AN: A thousand apologies. I got a bunch of DP boxsets as gifts, which made me want to write about Chimchar. I'm back, now, though, and these next three are episodes I know by heart. I had the starter arc on VHS, man, this is my thing. So, here you are: EP010: Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village!


I never liked trainers.

I always told myself I wouldn't get caught. I'd seen enough of the trained life during my short time in the city streets to know it didn't suit me at all. I wasn't one to let myself get pushed around. I was rough and tough, a natural-born leader. Bulbasaur.

Of course, the kids always had a way of getting to me. I had to stick up for them whenever they were bullied, and I got a reputation as a bodyguard (or, as some liked to call me, "the babysitter"). In particular, I had a soft spot for Oddish. Together, we found the Hidden Village and Melanie, and for a long time we both thought that she was the only decent human around. I became the protector of the village, and I didn't let anyone get hurt. It was years before I met him.

That kid and his friends gave me a horrible first impression. Ganging up on Oddish like that did not scream "kind and virtuous" or anything of the sort, nor did their exclamations of "I've always wanted one of those!". After beating their Starmie and Butterfree easily, I thought we had seen the last of them, but apparently they followed us. They were just that determined to get their hands on Oddish, I guess.

Poor, sweet little Oddish. She couldn't hurt anybody, so why did everyone seem to want to hurt her? The girl in the group tried to give her an insincere apology, but I saw right through it. Trainers never cared about anything but being strong.

Humph. Being strong. What an overrated ideology.

Once that gang of crazy baseball fans (or whatever they were supposed to be, standing up on top of that weirdo flying stadium) tried capturing everybody, though, I was surprised. The gang fired up some kind of vacuum contraption, trying to suck up everybody in the village. The humans carried most of the Pokémon to safety, save one.

Oh, Oddish.

I grabbed her with a vine whip, because nobody else was going to do anything, but unfortunately, that put me in danger of being sucked up as well. But that trainer, the one with the Butterfree, he ran right out of Melanie's cabin and pushed me against the pull of the vacuum as hard as he could. He did. Not the girl who pretended to concern herself with Oddish's feelings, Ash Ketchum.

Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town. Bulbasaur of the Hidden Village. Maybe I had misjudged him. He was only a kid.

The stadium was blown away, never to be seen again, and the crisis was averted. Once again, the day was saved, but it wasn't just because of me this time. No, for once, somebody else decided to be a hero.


We battled, because I'm stubborn and Melanie knew I'd rather put up one last fight. She knew, just like she also knew that if I stayed, Oddish and the others would depend on me forever, and I'd never be able to live to my full potential. I was too good of a bodyguard, so she said. Either way, I battled Pikachu, and lost. It was a fair fight. I was caught.

I never thought that after years and years of the same life and the same feelings, my world would get flipped upside down. But hey. Stuff happens. Today I learned not to be so judgemental.

Maybe tomorrow I'll learn something new, too.