Chapter 5

Leah had to go ahead of us in order to help out the mayor with his speech. We had to wait outside of his office until he was finished. Osmosis didn't like to wait a lot, but today he seemed patient. I kept my mind occupied with the matter at hand.

Who were those two at the dam? Were they behind the breakage: more than likely. Why was a hyena germ inside of Frank? And above all that: who was the man with the claw?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when someone came and escorted us to the mayor's office. When we got there, there was the mayor with a red blood cell in a wheelchair. When the mayor noticed us, he 'accidentally' kicked the wheelchair and sent the kid zooming off. As the nurse followed the kid, Mayor Phlemming came up to us.

"Congratulations, boys!" he said, obviously not seeing me. "Excellent job in the nose today!" he went straight up to Drix and grabbed his arm. Then he smacked Osmosis in the stomach as he told the pill, "C'mon over here, let's get some pictures."

I walked up to Osmosis as we both looked stunned at the short mayor. To be honest, he was a total jerk and I don't regret calling him short. He deserved it.

"I want the caption on this one," the mayor began as Drix began to flex. I had to hold my hand over my mouth in order to not laugh. " 'Mayor and Pill Stop Cold.'"

Before the mayor went any further, Osmosis stepped in front of Drix and leaned down to the short man. "Mr. Mayor, um…" he began, but the mayor paid him no attention. "Mr. Mayor. Excuse me, sir, but we have a problem."

The short man took the cop's hand and smiled nervously before saying, "What are you talking about, Jones?"

I noticed the police chief escort some reporters out as Osmosis spoke. "I think whatever was in the [again, I had no idea what he said here] is a lot more than a common cold." The mayor just stared at Osmosis with a straight face.

"Sir," Drix said. "Don't listen to Jones." WHAT DID I JUST HEAR?! "His diagnostic skills are remedial at best!"

"You're the little cherry asprin who iced a key witness to a viral attack!" Osmosis yelled back. Now the boys were fighting.

""That was an accident!" Drix spat.

"Yeah, the kind of accident only a time-release dipstick like yourself would have!"

The mayor squeezed through them as they kept fighting. I sighed and walked in between them, stopping the fight from going any further. I placed my right hand on Osmosis' chest as I spoke.

"Guys," I said and they both looked at me. "Just stop. Fighting won't get us anywhere."

Drix just ignored me and continued. "I am so sick of you! That's it! I can't work with you!" he turned his back to us, crossing his arms like a little kid.

Osmosis did the same thing as he said, "You can't work with me?! I can't work with you!"

Leah came up behind me and pushed the boys further apart. At least us girls don't fight like that. "Officers, please, please!" she said. "Jones, what is this-this virus that you're talkin' about?"

"The virus that torched the throat." he said, turning towards her. "The virus that caused those half-inch snot crusts I was just surfin'!"

Drix looked to the cop. "Those snot crusts were cause by the sneeze and the sneeze was caused by you!"

"Oh yeah?!" Osmosis spat. "Then how come I saw that viral lookin' mother and that freaky hyena-shaped virus…cell…thingy fleein' the scene of the crime?! Tell me!"

All that filled the room was silence. I had to break it.

"For the record," I began as everyone looked at me. "I saw them too. They did flee the scene like Osmosis said. It wasn't just him who saw it. It wasn't the sneeze that caused it. It was a virus."

"And who are you?" the mayor asked me.

"My name is Anne," I replied. "Believe it or not, I'm a virus who has lived inside of Frank for six years. I promised not to infect him while I stayed here."

The mayor's eyes widened. "So it was you who did it!" he stood up and walked over to me, jabbing a finger in my direction.

"Why the hell would I do that? I promised not to infect him! I haven't yet and I never will." I was about to pull out my claw, but Leah interrupted me.

"She's telling the truth," the woman said and the mayor looked at her. "She's Osmosis' apprentice."

"Well, then," he cleared his throat. "I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions, Anne." He turned and walked back to his chair. As his back was turned to me, I faked that I kicked him, which earned me a glare from Leah. I mouthed a "what" to her, but she kept glaring.

"Sir," she said, looking at the mayor. "Maybe we should put the city on full alert. You know, liquids, bed rest, you know, just to be safe."

"We will do no such thing!" the mayor said. "I'm not going to postpone our trip just because the white blood cell with the worst record thought he saw something."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the laso of the reporters leaving, but they turned to take some pictures and get some info. The chief, however, pressed the close button with his foot, which closed the door on the reporters. With a suttl smirk, I went back to the conversation at hand.

"Listen," the mayor grabbed Osmosis' jacket and pulled him down. "From now on, keep those opinions in that mushy little head of yours, or you're going to find yourself in our next nosebleed. Understood?"

I was fuming now. Osmosis was telling the truth and no one believed him! I mean, Leah seemed like she did kinda, but no one else. Were these people crazy?!

The mayor shoved Osmosis away as he went back to his desk. "Son, I apologize for all of this," he laughed, grabbing Drix's arm. I walked up to Osmosis as the mayor continued. "Why don't we find you another…more capable officer to work with?" Osmosis' mouth dropped and my eyes widened. Was this mayor crazy?! I saw Leah look at the cop, but she said nothing.

I noticed Drix thinking before he said, "Uh, sir? Uh…if it's all the same to you, I think I'll stay with Jones and Anne."

The mayor looked up at the pill from behind his glasses for a second before looking at us. Osmosis looked up with a face which had a bit of hope and so did I. Leah just said "Wow."

The mayor then said, "Suit yourself." before turning away from us. I smiled as I looked at Osmosis. The white blood cell looked at me and shared my smile. Drix then came floating up to us.

The team wasn't going to break up yet.

Once we got into the car, we began our long drive to wherever it was we were going. I was drawing the hyena I saw while Osmosis and Drix had a little conversation.

"You know, you didn't have to do that," I heard the white blood cell say. "The last thing I need is your sympathy." I sighed, but didn't kick his seat this time: I let it slide.

"This is not about sympathy," Drix replied. "I was sent into this body to make it feel better. So if there's n alleged virus who has anything to do with that mission, I must persue it."

I sighed as I put my MP3 player in. Yes, even here we have MP3 players like you have out there. Don't think that just because we are small we can't have stuff like that. If you did think that way, then you're wrong. We pulled into an alley and parked.

Now we're getting to the real fun stuff.

A/N: DarkraixCresselia gave me the idea of having Osmosis saying that Almira was a "freaky hyena-shaped virus…cell…thingy". Thank you very much for that: it made my day. When I read it, I was laughing and I had to write this chapter.

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