Hey, everyone! I am currently in the middle of two other fanfics, but after thinking of this plot, I thought it would make a good story, so, here it is! I decided to try something totally different from my usual writing style, and write an extremely dramatic, friendship/kidnapping story, so if any of you have any suggestions on what I can do to make it better, or if you think I am on the right track, please let me know. Another thing I am doing differently this time is my younger sister actually wrote this story with me. She is too young to have her own account, but she loves writing, so I thought it would be cool if she and I wrote a story together, and then posted it here. So, when you're reading this, you are also reading some of her work, too:)

We made Hawk an extremely evil character, and exaggerated his obsession of destroying Rocque Records a bit. We know he's actually not as evil in the TV series as we made him, but it was way more fun to write him as a super bad character.

Oh, and another thing: there are no…"couples" in this story. Everyone is just friends, and we wanted James to be really protective of Carlos. Just something we thought we should tell you (and anyway, who wouldn't be a little protective of a friend that had just gotten kidnapped?!). Also, I want to give a shout-out to my friend, and our beta, chickenleg718. Thanks so much for beta reading for me! :)

Anyway, thanks, guys for reading our intro, and please let us know what you think of our story!

-FraidyCat01 and her sister.

"Carlos?" I felt someone stroke my hair. In the dim light of the basement, I couldn't make out who it was. Was he or she on my side? I didn't know, and I was too tired to care, so I just lay there, and let whomever it was talk to me in a slow, calming voice. To my left, I heard more voices, some of them further away than others. Then, suddenly, someone was untying my hands, while another untied my feet. Who were these guys? How did they know me? What if they worked with Hawk? Hawk. Just thinking the name shot chills up and down my spine. Whenever I tried picturing his beady black eyes, and his gloating smile...

I began whimpering, and everyone immediately stopped what they were doing.

"Carlos? Are you okay?" I heard a very concerned voice ask. It was the same voice of the person stroking my hair.

"What do you think?" another spoke up. "He's only been kidnapped and tied up in a basement for three weeks!" This voice sounded panicky, maybe even on the edge of hysterics.

"Calm down!" someone to my right snapped. Their tone was much gentler when they turned their focus to me. "Carlos? How are you doing, man?" Even in the state I was in, I didn't fail to recognize the person that matched that voice. It was the same person I'd known since kindergarten. It was the same person who introduced me to corndogs (oh, how I wanted one of those!) so many years ago. And most of all, it was the same person whom when I was around, I knew I was safe. I took a shaky, uncertain breath.


I heard everyone breathe a sigh of relief when I spoke.

"You guys!" someone called out, a little too loud for my liking, "You guys! He's okay!" After recognizing James, telling the other voices apart wasn't hard. The guy yelling and who was stroking my hair moments ago, was Kendall Knight. The panicky voice belonged to Logan Mitchell. The two of them, along with James Diamond, were my best friends, as well as band members. We had known each other for as long as all of us could remember. And now, they had come to rescue me! On the outside, all I could manage was a faint smile, but on the inside, I was bursting with excitement at the thought of leaving the clutches of the crazy, record-producer-gone-mad man named Hawk (I still shuddered at the thought of his name. James, mistaking my fear for being cold, wrapped his hoodie around my shoulders).

"Hey, buddy." James said. I pulled myself into what I hoped could pass as a sitting position. I could make out the whites of James's eyes, and I also noted Logan was wearing a white T-shirt. I couldn't see Kendall at all, and for a moment, being in the dazed state that I was, I had a second's worth of panic that he had left. But I heard him breathing next to me, and that fear left as soon as it had come. I thought that maybe they were waiting for me to say something, so I cleared my throat (which hurt a lot because it was so dry) and thought of something to say. The result wasn't as intelligent as I had hoped, but, it was pretty good, considering the circumstances.

"Hey, guys." I was surprised at how croaky my voice sounded. I wasn't sure if they could even hear me at first. However, they made it clear that they did, because as soon as I spoke, they pulled me in for a hug. I felt James crying next to me.

"I'm sorry, Carlos. Oh, God, man, I'm so sorry!" His chest wracked with sobs. James never cried. And, I mean, never. So, I guess it was seeing (or rather, hearing) him break down like this that caused tears to form in my eyes, too. I made no effort to stop them from falling. Logan had his arm around me, but I couldn't tell if he was crying or not. Kendall said nothing, but he hugged us all fiercely. With these guys, all my fears were put on hold. However, they were only put on hold for a short while. Just because my friends were here with me didn't mean that Hawk was no longer looking for evil ways to destroy Rocque Records. It didn't mean he was going to just release me, and we all could just skip off into the sunset and forget any of this happened. If anything, Hawk would jump with joy at the sight of all four members of his enemy's leading band trapped in his basement. It would only make things easier for him. And I wasn't going to be the one to get my friends captured...

"Guys," I said, "if Hawk comes... well, let's just say, a lot of good it'll do us if we're ALL trapped in here."

"We're not gonna get caught," Kendall told me gently. "We've got Hawk distracted."

"How?" I asked, curious.

"We got Katie and Griffin to call him and distract him long enough for us to come rescue you," Logan told me proudly. It was smart, because Hawk didn't know Katie, and Griffin's voice was really hard to distinguish over the phone. And not to mention, those two were pretty creative when it came to distractions. Still, I couldn't help but worry, especially now that Kendall's younger sister was involved.

"But, what if-" I began, but was cut off by Kendall.

"Carlos Garcia," he teased, "Are you actually doubting one of Big Time Rush's plans? I thought you said they were all ingenious!"

"Yeah, I know said that," I said in my strongest voice (which was pretty weak, even I admit), "I'm just worried that Hawk will find you and trap you here as he did me, and let me tell you, its not fun."

"What kind of world do we live in when Carlos actually worries about something?" Logan mumbled in a half-hearted attempt at a joke.

"Look, you guys," I sighed. Talking was actually starting to wear me out, which worried me, "I just don't want Hawk catching any of you."

"We told you," James said patiently, "Katie and Griffin have him distracted." He put his arm around me. I wanted to believe him, I really did. But if I learned one thing from my many escape attempts, it was that Hawk did NOT get distracted easily.

"Do they, now?" a cold voice asked from the top of the basement stairs. Logan jumped. I gasped. Hawk. I spun around to face him, dread rushing through me. This was what I had been afraid of.

"I must say," Hawk said, his voice nothing short of terrifying, "I'm impressed. Your friends had me completely fooled at first. But, it turned out that no one, not even the head of Rocque Records himself, has what it takes to beat me!" He smiled mockingly in my direction, and laughed when I whimpered, and moved closer to James.

"Look," Logan said forcefully, "just leave Carlos alone! It's not his fault you have a crazy obsession with destroying Rocque Records. And, for the record, kidnapping is a really low way to achieve your sick, twisted goals." I had never heard Logan so mad. He was as pale as a ghost, and he was wringing his fingers nervously as he spoke, but his eyes were fierce and determined.

"Shut up, boy!" Hawk screamed. Logan shrank back, afraid. Hawk went on in rage, "I will stop at nothing to see Rocque Records destroyed, and if kidnapping Carlos is what it takes, then, so be it! And no one can stop me, especially not stupid singing teens with-"

"Freight Train!" James called. Hawk looked confused.

"What does a freight train have to do with-" A loud CLANG interrupted Hawk's speech. A look of pained surprise crossed the man's face, then he crumpled to the ground and didn't move. Through the darkness, I could make out a large, dark figure holding what looked like a frying pan. Turns out, I was right.

"Take that!" the figure told the unconscious Hawk. "And by the way, that was from Gustavo!"

"Thanks, Freight Train!" James said. Then, to me, he explained, "Freight Train and Kelly drove us here. It took us FOREVER to find this place. Freight Train told us to call him if we ever needed Hawk distracted."

"Oh, good! This WAS the right address," the figure, who by then I had learned was Gustavo's 300 pound bodyguard, Freight Train, said. "I was worried it wasn't the right one, because it was Gustavo who gave us the address in the first place, and you know how he is with directions. Is Carlos there?"

"Yeah," James told him.

"Oh good!" an obviously relieved Freight Train sighed. "Brace yourselves: I found the light switch!"

I shielded my eyes, and huddled closer to James. I hadn't seen the light in weeks, and I didn't know what to expect. When I opened them, I was hit with light so bright, I had a strong urge to close my eyes again. But, on the plus side, I could see everyone, and I hadn't seen them in what seemed like years. Suddenly, the urge to close my eyes again seemed really small. I looked around the basement, taking it in fully for the first time. It was just one large square room. It wasn't finished, and the only thing that had stopped my legs from breaking the many times Hawk threw me down the stairs was a thin layer of beige carpet that covered the cement floors. The carpet wasn't secured to the floor, and could be moved easily. A worn, leather couch sat in the far left corner, and there was a large wardrobe to the right of the stairs, but that was about it in terms of furniture. My "camp out" as I had taken to calling it, was along the far wall in front of the staircase. I chose that spot so I would always be able to see when Hawk decided to pay me a visit. And that was where the guys had found me, and where we were still. My eyes locked themselves on Hawk, who was still unconscious at the top of the stairs. Logan was looking at him, too.

"That's your idea of a distraction?" he asked Freight Train in disbelief. His eyes were wide.

"Hey, you got a better idea?" Freight Train questioned Logan, who quickly shook his head, "Besides, he was mean to Carlos." He gave me a wave, before starting down the stairs.

"Good to see you." I croaked.

"Kendall?" came a frightened-sounding, and very feminine voice. "James? Logan? Are you guys here? I just saw Freight Train walk in, but I don't see him now. I swear, if Gustavo gave me the wrong address, I'm gonna kill-"

"Kelly!" Kendall yelled. "Sorry," he added when he saw me flinch. "Kelly! we're down here! In the basement!" Kelly was here? Great. It wasn't that I wasn't happy to see her-believe me, I was; it was just that if Hawk woke up and trapped her here too, Gustavo wouldn't be left with any backup (besides Griffin). And if she, or anyone else was to get hurt, or captured, no matter what anyone else said, it would be my fault. The sound of Kelly yelling, followed by the front door slamming, pulled me out of my daze.

"I can't find the base- oh, wait! Found it! I think it's this door here." She appeared at the top of the stairs. Her tone became panicky when she noticed Hawk. "Why is there a man on the floor?"

"Freight Train knocked Hawk out with a frying pan," Logan answered, still in shock.

"No charge," Freight Train said winking at me.

"That's HAWK?" Kelly asked in disbelief. "Wow, he looks different when unconscious."

"Kelly," Logan called up to her, giving me an apologetic look as he did so, "we found Carlos! And he's okay. Well, as okay as you CAN be when you're-"

"You found him? Oh, thank God!" Kelly sighed.

"Hi, Kelly," I croaked.

"Carlos, honey," Kelly said, "we called the police. Everything's gonna be alright. Now," she said, addressing all of us, "don't go anywhere. I'm coming down. Just as soon as I step around old Hawk here- there we go!"

"Where would we go?" James mumbled to me. I laughed.

"Sorry," Logan said, looking at me, "You're going to have to answer some questions when the police arrive."

I groaned. I had seen enough crime movies to know that the police always took great care in asking the victim as many questions as possible. I never dreamed that one day, I'D be one of those victims.

James, apparently seeing the "awww" look on my face said, "Only a few," which didn't make me feel any better, even though it was supposed to. I didn't admit that, though. I didn't want James to feel bad.

"Well, maybe if you tell us what happened, we'd be able to help you out," Kelly suggested gently. My heart sank down to my feet. Kelly was right about one thing: if I told everyone what I went through, then they could help me out when the time to answer questions came. But, she was also wrong about something, too: Kelly hadn't been there for all the times Hawk starved me, or that time when he tied me up. Kelly hadn't been there when Hawk kidnapped me in the first place. I had (obviously) been there for all those things, and revisiting them, especially now that I had everyone here with me, wasn't exactly on my list of 'things I wanted to do at the moment'. What I wanted to do was eat all the food I could get my hands on, and take a shower. Not tell my kidnapping story.

"Well," I croaked. How could I be nice and explain that I did not want to revisit the awful experience? I thought about saying "I-uh...I forget. " But, then, the question "What? How could you forget something so important?" would come. Should I tell the truth? No. Sometimes the truth is as hard as not having corndogs for 3 weeks. You might not understand what that feels like. It's like not having peanut butter, or candy and marshmallows, or whatever else pleases you, for 3 weeks. Not a fun feeling. Still, I thought, if I told everyone, then Hawk would finally be stopped. That would be nice. I looked at my friends. They all looked anxious. But, they also all looked like they were expecting a story too. Great. I didn't even know where to start. James saw me hesitate.

"Kelly," he said, "I don't think Carlos is ready to-"

"No, it's fine," I told him. Really, it wasn't, and I was actually scared out of my wits right now, but, I'd have to revisit everything at some point, so why not start with now? Soon, everyone would know the real side of Hawk. The sick, evil, kidnapping side of him. "The real side", I thought. And who were better people to start my story with than the five people in front of me? The five people who had come all the way to rescue me. The five people I knew I could count on. I had made my decision. I took a deep breath. And, feeling James' reassuring hand on my shoulder, I began my tale.