Okay, this was initially just my twelve sentence story for English so it is not that long (thirteen sentences if you actually count them all), but my friend thought it was good and told me to post it on here. This is my first story I've posted on here, despite having had an account for a long time. My friend, FeathersMcStrange, wrote the summary for me and was the one who sparked the idea. You have her to thank for this. Here goes my first story! -Angel Red

The night was remarkably peaceful, or it would be if you could ignore the sounds of screaming humans off in the distance. Humans were always screaming about something or other, they didn't seem to realize that some people liked to have peace and quiet when they traveled into the forest. That maybe that was the reason they went through the trees on their own.

This time, however, something seemed off, different than the others, it was... sulfur! I shot up, shook off my surprise, and flew towards the offending smell. There were far too many demons wandering around these days and they knew it. This made some of them cocky, some reckless, and some, like the one I was approaching now, just plain idiotic.

"What in the world are you doing here?" I exclaimed, shooting my best friend a look that would have made most people tremble, but just got me an exasperated rolling of the eyes from this egocentric demon.

"What does it look like I'm doing here, Angel, taking a stroll?" he nodded to what I could now see was a crashed plane with a hint of a smile on his face, "I'm blowing up those crazily careening machinations of the air that humans take such pride in!"

My jaw dropped and I tried to form a comprehensible sentence without sounding like I was flying a couple of miles behind the flock. Unable to accomplish this feat, I swung around and jumped into flight, leaving behind the only friend I had ever really known. How had I been so blind to his evil tendencies, his lust for destruction, his lies? I never should have believed that a demon could ever really change his true nature, even if his best friend was an angel.