Canada paused a moment, letting that word sink in.

"Birdie..." .."Birddiieeee..."

He snapped out of his thoughts a minute to realize, that wasn't the word in his head. Prussia had repeated it to him, he looked up at him "hmm?~ what?"He asked, trying to pull out of his thoughts fast.

"Wow you respond to Birdie already..."He chuckled, "Wanna just come back to my house? I can wrap it up so you can at least walk, and we can still go if you want"He smiled.

Canada paused a minute, then nodded slowly "Alright... um... But ...You don't have to-"

"I want to"

He stopped, looking up at his interruptee "You want to?...oh... ok..."Canada wasn't up for arguing...

Prussia ignored all the stares he got when he made the rest of the way down the stairs, their backpacks on his back, the Canadian in his arms. He headed down the path, beginning to make the walk home.

A few streets in Canada thought Prussia would've given up on carrying him, and he was sure Prussia was sick of his constant asking if he was ok, so he was more quiet now. Just taking in the sights until he saw them pass one of the entrances of the cemetery, hidden by the trees and hte playground set there.

About 10 minutes later they came up for the house.

Canada looked amazed, and he thought he had a big overgrown house? Prussia's was HUGE.
Prussia set him down but propped him up with an arm under his own , helping him stand snapped from his thought to look up at him .

"Can't have everyone thinking I got a bride"he chuckled, smiling down at the blonde, his red eyes blinking a few times before he turned, helping him stumble up the porch steps and inside.

In the kitchen Ludwig, his younger brother of just turning 15 years , was sitting at the table with his dad, Prussia gave them a nod to let them know he was home before starting to head upstairs, only hearing quiet murmers of the male he was helping up the stairs, the moment they were out of eyesight Matthew was being lifted again.

"Gods they're so awkward..."Gil huffed as they finally made it into his room, using a hand to push the door open slightly before heading inside , not apologizing for the mess he'd left his room in, he set the Canadian down on his bed.

"Let me go find something to wrap that up with "He smiles , heading for his bathroom, he had plenty of things from his 'personal' use to help patch him up, returning with guaze and bandages in his arms, laying them down on the bed he knelt on the floor

"Im going to take the shoe off alright"He forewarned "Take a breath, its gonna hurt like a bitch"He chuckled.

This finally got Matthew to grin a bit, and nodded, taking in a breath, and waiting a minute...

The sharp pain got to him first, but it was instantly subsided, he peeked down, realizing he'd closed his eyes a bit, the albino was looking up at him with a grin .

"See ... over fast wasn't it"He chuckled, watching Matthew nod.

"Now lets just wrap this u-"

"You do know you don't have to do this..."

The quiet voice took Gilbert by surprise, looking back up at him , tilting his head slightly.

"Im helping a friend... I want , to help you"He smiled, moving his attention back, gingerly holding up his ankle, hearing the Canadian hiss slightly in pain, he began to wrap the guaze around it gently... It would help cushion the pressure from the bandages, wich came next, wrapping in 3 neat thin layers around , leaving his toes free.

The pain was only there until he taped the end of the bandage down, then he could set it on the floor, and wiggle it slightly, and there was no pain. Matthew smiled slightly .

"You did Very well Doctor Gilbert"He chuckled.

This got another laugh from Prussia , "Wow... not so quiet when we're not in school"He grinned.

Matthew shrugs "Too many people I guess... "

"So lets not that ruin our day... Ready to go ?"He smiled.

Matthew nodded, pushing himself up off the bed , actually able to support himself, leaning down to replace his shoe and tie it.

Gilbert smiled "Lets head out.."He headed out of the room, closing the door once Matt had stepped out, heading down the stairs... When he slipped past the door, he peeked to make sure they were still in the kitchen, slipping his father's car keys from the shelf, when they went past the door.

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