Prussia trudged in his room, dropping his backpack on the ground , the albino dropped into the black and blue sheets of his bed, listening to new vibrations of his phone as his girlfriend texted him. He groaned at the annoying sound of his younger brother yelling up at him from the downstairs below. Soon joining in the yells was his father , telling him to come back downstairs and do his chores. He was dating Hungary, aka known as Elizaveta Héderváry, hottest girl in the school... The best for the best right? Not really, she was annoying as all hell.

"I'm 17 fucking years old... don't they lay off? Ever?" He whimpered, his arm over his eyes. Didn't sound like the normal Prussia right? No... This wasn't 'The Awesome Prussia' This was Gilbert. That was his name, Gilbert Beilschmidt.

This wasn't the nagging annoying teen he was in school , he was a completely different person at home... He wasn't the happy person really ever... Infact, when did he remember being happy? Truly Happy.

He finally hauled himself up out of the bed and he changed into his normal clothes, he wore a pair of black skinny jeans, a black fishnet under shirt and a deep blue T-shirt over it, simple, slightly considered 'gothic looking' but it fit him so who that was better... he left his school uniform on the floor, kicking it all into a pile next to his backpack, loading his arms with wristbands .

"Ok... do homework... no. Do Go out... guess its the only option"He mumbled, grabbing a black hoodie he zipped it up and propped up the hood over his silver hair.
He still heard the yelling so he slunk out into the hallway, he headed down the hallway, he flicked on the hall light and reached up.. grabbing the chain he yanked it down, and with it, came the steps to the attic. He headed upstairs, pulling it up as he found a place to kneel and reach for the switch.

He sighed as he looked around the dark attic, filled with trunks and old things, a desk had his journal, a box of pens and an old lamp he'd found with the matches. His own personal hide-away. He went for the window, his main escape route from the house was the tree in his backyard. Best branch to grab was from the attic window...

After he'd climbed out and down he was off, mumbling sad nothings to himself and trudging along down the long road, he was heading for the cemetery that was abandoned long since the trees had grown, he headed over the railing and for the trees , searching for the pathway that led to the cemetery. It was always vacant, the generations back that were buried were old and mainly unmarked. The place to be forgotten easily.

He stepped through the weeds at the end of the pathway, crunching leaves and sticks , the wind nipping at his face a little, it was cool outside, light air and the smells of fall as the sun set .

He stared out at the huge cracked pillars of the cemetery , sighing satisfyingly. He then blinked, something was leaning against the huge grave in the center of the cemetery, he stepped a little bit closer, weaving through the stones to hide... All he caught a glimpse of was a red hoodie, a small snag of blonde hair sticking out from the hood,a slight twisted curl on it. The form turned around, he was still unable to see his face, before darting in the opposite direction to the second pathway... vanishing from the place.

"Strange..."Gilbert shrugged it off easily , maybe the person found the place interesting or maybe they had old family here..., he passed it off as nothing.

He headed over to the center, sitting where the form was once standing, liking the leaves laying around him, this place was quiet and peaceful, no need for stupid fronts or fake smiles, here he could be blissfully sad all he wanted. He sifted his hand through the pile of leaves, he paused, running his hands back through, he felt something in there that wasn't leaves, he waited for the feel to return on his hand before he snagged it and pulled it up, it was a necklace, a normal old silver chain, and a polar bear on the end of it , a little charm that was a childish cute, the clasp broken...

"Must be theirs"He shrugs, sitting it in his pocket, if the person wanted it, they'd have to come back sometime.