(a/n) Finally part 2. Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm going back to working on partners now. sorry for the wait on that as well.

Train pulled the trigger before his target even had a chance to scream. A point-blank shot, right through the side of the skull, splattering the man's brain before his nerves could even feel the pain.

He stared at the corpse for a moment, wanting nothing more than to get this job over and done with. The gloves he had been forced to wear, meant to prevent fingerprints, were driving him crazy. He hated the feeling of having anything on his hands, or more precisely over his trigger finger. No matter how thin or flexible the material was he still felt as if it could somehow mess up his shot. Why did he even have to do this? It wasn't his job to clean up.

He begrudgingly took the silver revolver out of the plastic bag and positioned it within the corpse's fingers. He positioned the hand so the muzzle of the revolver was placed right over where the bullet had previously entered its skull only a few moments ago. He let go; the hand drop down, swinging, the fingers still intertwined with the trigger.

He popped the carcass's dislocated shoulder back into place. As an extra touch, he picked up the knife, which had fallen to the ground after he had ripped the preacher's socket out of his shoulder, and positioned it back in the corpse's hands. He guided the hand and ripped a gash down the cadaver's wrist. It bled even though the heart was no longer beating. He dropped the hand; the newly bloody knife fell to the ground.

He paused for a moment, looking around. Then disappeared out the still open window he had come in. He landed gracefully, three stories below, on his feet. Taking a few steps away from the church he pulled out his phone. Pressing a single button he reported into the phone, "It's done."

{"Very good, Heartnet. Return to base immediately."} The voice at the other end responded.

"Yes ma'am." he replied then hung up. He began to walk down the dark streets heading towards headquarters, listening carefully for police sirens. But he heard nothing but silence. It seemed no one had heard the gunshot. He wondered how long it would be until someone found the preacher's corpse. Would it be left there until the next day? Perhaps no one would bother to find it until the next Sunday. Would the carcass sit there, rotting in the locked room for a week, waiting for someone to find it? Would no one even noticed the preacher was gone without their weekly appointment? How ironic would it be if he was the only preacher in town and there was no one for his funeral? Of course a man of "God" would get some sort of celebration no matter how corrupt he was. However, the preacher wasn't that corrupted compared to others Train had erased. In fact he was on the milder side. Chronos itself had plenty of corrupt politicians and officials working as their pawns.

Suddenly the preacher's words began echoing in his head. "'Any soul can be saved'? Tsk, of all the ways to beg for mercy." Train mused to himself as he walked. "Drop my 'bloody weapon'? Such bullshit. He was obviously trying to get me to spare his life." Train reassured himself. "Why else would he tell me to drop my gun? He's just a lying, cheating, pathetic bastard just like the rest of them. Heh."

"h-how… how old are you, Son?"

Train nearly jumped as the preacher's words suddenly echoed in his head. "God Dammit." He muttered as he ripped open the back door to Chronos headquarters and walked inside.

(a/n) like many characters Train is constantly struggling with his morals and conscious. Except in his days at Chronos he was struggling the "wrong way". instead of fighting to find what's right and what he should do, he was fighting To swallow his morals and forget what's right and wrong because that has nothing to do with him nor his job. I wanted to do a story where I would show him struggling with the guilt and fighting against it. If you are mentally screaming for him to Walk out of the building and not go in then you got the feeling of the story.
First fic I ever did without humor in it.

((All the text in the story is Purely based off the manga and head canon))