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Chapter 4:


"That's nice, Kelly." Gustavo replied flatly, not even turning away from his computer monitor. He was in the middle of booking the boys a gig. He wanted it to be somewhere in Canada. So far, he'd successfully gotten hung up on by someone in Toronto, and was on hold with someone in Calgary. It was not going well, and the last thing Gustavo wanted was Kelly yelling at him; bothering him with something as unimportant as…

"No," Kelly said, her voice laced with anger, "It's not nice. I can't believe you said those things to the boys! You know, Carlos has never walked out on a rehearsal before, until you snapped at him."

"Carlos," Gustavo said, rising from his seat, "Needs to learn self-control."

"He's not the only one." Kelly muttered under her breath.

"Okay, fine, joke all you want." Gustavo told her, "But I'll be the one laughing once I tell the boys I've booked them a concert…in Canada!"

"Canada?" Kelly repeated in shock, "But I thought no cities in Canada were accepting any concert bookings! How'd you get an opening?"

"Well, I…er… I didn't." Gustavo admitted reluctantly, "But, with my amazing skills, natural charm, and friendship with Canadian concert-booker-person, Jeff Smartson, I think it will all be pulled off quite nicely." Kelly rolled her eyes.

Just then, the door to Gustavo's office burst open once more, and Gustavo turned around to see James, Kendall, and Logan come running in. Gustavo expected more angry words, but instead, was surprised to see that all three boys had excited looks on their faces.

"Did I hear you say something about Canada?" Logan questioned.

"Where's Carlos?" Gustavo asked, ignoring Logan.

"We can't find him." James answered, and Gustavo could see the worry in the brunette's eyes as he spoke. This took Gustavo completely by surprise.

"What do you mean you 'can't find him'?" He asked.

"What part don't you understand?" Kendall asked, annoyed.

"You guys, relax." Logan intervened, speaking up before Gustavo had the chance, "Something similar happened last year, remember? We had a fight, Carlos disappeared, and we were all worried about him, and it turned out that he was just spending the night at our hockey coach's house. He ran away. It's just something he does when he's mad or upset."

"Yeah, but that was back in Minnesota." James insisted.

"How is that different from now?" Logan inquired, "First thing we'll do when we get back to the Palm Woods is check Jo's, Camille's, and Guitar Dude's places. If he's not there, then we panic."

"He'd better not be planning on spending the night over at Jo's." Kendall grumbled under his breath.

"Wow, possessive much." Logan remarked.

"At least I have a girlfr-" Kendall spat, but was hastily interrupted by James.

"So, Gustavo," James said, changing the subject, "What were you and Kelly talking about when you mentioned Canada?"

"Well," Gustavo answered slowly, "I may or may not have booked you guys a concert in Calgary."

"Really?" Kendall asked excited.

"For Canada Day…maybe." Gustavo replied, making sure to emphasize the 'maybe'.

"Canada Day?" James asked, making it clear that he was not familiar with the occasion. Logan rolled his eyes.

"It's like the fourth of July," He told James.

"But in Canada!" Kendall declared, thinking it was necessary.

"Where it is isn't going to matter unless we find Carlos." Gustavo cut in impatiently. Sensing a blow-up, Kendall resumed his usual role as group leader.

"We'll find him, Gustavo, don't worry. Let's go, guys." He said patting Gustavo on the back, and motioning for his friends to follow him as he left Gustavo's office.

"Where are you guys searching first?" Kelly asked.

"Er… The Palm Woods, I guess," Kendall said uncertainly, "Because that's where he'd most likely be."

"Unless he wanted us to think that, and he's actually in a different place." Logan said thoughtfully. James thumped him on the back of his head.

"Ouch!" Logan cried.

"Not helping!" James told Logan.

"Okay, I was just saying." Logan grumbled unhappily.

"Will you guys just GO?!" Gustavo yelled at the boys, "I need to think, and-"

"Yeah, yeah," Logan cut in, "And having 'dogs' in your office stressing you out isn't helping."

"Precisely." Gustavo said, "Now, get out!"

While the boys left, muttering under their breath, Gustavo sat down and put his head in his hands, dirtying his red-lensed sunglasses as he did so.

"I just hope they find Carlos before the concert." He said. He then cast a glare at his cell phone, which told him that he was still on hold. "That is if there's even gonna be a concert. What is it with Canadians and putting people on hold, anyway?"

"Focus!" Kelly snapped, setting down the file she was holding and examining her nails, "And, c'mon this is Carlos we're talking about." She added, "Honestly, how far away could he possibly be?"

The phone rang.

Carlos's Tale:

Two thoughts were running laps around my head. The first one being that after Hawk slammed the door in my face, leaving me in complete silence and pitch-black, it had taken my eyes at least twenty minutes to adjust to the seemingly endless darkness. Even now, I didn't trust my eyesight enough to go explore my new living quarters, so I just sat in the dark, listening to my own heartbeat. Well, at least you know you're still alive. The positive side of me thought. Yeah, if you can call this living. the negative side fought back. I punched the wall so hard, my hand hurt. Hawk was never going to convince Gustavo to hand over Rocque Records, and Hawk knew it, so what was the point of getting my hopes up? Gustavo wouldn't pick me over his music business. I wouldn't pick me. Gustavo said so himself that I was nothing but a problem, and that I was always in the way, and causing trouble, and blah, blah, blah. Point made: I was going to be staying with Hawk a long time. And the thought of spending more time with him didn't help my stomach, which was beginning to grumble loudly.

What about your friends? That extremely annoying voice inside my head asked, You don't think they're gonna come after you?

"No." I answered out loud. After the way they had treated me (with maybe the exception of James), I was pretty sure I could count on not seeing their faces for a while. It made me feel like I had no one now, because if my own friends didn't even like me, then it was obvious no one else did, either.

"Maybe they all just hired Hawk to kidnap me," I thought tiredly. It was, after all, proving itself to be a very effective way to get rid of me. But I knew I was just letting drowsiness talk for me, and after a few minutes of tossing and turning on the rock-hard floor, I found a semi-comfortable position, and drifted into a dreamless sleep….

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