Doomguy walked towards the bedroom after a long day of work. "Ugh" he grunted after trying to open the door, it would not open. "Hold on honey!" he heard from behind the closed bedroom door. The door opened softly as his wonderful wife curled her finger toward the bedroom. As he entered the doorway, she began to close the door. Her eyes beamed "you seemed to have such a hard day, why don't I soften you up" she said seductively. Her nightgown silkingly wove her body, as it fell off it revealed her tender body. Doomguy was instantly reminded that the carpet matched the drapes, blonde. Doomguy loved the taste of her vagina after she takes out her tampon, it reminded him of his job. As they both climaxed, her breast milk lactated everywhere. Doomguy then noticed something was off, her breast milk was 1%. She transformed into an imp and cackled at him. "Now that I have your sperm, I will use it to fertilize a new evil Doomguy to kill you!" she screamed. Doomguy killed then killed it with his dick. All in a days work, he thought (since Doomguy doesn't talk).