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Kora's P.O.V

I frowned. That guy, Kaname, he was so different. His scent was so..Weird. Unlike all of these other humans, Kuran's scent was almost like Takuma's. Takuma is one of my best friends. I have known him since I was 4.

I ran out of the gym for lunch. Quickly sneaking out of the cafiteria, I climbed a tree. That was my favorite lunch spot. I ate my bento calmly and quietly, as to enjoy the peace. I alwasy thought about Kisame, my twin brother.


"AHHHH!" I yelled as I fell out of the tree. I prepared myself to hit the hard frozen ground. It felt like slow motion seeing the ground come toward me at such a speed. And then I was laying in soft, warm arms. I looked up, exspecting to see Takuma, but instead I saw Kaname-san. His sad eyes full of concern.

"Are you okay?" He asked "Kora?"

I blushed. He is the first to say my name with such compassion.

"Y-yeah just startled" I mumbled as he put me down. I turned to the scource of my falling, Aido-kun.

Kaname's P.O.V

I saw Kora turn a firey red color as she walked up to Aido. He looked shocked when he saw her face. She froze and stared at hi,m.



It was surprizing. How did Aido know Kora-san? Aido looked at me.

"Thank you, Kuran-san." He bowed. I was going to question his reason for calling me with an honor-fiction, but then Aido said the weirdest thing

"Kora is a vampire"

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