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He kept still as she stepped out onto the roof of the building. The others had no idea he had decided to watch over them through the night. They were fools for not paying attention at all times but he was use to that. Where he would have been more vigilant they were lax.

She stepped up to the side of the building near where he was leaning against a convenient meeting of the roof entrance and the wall that lined the roof itself. Without speaking to him she quietly tapped out a cigarette from the pack in her hand, lit it, then put both lighter and pack back into her pocket.

He knew who she was, the sister to that lumbering idiot Kuwabara. Shizuru.

She took a long drag off her cigarette then blew it out before turning to face him. She was not unpleasant to look at for a human. He doubted there were many who could find the twist of dark humor to her lips attractive though he could appreciate any mind that could find humor in the situations they had seen of late.

The silence between them lengthened, remaining comfortable since neither of them seemed inclined to speak. That may be one of the habits he found most irritating in some humans. That irrational need to fill silence with inane banter when truly nothing needed to be said.

He watched her eyes narrow in consideration as she studied him. He studied her in return. There was nothing about her that triggered his normal cautious nature. He could not even find it in himself to resent her open perusal of his face as if she had been given an invitation to do so. He could have thought that it was because she represented no threat to him but he was not given to needing excuses.

He watched her watching him, both of them caught up in the act of simply looking at another being.

The air began to breathe between them, to fill with electric expectation.

He found himself leaning forward slightly, his own eyes narrowing in consideration. There was something in the way she stood there, unafraid and even slightly amused as she watched him that was beginning to feel like some type of challenge. A type of challenge that he was not use to being given.

That challenge sparked in her eyes, drew her lips into that smile that garnered his attention even more so now that he was actually engaged in this odd game she had begun.

The space between them grew thicker, warming his skin in a strange manner. He did not become alarmed by this development, understanding instantly that it was because of their natures that the air reacted in that manner. He was no fool. He was aware Shizuru held the same capabilities as her brother, her spiritual awareness could actually be seen if one was gifted with the right tools.

Shizuru took another drag from her cigarette, the smoke wafting around her in a grey chain before disappearing into the night.

"You know you aren't half bad for a short guy." she said finally.

His brow furrowed, "I suppose that means something."

Shizuru chuckled, flicking her ash over the side of the building, "It means what I said. You're cute for a short guy."

He blinked, unsure how to respond if at all to a comment as straight forward as that. Shizuru turned to lean on her elbows by his outstretched foot. The confidence expressed in that simple gesture should have unnerved him but again he found himself unconcerned.

"I don't usually do this sort of thing." Shizuru went on after a long pause, "I could really care less that you're up here. I know you don't want them to know you're keeping an eye on them so I won't say anything."

"If you don't care why bother coming up at all?" he asked interested despite his usual lack thereof.

She shrugged, "Sometimes I just get this feeling I should be somewhere. Before I know what's going on I'm already headed in that direction. I'm not big on turning around and looking back to see where I've been. I have a feeling you might still be doing that."

He sat up straighter, "You have no idea what you're talking about."

"Don't I?" she asked with a knowing twist to her lips.

It was her lips that drew the majority of his attention. They were just as expressive as her voice, adding force to her words with their constant state of change.

She pushed herself up, took one last drag from her cigarette before flicking it out over the side of the building. He watched the dim glow until it vanished into the shadows below before bringing his eyes back up.

She tipped her head back, momentarily shutting her eyes as she breathed in the night air. It was a curiously unguarded moment for the young woman, he knew that from having observed her before. While she was the more vocal of the women that circled around the spirit detective there were very few moments that he had seen her relax in such a way.

"You wondering why I'm not afraid of you?"

"You should be."

The smirk climbed to her lips again as she turned her attention back to him, "You could kill me...and?"

"That isn't enough?"

"Breathing could kill me," she returned moving from by his foot to his side, "why should I be scared of someone that could do the same thing as air?"

"It would be more painful my way." he answered thinking she was teasing him.

"No...I don't think it would be." she disagreed, "You don't do anything halfway. You would make it quick."

Was she actually complimenting him on his preferred method of execution?

"You're strange for a human."

She chuckled again, the sound making the corners of his mouth twitch in response. This was without a doubt the oddest conversation he had been involved in with any one human.

She shifted again, closer this time before leaning down. He was sure her intent had been to place her lips on his cheek but that was not what happened. For no reason he could fathom he turned his face at the last second allowing those expressive lips to touch his own.

It was impulsive and for a heartbeat thought disappeared from his mind, clearing away all the warring turbulence that tended to circle in constant agitation. Warmth no longer filled the air. Instead it infused him, bringing with it a wave of electric thrill.

Then the moment passed, she pulled away. Her eyes filled with that sparking challenge and amusement. They considered each other for another lengthy silence.

"Wouldn't that just piss little bro off." she murmured, her tone huskier then before.

He could not help the darkly amused smile that came to his own lips to mirror the one on her's.

Without another word Shizuru left the roof, leaving him with the vaguest impression that she had gotten what she wanted from him.

He sat back, the smile still on his lips.