As we got out, I looked out in front of us and saw a group of germs gathered in a group, surrounding something. They were yelling about something and holding up some money. Two of the germs were short enough that I could see what was going on. I smirked when I saw two chicken pox germs fighting against each other.

Osmosis came up next to me and said, "Chicken pock fight."

"No duh," I replied and he just smirked a bit. I noticed two of the germs pick up the chicken-shaped germs and pulled them apart, stopping the fight.

"Hey," Drix suddenly said and pointed into the group. "That's a virus! We should arrest him!" he began to float over to them, holding up his gun.

Osmosis stepped in front of him and placed his hands on the pill's chest. "No, man! That used to be a virus. Now he's on our side. That's Chill. He's a flu shot."

"That's funny," Drix retorted. "He look's flu-ish."

Osmosis put his sunglasses on and began to walk over to the group. "Why don't you just stay here and let the maestro work? C'mon Anne."

As I followed the white blood cell, the cop pulled out his police badge and said, "Yo, yo! Don't you know pock fightin's against the law?"

The germs, obviously frightened, dispersed in a flash, dropping all their money. Chill, who was left, kept telling them to come back before turning to us. "Thanks a lot, Junior. You just cost me twenty!"

"Money ain't gonna be your biggest problem if you don't tell us what you know about the sinuses." Osmosis poked the virus' chest.

"Hey," the virus retorted. "I was injected into this body for influenza only. And this don't sound like influenza to me. Now beat it!"

Osmosis took off his sunglasses and grabbed the virus' shirt. "I bet Johnny Strep and the Melanoma family would be very interested to hear about your flu shot work."

Chill pushed Osmosis off him and began to walk away. "You can't jack me on that, brother! I'm in the Virus Protection Program!" he looked behind me and said, "Hey, what-!" he was cut off when Drix shoved his gun into the virus' mouth suddenly, making me and Osmosis jump.

"You, virus!" the pill began. "I believe children strength oughta take care of you." He opened his chest cavity and looked through his pills.

I noticed Osmosis look around, possibly thinking, before smiling wickedly. He strolled up to Drix and looked at the virus. "Uh-oh! You have done it now! This guy's a psycho." I noticed Osmosis wink at Drix and I before continuing. "You had your chances, fella, but it's too late! This guy just got off the [word he said] and how he's coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs! He's goin' el pollo loco on your crazy behind!"

I saw Drix look at the virus, smiling crazily. Playing along, I smiled at the virus the same way. "Yup! If you don't tell us what you know about this new virus, we're going to turn him loose on you!" I added.

I noticed that Chill was scared spitless now. He was sweating buckets as Drix took out a pill and showed it to him. Osmosis and I bent down and covered our faces, pretending to be a bit scared about Drix.

"Nice cover, I whispered quietly.

"Thanks for playin' along." He replied back.

I heard Chill moan 'alright' and Drix pulled his gun out of his mouth. The virus dropped to the ground with a thud, shaking like crazy. "The guy's big time! Goes by the name of Thrax." Thrax. Why does that sound familiar? I shoved that thought to the back of my mind as the virus continued. "He's gone to that new place, The Zit on the forehead. Can't miss it! Huge! There's gonna be a meeting there tonight." He opened a pothole and climbed clumsily in, escaping from Drix the Psycho, I guess.

The boys began to walk back to the car, but I just stood there, staring into space. The thought crawled back into the front of my mind, capturing my attention. Thrax. That name sounded way too familiar. Where have I heard it before?

"Yo, Anne!" I blinked a few times before turning towards the voice. Osmosis stood there, looking at me in a confused way. Drix was already climbing into the car. "What's wrong?"

I shook my head at him. "Nothing's wrong." I walked up to him and whispered the next bit. "It's just the name Thrax sounds familiar to me."

"You've heard it before?" he whispered back.

I nodded. "I don't know where, but we have to get to the bottom of this. Now."

Osmosis nodded as we walked to the car. We both climbed in and made our way to the forehead. I stared out the window and kept thinking of the name. Where have I heard it before?! I kept trying to remember, but I couldn't figure out where! I cussed under my breath as I hit my head with the ball of my hand, trying to remember.

"Are you okay, Anne?" I looked up to see Drix looking at me.

I smiled at him. "It's nothing. I just remembered that I had something to do, but completely forgot to do it. Sorry to worry you." He nodded and looked forward. I didn't want him to figure out what I was thinking about right now, but soon I may tell him.

Soon, we arrived at The Zit. I heard the music blasting from inside as we pulled into yet another alley. It was red and a bouncer guarded the door. Many cells and germs waited in line in order to get in.

"My, what big zits he has." Drix mused. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "How did something like this happen?"

"You wash your face with fried chicken, that's how." Osmosis turned the car off and we all got out. We all hid in the shadows and Osmosis peeked around the corner.

Drix cocked his gun, but Osmosis stopped him. "Hey, wait. Hold up now! Where do you think you're goin'?"

Drix replied, "To get our cootie." I stifled my giggle as Osmosis glared at me. I mouthed 'what?' before turning back to Drix.

"Lookin' like that? They'll tear you apart. We better get spiffy!" he said. Drix looked back at him confused. I was as well. How else were we going to get in?

"Spiffy?" the pill said.

"Osmosis, what in the name of Frank do you mean?" I asked.

The white blood cell squished his face with his hands until one eye appeared. He then grabbed his head, pulling down to create a palm tree hair-do. Drix and I gasped as the cop made his waist taller and legs longer. He looked like a blue germ!

"Like this! Check it out!" he said.

I nodded, admiring his appearance. "It looks good on you. I think you'll pass off as a germ."

"That's what I'm going for, girl!" he said.

"Pliable cellular dynamics," Drix said, using big words again. "What an ingenious defense mechanism!" the tone of his voice went up as he said, "Oh, oh! Let me try!" he placed his hand under his chin and his gun at the side of his head and began to-I don't know if he was pulling or pushing. After a bit, I heard a snap and both Osmosis and I cringed at the sight of him: he had the red part of his head sliding off the yellow part. His mouth was turned to the side of his cheek and one of his eyes had fallen out of his socket. "What do you think?" he asked in a muffled sort of way.

I said nothing. Osmosis stated "I think you should guard the car." as Drix fixed himself.

"Oh, no! This is my mission too!" the pill said. "I insist on going in with you."

Osmosis rolled his eyes. "Alright." He sighed. "But we got to get you somethin' to wear." He then snapped his fingers and went back to the car. After a bit of shuffling, he came back with something in his hands.

Oh, god. It was our frozen witness.

"Bend down." Osmosis instructed the pill and placed the frozen germ on Drix's head. "That oughta do it!"

"You really think so, Osmosis?" I said to him. "Because I think we'll get kicked out of the freakin' club!"

"Anne, girl, don't sweat it!" Osmosis said calmly. "They won't suspect a thing! Now, what about your disguise? Some germs know who you are and may get us kicked out."

"Yeah, sure," I pointed my thumb at Drix. "And the pill won't?" Said pill shot me a glare and I mouthed 'sorry'. "Alright, but I need you two to look away."

"Why?" Osmosis asked.

I shot him a glare before replying. "I need to get into my disguise, duh! I have some things in my purse that'll help out with this."

The cell and the pill nodded as they turned around. For extra caution, I climbed into the back seat to change. I rummaged through my bag and found some things I always carried with me just for this occasion. I changed into a short black skirt with black leggings that reached down to just above my knees. I pulled on a dark purple shirt that was tight-fitting and long sleeved with a v-neck. My normal knee-high boots stayed on as they matched the outfit and helped me if I ever needed them for combat. Looking in the rear view mirror, I placed some make-up on, using black eyeliner and mascara to make me look more like I was going to a club. I left my hair alone as I pulled my normal black jacket on, zipping it up half-way and placing my claw inside. Now I was ready.

I stepped out of the car and cleared my throat. Both boys turned around and I smiled as both their mouths dropped open.

"Damn, girl! You're lookin' fine!" Osmosis mused. "But why do you still have your normal jacket and boots on?"

I knew Osmosis knew the reasoning behind my jacket, but I didn't want Drix to know. I raised an eyebrow at him before saying, "The boots match and are useful in combat, if that ever happens. The jacket, well, makes me feel more comfortable."

"Got it," the cell said as I passed by them.

"Let's go." I said. "This 'Thrax' guy isn't going to catch himself."

The three of us went to the front of the line. After some negotiating with the bouncer, we were let in without having to wait in line. I looked around the club and saw many people there dancing and having a good time. Some guys checked me out and I smiled sexily at them, deciding it was time to have some fun while we were here.

"Are you sure this disguise is working?" Drix said.

"Oh yeah!" Osmosis reassured him and I rolled my eyes. I thought I heard him say something else, but the music was too loud.

The stage was lit up as Kidney Rock was performing some music.

"We got company." The white blood cell said, pointing up subtly. I glanced up. There were three germs on the second floor, staring down at us.

"I think we need to start blending in a bit," I said. "We may be found out."

"Girl, we won't be found out." Osmosis put a hand around me. "Be cool." Drix just looked around, confused on what to do. Osmosis then began to dance a bit, saying, "Yo, try to relax! Fit in!" again, the music was too loud for me to hear him.

"I don't dance," the pill said. "I… I have no left feet."

"You don't dance?" the cop asked. The pill looked away. "You don't dance?!"

"No, I-." the pill muttered.

"C'mon! Don't tell me you can't get jiggy with it!"

"I don't feel like dancing."

Osmosis then got low and shook his bottom in the air. "C'mon! Give me a little bit of this!"

"Oh, alright." Drix said, moving his hands in a circle. The most common way of getting away with dancing. Classic. "Here we go."

"Oh, yeah baby! That's it!" Osmosis kept dancing.

"Get down." Drix said. I couldn't help but chuckle at this. They looked too funny. Osmosis kept saying stuff, but I couldn't hear it. Drix then pointed his finger to his upper left, then down to his waist in the classic disco move. I was about to lose it when Osmosis looked to me.

"Yo! Why ain't you dancin'?" he asked.

"I don't dance either and you know that." I replied.

"C'mon!" he grabbed my right wrist and twirled me around. "I know you can!"

I smirked as I began to dance to the beat of the song. That cell watched as I did some moved he hadn't seen me do before. Soon, the music ended and the band walked off stage. I was panting a bit as Osmosis began to scoot away. Drix kept on dancing to the music.

"Alright! You two stay here and practice." The cell said. "If I'm not back here in five, you just keep dancin'!"

"I'm going to hang out over by the wall." I said as I walked off. I saw Osmosis walk over to the bar and take a seat. I recognized the song playing as another human song. I believe it was called Pyromania by Cascada. I began to nod my head to the song, humming along with the music. This was one of my favorite songs.

Halfway through the song, some germ walked over and leaned up against the wall on my right. His hair was slicked back and he had brown eyes. He wore a yellow shirt with a grey jacket, jeans, and some sneakers. He looked like he was asking for trouble. I never made eye contact with him and kept looking at Osmosis, pretending to stare off into space.

"Hey, hot stuff~!" he said. I noticed his breath smelled like booze and cigarette smoke. Gross. "I noticed you dancing a bit earlier and, I gotta say, they were pretty hot."

"Oh, really?" I replied, keeping my eyes on Osmosis. It looked like he had ordered a drink from the bartender's armpit. Ew.

"Yeah," he said. "I like that in a girl. Let's say we blow this Popsicle stand and go back to my place for some fun?"

"Sounds fun," I replied. "But I can't." Osmosis had taken a drink of the substance and his face turned green. His head swirled before he returned back to normal.

And when I say normal, I mean his germ self.

"C'mon, baby," the germ stepped in front of me, placing his hands on either side of my head. "Can't you do this thing later? I promise it'll be fun." He began to play with my "A" necklace. Now he was just trying to piss me off.

"I said 'no'," I said, looking up at his face. "I can't." I tried to move away from him when I noticed some germs heading to the meeting room. "I have to go now. It was nice talking to you, though." I turned to walk away.

"Oh, no." the germ grabbed my arm."You ain't goin' nowhere."

I looked at him with a glare. "You really shouldn't have done that." I turned to him and kicked in between the legs. He leaned down and groaned, clutching that area. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Be glad it was just that. If you ever piss me off again, I'll do much worse." With that, I turned and walked to the meeting room.

Once inside, I took a seat at the table. I noticed a map on the table of Frank's body with many highlighted areas. Near the head sat…

Oh god. It was the man and hyena germ that fled the nose. I kept looking at the man: he was the spitting image of the one I had drawn from my dream a long time ago!

Osmosis walked in and sat on the other side. After many other germs walked in, the man at the table front stood up and snapped his fingers. All of us jumped at the sound.

"Welcome." The man greeted everyone with a creepy off-white toothed smile. "Normally, I just jump right to the point, but I'll make an exception. My name is Thrax and I am known as an El Muerte Rojo or The Red Death virus." He then placed a hand on the hyena. "This is my baby girl, Almira. She don't take kindly to anyone but me and she will bite. She does have a nasty one at that."

So this was Thrax. We were both the same kind of virus, but I kept that little fact to myself as he continued.

"Now, let's get down to business." Thrax said. "My plan is simple: three teams will move through the cranial artery, and one through the nasal passage. We are goin' to the brain, baby! And we are gonna steal us one of these." He pinched a part of his chain, showing a bead to the crowd. "Now this little sucker comes from a place called the hypothalamus gland."

"Hippa-happa-watamus?" Osmosis interrupted. Thrax and Almira glared at him. He sank back into his chair, hiding from the male virus. The cell glanced over to me and I glared subtly at him. He needed to keep his yap shut or else we'd be found out.

"Hypothalamus," Thrax pulled out a pointer as a brain shape rose from the table. "Hypothalamus. Controls the temperature for the entire body. We're gonna march right in there and we are gonna take the prize. Then my man Frank's gonna heat up like a sidewalk on a hot summer day." He lit half his burner claw and tapped the pointer, disintegrating it.

I felt a chill run down my spine when the pointer disintegrated. This guy was bad news. Very bad news. Not only that, but my claw was twitching uncontrollably. Very bad. I gulped as Thrax continued.

Now, all of this is goin' down tonight, so I want everyone to be prepared!" he placed both hands on the table.

"Tonight?!" Osmosis exclaimed. I shot him a look as he went behind the big guy next to him. Using his finger, the cop made the germ's mouth move as he said, "Uh… can't we do it next week? Me an' Mad Cow got tickets to Wrestle Mania."

Really, Osmosis? Wrestle Mania?

Thrax stared the cop down before he pulled his chain up again. "You see this?" he popped out a DNA bead and began walking around the table. I shivered a bit when he walked past me. "This here little DNA bead comes from a little girl in Riverside, California. Didn't like to wash her hands. Took me three whole weeks."

Three weeks?! Wow.

"And this one," the virus popped out a different bead. "Nice lady in Detroit Motown. Six days flat."

SIX DAYS?! That's a short time! How does he do that?

He popped out another one. "Then there's this old guy from Philly." He lit his claw and dragged it across the table. "I killed him in seventy-two hours."

Oh my god. If he was here inside Frank, then how long is he gonna take? Even more so, how long has he been here?

"Yeah, I'm getting' better as I go along, baby," he said before throwing his hands in the air. "But the problem is I never set a record." A germ lifted his hands on the table as the burner claw's trail got too close for comfort. I don't blame him.

"Until my man Frank, that is." Thrax said. "I'm gonna take him down in forty-eight hours! Get my own chapter in the medical books!"

Oh. My. God! This was bad! Thrax had to be stopped. NOW. As all of the germs laughed, I played along, smirking a bit. I looked over to Osmosis, who was…

Oh, for the love of Frank! He was raising his hand to ask a question. How what was he gonna say?

"Uh, excuse me." the cop said. "Excuse me. I-I-I got one more question here. Is there anything that, say, a white blood cell can do to stop this evil plan?" Thrax, Almira, and everyone else was staring Osmosis down. Including me. "You know, hypothetically speakin', that is." He chuckled nervously, turning around in his chair as Thrax walked over to him.

I mentally face palmed myself right then and there. Why would anyone ask that? We would be found out for sure now!

Thrax laid his right hand over Osmosis' shoulder and leaned down to ear level. "And… who are you?"

"Who am I? Who am I?!" the white blood cell exclaimed. "Uhhhh… Bad…booty-shakin'…pickanosis! Yeah, that's who I am!"

Insert another mental face palm here.

Thrax stood up and walked away, saying, "Never heard of ya."

"That's 'cause you just got here." Osmosis placed his hand around the fat germ and poked his chest. "But you ask any of these suckers, when it comes to illin' Badbootyshakin'pikanosis stands above all the rest!" he high-fived a germ's head. Yeah, it did look like a hand, but it didn't mean to go ahead and high-five it!

"Hey, that hurts!" the hand germ said before slapping Osmosis' back. The cop went head first into the table, reverting him back to his normal self, and his cop badge rolled out.


"Hey! That ain't no germ!" one guy pointed at Osmosis. "That's a cop!"

A few germs grabbed Osmosis' arms and pulled him back as one placed an arm around his neck. Cursing under my breath, I placed my heels on the chairs next to me. Placing them on the legs, I put my hand on the table and pushed the chairs back. The germs went flying into the wall as I landed perfectly.

Now this moment would've been cooler if two other germs hadn't grabbed me from behind. Spit. They pulled me over next to Osmosis as I struggled against their grasp.

"Hey! I know her!" one germs said. "Many germs call her 'The Claw'! she fight's along with this cell, I heard!"


Thrax came walking up and paused at the other end of the table. "Really?"

The germ that held my left arm pulled at it. I fought against it, but he was too strong and my hand came out, revealing my claw.

Thrax raised an eyebrow at us before strolling over. "Well. What do we have here? Officers of Frank's finest." He leaned down to eye level. "Somebody lay down a towel! This is gonna be messy!" he lit his claw and pointed it at Osmosis' face. Almira chuckled as she lit her paws and held it to my face.

He was gonna kill us!


Everyone looked in the direction of the blast. I noticed Thrax lower his claw away from Osmosis' face when he looked. When Osmosis and I looked, we smiled at the figure standing there.

"Drix!" I said.

"Attention, germs! You are surrounded!" he said, spinning around and cocking his gun. He then pointed from side to side, all the while singing, "Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! Surrounded!"

God dammit. He was still dancing. He looked so stupid and it made us look bad too.

"Hammer," Osmosis said through clenched teeth. "You can stop dancin'!"

Drix stopped in his tracks. "Oh," he said, pointing his gun at us again.

Osmosis then slipped out of the germs' grasp and kicked Thrax in the stomach, sending him flying back. He helped me out by kicking the guy that had my right arm. I grabbed the guy with my left arm and flung him over my shoulder and onto the floor. Osmosis slid on the table over to Drix as I ran over.

"What kept you?" Osmosis asked.

Drix didn't answer, but I heard a shivering sound. I looked up and saw our own witness (remember Drix's disguise) thawing out. He looked around and screamed. I looked ahead and saw Thrax getting up, with the help of Almira, as he pushed a germ out of the way.

"It's El Muerte Rojo!" the germ said and scurried off the pill's head. The three of us (Osmosis, Drix, and I, FYI) before looking back at the group of germs.

Drix opened his chest cavity and pulled out a huge green pill. "Only for use against the most stubborn cold symptoms!" he held it high in the air. The germs, who were running at us, stopped and flinched away. Thrax and Almira just stood back and watched.

Drix went to open the capsule, but the cap was being stubborn. "Darn…child-proof…caps!"

"GET HIM!" Thrax pointed forward and the germs obeyed. Osmosis and I screamed as they created a huge dog pile on us.

As heavy as they were, I was lucky enough to land on my back. Maneuvering my legs around, I pushed on the guy above me, which sent the pile of germs flying. Osmosis stood up and went to fight off a few germs. Beside me, I heard a laugh. I looked to see Almira, who was in a stance like she was about to pounce.

"You want some?" I taunted.

She then jumped at me and I managed to get out of the way. The hyena turned on a dime and pounced again, which caught me off guard. I held up my hands to protect myself as Almira swung her paw down.


Thankfully, her paws weren't lit up, but she did manage to cut me really good. My right forearm had three long cuts running the entire length of it. I hissed in pain as I held my arm. The hyena laughed and I glared at her. She stalked towards me slowly and I backed away, afraid of that she'd do next. I hit my back on the table, right next to Drix and Osmosis.

"A little help?" I asked as the hyena got closer.

"A little busy!" Osmosis said. I looked and saw a germ wringing his neck, holding a knife in the air. The cop grabbed the germ's arm as he lowered the knife towards his face. "But I could use a little help!" the cop struggled to say.

"Really?!" I said as Almira came right up to me now. "I'm a little busy!"

Almira then lifted her paw and lit it, holding it up to my chest. Now I was in deep spit.

"Gimmie that thang!" Osmosis said. I looked back to see him grab the capsule Drix was holding. The cap came right off and the white blood cell grabbed the pin in his mouth. All the germs cowered behind Thrax, as well as Almira, when the pin was pulled. Osmosis stood up as the grenade landed in front of Thrax.

Thrax and Almira's faces had fear written on them when the grenade landed. I wanted to savor the moment a bit more, but Drix grabbed me and pulled me to his chest. I saw Osmosis in his other arm right as we got down on the ground. Drix was covering us, but I didn't want to risk it: I pulled my legs to my chest, covered my ears, and clenched my eyes shut.


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Remember Me (uses the F-bomb. Mainly the rant of the creator since her videos were being taken without her permission. Thrax is in there for a bit just for the LOLs (I almost fell off the bed when I watched it)): watch?v=98H03lbDT7c

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