Chapter 1

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"So… is there a reason you have called for me?" A young woman asked.

Another woman, sitting behind a desk, sighed in frustration. "We seem to have a… problem with a certain brat."

"Oh? And you need my help because…" Amusement was clearly written on the woman's eyes.

The other woman glared at her. "We do not know how to handle the… situation."

The woman began to chuckle, making the other woman glare even harder. "My, my, what a surprise. The Hokage does not know what to do with a simple child. And on top of that, she's asking for my help. What has the world come to?"

"Kagome! There is no time for games now, this is a serious situation!"

The woman, known as Kagome, stopped her chuckling. "Alright, alright, so what's the situation." Yet, she still couldn't stop the amusement leaking out of her voice.

The Hokage, Tsunade, sighed in frustration, but continued. "Orochimaru appeared during the Chunin exams…"

Kagome interrupted her. "Oh? So the snake has come back after all these years."

Tsunade cleared her throat. "As I was saying… he appeared during the Chunin exams and attacked one of the participants."

"Isn't he already gone?"


"Then why am I here?" It's not like she can do anything with him gone, and she can't go and help the poor brat, he's probably dead anyways.

"Orochimaru has put a curse mark on the brat." That cleared everything up for her.

"You want me to help the brat with the curse mark… I see… I'm leaving." She turned and began to walk away.

Tsunade immediately stood up. "Wait!"

Kagome stopped. "What? I am not interested in helping any brat."

"This isn't just any brat… it is Sasuke Uchiha." That gained Kagome's attention quite fast.

"What!?" She turned back to the Hokage and began to stomp up to her desk, she was pissed.

"That boy was to remain unharmed! I thought Sarutobi understood…!" Tsunade interrupted her rant.

"The Third Hokage is dead and there was nothing they could've done against Orochimaru."

Kagome 'tsked' but calmed her anger down.

Tsunade sat back down and crossed her arms over her chest. "Not only that, but Itachi Uchiha appeared as well."


"Yes, I was informed that he was after Naruto Uzumaki. When I got here I found out that Itachi put him under Tsukuyomi, leaving him in a coma until I had the chance to heal him."

"I see…" Kagome began to appear depressed.

"What are you going to do with the boy?" Tsunade asked.

"I'm going to train him, of course."

Tsunade sighed in relief, at least it wasn't very hard to convince her to stay. They are going to need all the help they can get, now that Orochimaru is targeting the village, as well as the Akatsuki. "I guess that means you'll be staying?"

"Yes, but not for long. Sooner or later I'm going to have to leave and take the boy with me to train."

The Hokage nodded in understanding. "The only thing I don't wish for is for that boy to fall into Orochimaru's hands."

"If Oro ever shows his face, I'm going to make him suffer, torture him until he begs for mercy, and I'll relish every single scream and every drop of blood he spills."

Tsunade mentally shuddered, Kagome can be quite scary.

"Just don't do something stupid while in the village. We will speak about this in a later time." Suddenly, she took out a jug of sake from under desk. "I've asked an old student of yours to come and get you. He should be here any second."

Kagome's mood immediately changed from a blood thirsty psycho to a happy-go-lucky girl,

"Little scarecrow is here?!" The only thing that went through Tsunade's mind was, 'Bipolar'.

There was a sudden knock at the door. "Enter." Tsunade called out.

Walking in was no one other than Kakashi Hatake. "Yo."

"You are late Hatake, I told you to be here two hours ago." Tsunade gritted out.

"Sorry, sorry, it's just that I got…"

"No excuses! At least I told you the wrong time. Now I want you to show someone around the village."

Kakashi blinked lazily at the Hokage. "Who?"

"It's been a while, Scarecrow." A voice beside him spoke up. Oh, he knew that voice, it brought back memories… and headaches… really bad headaches.

"Ah, K…Kagome-sensei. I didn't think you'd come back so soon." What it just him or did he sound nervous.

"Why Kakashi, don't tell me you didn't miss me?" She gained a certain gleam in her eyes that made Kakashi want to cringe.

Kakashi's arms flared out in front of him. "T…that's not what I meant. I was just surprised."

A low chuckle escaped Kagome mouth. "I'm just joking, Kakashi. There's no need to get so scared."

Kakashi sighed in relief, wiping away the invisible sweat. After all, who wouldn't be scared of her, she was the reason he can't sleep at night. Her training was harsh, she would attack at random times saying it was to help train his senses. As if, it was more 'scare the shit out of Kakashi' then training, she would even sneak up at him during his sleep and attack, she literally did that Every Night until she stopped teaching him, of course.

"Enough with the reunion, get going!" Tsunade barked out.

"See you around, Tsunade-chan." Kagome said as she left the office, followed by Kakashi.

As soon as they were both out of the tower, Kagome's stomach began to grumble. "Hey, Scarecrow. I'm hungry."

"I can see that."

"Take me to Ramen Ichiraku." She said, well more like demanded.

"Hai, hai." Kakashi didn't even try to fight her.

"Welcome to Ramen Ichiraku. How can we… Ah, Hatake-san… Higurashi-san!?"


"Hello Teuchi-san. Long time no see." Both she and Kakashi went to sit on one of the stools.

"Long time, indeed. And I can see that you still haven't aged a bit, while I'm becoming quite the old man. So, how have you been?"

"Hm, alright. But there is no place like Konoha. I truly missed this place, especially your ramen."

Teuchi gave a hearty laugh. "I thank you for the comment, but flattery won't get you free ramen."

Kagome snapped her fingers. "Oh, darn. I guess I'm going to have someone else pay for me, right Kakashi?"

Kakashi gave a heavy sigh, which only earned him a chuckle from Teuchi.

"So what are you two having?"


"I'll have what he's having."

"Alright. the order will be ready in a couple of minutes."


They both stayed quite, Kakashi looking bored and Kagome looking around. "Oi, Kakashi."


"I'm going to need help looking for someone, though I don't think it's going to be so hard."

Kakashi's eyebrow's rose, that is if they could be seen. "And who are you looking for exactly?"

"Sasuke Uchiha."

His one visible eye became wide. "A-and why are you looking for him?"

"The Hokage has explained to me about his… problem. And so I'm here to train him."

He didn't know if it was possible, but he began to chock from nothing. "T…tra…train him?" The poor boy will go through hell.

"Yes, why so curious? Ah, don't tell me you know him?"

Kakashi began to sputter. "O…of course not."

Suddenly, there was a huge spike of chakra, one that he knew very well. 'Damn, what are those two doing?' All amusement was gone, replaced with seriousness.

He stood up immediately. "Kagome-sensei, if you want to meet Sasuke right now, then I suggest you follow me."

She nodded, knowing very well where he was going. "Teuchi-san, we'll be back later to eat the ramen, alright?"

"Of course Higurashi-san."

She and Kakashi walked towards the entrance and poofed away.

"Stop!" A girl screamed. She saw that no one listened to her so she ran in between the two boys that were in the middle of attacking each other. "Both of you! Stand down!"

The boys' eyes widened, they tried to stop their attacks but it was futile. The girl was going to get hit, unless she did something. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed both boys and sent them flying into different water tanks, each of their attacks hitting the tanks.

"Hey! You two! What are you doing on the roof of the hospital? If you're fighting, you're getting too heated… both of you." It was Kakashi, making it right on time.

Both of the boys groaned, taking their hands out of the tanks they hit. One of the boys looked at the hole he made and seemed pretty satisfied by the damage. "Why are you so obsessed with your superiority complex… Sasuke." Kakashi appeared on the water tank, surprising the boy.

"That level of Chidori just now… Isn't an appropriate technique to be used here against your own comrade… were you trying to kill Naruto?" Sasuke merely glared at him.

"Where did such immature behavior come from." He stated.

"Immature indeed." A voiced suddenly spoke up. They all turned to see who was speaking.

"Sensei." Kakashi said.

"It would seem that the boy has become quite corrupted, all because of revenge." Kagome walked over to them, passing by a surprised Sakura.

"Have you truly lost all reason, Sasuke."

Sasuke stumbled back in surprise. "Who are you?!"

She sighed in sadness. "Do you not remember me Sasuke? Has it really been that long that can't even remember the person who took care of you?"

Memories flashed in his mind, but all he saw was a faceless woman. "Answer me!"

"Let's take our conversation somewhere else." He suddenly heard her voice coming from behind him.

"Wha-" He was about to turn but he suddenly felt a small pain on his neck, she had hit his pressure point.

His body went limp and would have fallen face first if it wasn't for a pair of arms catching him. "Kakashi, I will handle the boy myself." Kagome said, throwing Sasuke over her shoulder.

"Of course, Sensei."

As she began to walk away, a voice stopped her. "Wait! What have you done to Sasuke and where are you taking him?" It was Naruto.

"The boy was merely rendered unconscious and I'm am only taking him home, where he and I will have a nice little chat about his actions today." Naruto seemed satisfied by her answer since he didn't say anything else.

She jumped over the fence, disappearing from their view.