brother's wife and your European lover working out…getting exhausting yet?" Lexi asked as she leaned against the door frame of the restaurant with a huge smirk on her pink lips.

"Lex, shut up and go learn some useful Italian." Stefan said with a smirk as he playfully shoved her back into the building and her laughter filled the room.

"Seriously, Stefan…What are you going to do when Damon shows up and see's you with his wife…who obviously still has the dare I say it...Hots for you?" She exclaimed as she watched him glare at her.

"Lexi, I will figure it out…Plus, she told me that Damon won't be meeting up with her for a few days…Which, means I still have a few days to hang out with her. Alright?" He reiterated as he shrugged his shoulders at Lexi and then once again turned around to exit the restaurant.

"Where are you going?" Lexi shouted at him as she watched him turn around slightly.

"To Elena's, I'll see you later." Stefan told her as he walked out of the building and shut the door behind him.

Elena had already been dressed and was about to dry her dripping wet hair, when her cell phone rang and the familiar ringtone of Damon calling buzzed around the room.

"Hello?" She answered calmly as she heard him let out a laugh and she could tell that he was probably smiling ear from ear at just hearing the sound of her voice.

"Hey, Sweetheart! How's the adventure in Amalfi going?" He asked her with a curious tone.

She replied with a laugh as she walked into the hotel bathroom and grabbed her hair brush. Elena began to brush her hair and squeeze out the excess water from it as she spoke with Damon.

"It's been relaxing. I'm actually planning on stepping out for a bit and maybe going to eat at one of these restaurants or something." She told him.

"Well, promise me you won't fall in love with it all, we may have a hard time getting you back to San Diego…Look, I'm sorry about the things I said…But, great news! I'm flying in tonight and we can talk through it all, I don't want you to think that I'm pushing you into something that you don't want. Look, Elena I need to go, I have one more meeting here to wrap up and then I'm catching the next flight out to Amalfi. I'll see you in a few hours. I love you." Damon explained.

A few hours? Elena thought to herself as she glanced at her reflection in the mirror and then she replied back to him. "Sounds wonderful! We can talk then." She told Damon as she felt like her last words to him were like sand paper on her tongue...I love you too.

After the phone call with Damon, she dried the rest of her hair and then gently straightened it. She smiled to herself at the thought of seeing Stefan again. Since their small reunion last night, the thought of Damon hadn't really crossed her mind until he had actually called her a few minutes prior. It wasn't as if she was ignoring her husband, she just felt the need of enjoying her alone time, without him for a while and being around Stefan was part of it.

Elena put on a small amount of makeup on as she walked out of the bathroom and put on her white high heels that worked well with the wrap around dress that was a strapless dark wine color. Maybe it was too much to go out in, but she didn't really care because she had loved the dress and it fit perfectly on her. Just as she put in a pair of small pearl earrings into her ears, Elena heard a light knock on the door. She quickly glanced at her cell phone and saw that it was already almost noon and she thought to herself that Stefan was a bit early.

Elena casually made her way towards the door anyways and opened it with a gleeful smile. But just as she looked closer at her guest, her smile instantly fell to a frown and she automatically felt way overdressed.

"Damon?" She asked questionable as she watched him walk into the hotel room with a grin on his face.

"Of course it's me, baby. Who else were you expecting?" Damon told her as he placed his bags onto the ground next to the bed and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her gently and kissing her softly on the lips. "I missed you so much." Damon commented as he looked her over with a grin.

"Nice dress, were you going somewhere?" He asked her curiously.

"Damon, I thought that you said that you were still in France…at a meeting and that you would be home in a few hours." Elena asked him as she eyed him up and down, taking in his tired expression and the black tailored suit that he wore.

She watched as Damon shook his head and then he laughed. "Sweetie, the meetings finished late last night and I decided to catch the first flight that I could out of there. Plus, when I called you I was in a taxi, half way here, I wanted to surprise you!" He told her with a wide smile.

"Ha, well you sure surprised me." Elena told him with a laugh as she pulled her long brown hair to one side in frustration.

"So, why are you so dressed up?" Damon began to ask just as they both froze when they heard the sound of knocking at the front door of their hotel room.

"I'll get it. Did you have a hot date planned without me or something?" Damon asked jokingly as he walked over to the door and his hand tightened on the handle. Damon's face turned pale when he saw who was on the other side of it and the only words he could manage to utter out were.

" Stefan?" He said in a shaky voice as he looked quickly over at Stefan and he watched as a shameful look crept onto Elena's face.

"I can explain-." Stefan began to say as he watched Damon's body stiffen and then he pivoted on his heels to look over a very surprised Elena.

"What the hell is going on here?" He asked with a booming voice that instantly sent a shiver down Elena's spine.

"Damon, please calm down and I'll explain. Please. Stefan owns a restaurant and we saw each other last night." She begged as she took a step closer towards him. But, Damon instantly looked over at Stefan and directed his anger towards his younger brother.

"He owns a restaurant, that's a new one! So three years wasn't enough of being apart. Until you screwed my wife again? Is that it! Is that why you're here Stefan?" Damon bellowed as he watched Stefan shut the door behind him and walk towards him. But, just as Stefan took a step closer, Damon threw him against the wall and punched him in the face.

"Damon! Stop it!" Elena shouted at him as she watched Damon lift his foot, aiming for Stefan's stomach just as she heard him cough out a reply.

"It's not what it looks like. I swear to god! I didn't touch her and I have never had an affair with Elena. She's your wife, Damon. Elena showed up at my bar last night and we just talked..that's all." Stefan told him in a voice that just above a whisper as he clutched at his aching jaw.

"Stop denying it! Damn it! You both have been lying to me. I've known about the both of you for years! Elena, I knew that you were seeing him on the side…that night at Caroline's party and the looks you were both giving each other across the room. Then the way Stefan hugged you. I've known that you've had a thing for him since you first met him! You both played be for a fool." Damon nearly shouted as he watched Stefan stagger to his feet.

"And you! How dare you sleep with my wife, Stefan! She's my damn wife!" Damon told him sternly as he pushed him against the wall once more and slapped him across the face.

"Don't except for me to be waiting at our house when you get back to San Diego, Elena. I'm filing for a divorce the minute I step my foot back into California!" Damon told her as he glared at her, watching as silent tears cascaded down her face. Before, he stormed out of the room without another word.

They both watched, stunned and speechless as Damon walked out of the hotel room, grabbing his bags and then with a hateful glare at both of them, he slammed the door shut.

Stefan's jaw tightened as he looked over at Elena who was now sitting on the bed in tears. Her face was buried in her hands and her long brown hair was covering her saddened expression like a shield as Stefan slowly walked over to her and kneeled down bedside her, to afraid to even touch her.

"Elena, I'm so sorry. Please, look at me. It's all just a big misunderstanding..I'm sure that he'll come around." Stefan said in a saddened tone as he heard her sniffle and then after a few minutes of silence, she finally looked up at him with watery brown eyes and a tear stained face.

"Stefan. Please go. Please, I just want to be alone right now." She swallowed hard as she looked back down at her shaking hands and the glistening wedding band.

"Elena, if you need anything…" Stefan told her as his voice trailed off.

"Just go!" she nearly shouted at him as she laid her head back down onto the bed and sobbed.