Title: Whom To Choose?

Summary: John meets both Holmes' brothers but at different times.

Ages: John (18), Mycroft (22), Sherlock (15).

Disclaimer: I do not owe BBC Sherlock! It belongs to Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

Author's note: Sorry for any mistakes. I'm taking MGMT 306 this fall so I decided that this is where John and Mycroft should meet since it is a requirement in my school. I don't go to University of London. Hopefully this is an okay opening chapter.

John Watson stared at the assignment in front of him. He was in a writing class for MGMT 306 where everyone had to take it. Well, he could have chosen HUM 306, ENG 306… but they were all full by the time he could register and the only one that was open was the MGMT 306 class. He was a first-year in the University of London and he was majoring to become a doctor. He shouldn't be in this class, but he had no other choice since everyone had to take an upper writing class and it was already his third quarter in the school. He may be a freshman, but writing was one of his favorite things and hopefully he would do well in this class.

It wasn't the assignment that made him on edge, but it was the assistant that was helping the professor. The assistant name was Mycroft Holmes, he was twenty-two and he would be graduating this upcoming summer. He was majoring in Business Politics or was it Business Economic, but he wasn't too sure. Either way, the man was indeed hot. According to the professor, Mycroft was one of her best student and had surpassed everyone in the class. Mycroft was there to help the professor and the students for assignments.

The class held a hundred students and John was sitting usually in the fourth row. It might have been his imagination, but he thinks that Mycroft would be staring at him whenever John wasn't looking and it wasn't confirmed until his best friend, Mike Stamford told him about it during that day. "I don't like that man staring at you," he had muttered.

John blinked as he looked up from the assignment he was reading that was making him edgy. "What are you talking about?" He hissed.

"That man keeps looking at you whenever you turn your head somewhere else. I don't like it," Mike explained.

John turned to look at Mycroft who was passing out the assignment papers in the back of the classroom, "It doesn't seem like he is," he said.

"He does! When did I ever lie to you, John Watson?" Mike asked.

"Never, Mike," John replied shaking his head, "you are just imagining things again," he said.

"What? I am not! His looking at you right now!" Mike hissed.

John turned around to look again, but Mycroft had quickly turned his head away right before John caught him. John turned to look at Mike, "Why don't we just discuss the assignment?" He muttered.

"I'm telling the truth, John!" Mike exclaimed.

John sighed, "Look, I'm going to ask for help with Mycroft weather you like it or not," he said.

"What? Don't!" Mike cried but it was too late.

When Mycroft had been done passing the papers, everyone was able to leave class and go home. So when Mycroft went back to the professor, John had gotten up and followed him as Mike watched a watchful gaze on him. "Excuse me, Professor Bakeman? I was wondering if Mr. Holmes could help me with the assignment?" John asked his professor as he looked over at Mycroft who was fixing his backpack but had stopped and looked over at John and the professor.

Professor Bakeman looked at Mycroft, "I don't think you have another class later, do you, Mycroft?" She asked.

"No, but I am an intern at the government building," Mycroft said.

"I'm sure you can think of something Mycroft," Professor Bakeman said as she turned to another student to answer the student questions.

Mycroft looked at John as he licked his lips making John squirm. "Why not come over to my flat? My work isn't until seven and it's only noon," he said.

John nodded, "That would be fine. Could I have the address?" He asked.

Professor Bakeman was as busy with the other student as she didn't hear the whole entire conversation that the two was having as Mycroft shouldn't be giving John special attention like going to his flat.

Mycroft nodded as he quickly jolted down the address on a piece of paper and gave it to John, "It shouldn't be too hard to find considering I live across campus. Just let your friend, Mike put it in his GPS to help," he said.

John nodded as he frowned, how did he know that I carpooled with Mike? He thought and he was about to leave when Mycroft stopped him, "John, let me see your left hand," he said calmly.

"My what?" John asked as looked back at him.

"Your left hand, let me see it, please," Mycroft said with a small smile. John frowned as he held his left hand up and Mycroft went over to him and he held his hand to his hand as Mycroft's smile went into a frown. "Remarkable, very remarkable," he said as he let go of John's hand.

"What is?" John asked confused.

"You and I will know each other for a very long time," Mycroft said as his frown was turned into a smile again. "So I'll see you later then?" He asked.

"Yes, of course," John said nodding eagerly.

"Well, go on then. Mike is giving me a dirty look," Mycroft said as John turned to look but Mike hid it quickly.

"He did what?" Mike asked angrily as soon as the two were out off the building and was heading to the parking lot.

"He and I are going to study in his flat," John explained nervously.

Mike shook his head, "That's favoritism, John. You could get into trouble for it," he said.

"I can't blow him off now, Mike, his expecting me," John replied.

"He should know better," Mike said unhappily.

"It's weird though," John said suddenly as the two stopped walking and were staring at each other. "When he read my left hand, it was like he could predict my future or something," he said.

Mike snorted, "You mean like a psychic? You don't believe he has ESP now, do you?" He asked.

"I don't know," John muttered, "but the way he said it, it was as if he was telling the truth or something, you know?" He said.

Mike shook his head, "Did you really need help with that assignment?" He asked as they resumed their walking to the parking lot.

John glared at him while walking, "It's writing a business proposal, Mike. I'm no good at it," he said.

"We could have study together," Mike pointed out.

"It's too late now," John replied as the two got into Mike's car and John gave him the address.

"Are you really doing this?" Mike asked again as he put the address in his GPS.

John nodded, "I'll be fine, Mike," he reassured him but Mike wasn't too sure about that but drove off to the address that John gave him.


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