"Come on."


"Hey I threw the only one I had away."

"Rub two sticks together. Isn't that how your species created it?"

"It's not like its hard for you."

"It's a waste of time."

"You won't think so when I start getting pissy."

"And that's different then now?"

Shizuru sighed heavily, "Okay but its your funereal."

He smirked, pulling her closer as she leaned back against his chest. They had returned to the shrine and were sitting on one of the sets of steps. He watched her finger the teargem at her throat.

It had been straining when he had first put it in her hands. Watching and waiting to see what her reaction would be. For the briefest moment a frown had appeared on her face as she gazed down at it, playing havoc with his thoughts before it had smoothed away.

The way she had looked up at him told him he did not have to bother explaining what was meant by his having gifted her with it. She understood as only she could his intentions without him having to say a word even after the time and distance they had spent apart.

He had to admit because of Muruko's last words he had considered that she no longer felt the same towards him as she had that last day on the bluff. He should not have worried. Shizuru's sense of loyalty rivaled the strongest of convictions.

Wind kicked up as Yusuke's spirit beast arrived in the main courtyard, tossing its head towards them with it's irritating trill. There came the small sound of something hitting the ground and Shizuru tensed.

"It's like a bad penny..." she muttered.

He frowned following her line of sight only to find himself stiffening with anger.

The damn beast had managed somehow to retrieve the black and gold lighter. It lay on the ground only a few feet away, glinting maliciously with the light of the afternoon sun.

From one second to the next he moved, picking the accursed object up.

It took only a matter of moments for the mortal flame to burn hot enough to begin destroying it, fueled by his own rage. She had already tossed the thing aside so he had no qualms of assuring its destruction. It was nothing to contain the small explosion that came from the flames reaching the internal chamber.

He was stunned when Shizuru leaned in close to the flame and lit one of her cigarettes from it. With annoyance he let the flames die out and brushed the remains from his palm, glaring at her.

Her lips twisted as she shrugged, "You expected me to pass that up?"

Before he could respond she caught his chin in her free hand and place a soft, wet kiss on his lips. The annoyance faded under the wave of heat that swept through him.

He could forgive her the undignified use of his flame...this once.

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