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Chapter One

I like the color purple. It's a nice contrast to green.

What happens to my clothes when I shape-shift?

I don't consider myself a preachy vegetarian, but it really is the way to go. I wish I could make every meat-eater on the planet feel what I feel when I become the cow that they slaughter, or the pig they butcher. I don't know if I believe in souls, but animals have spirits, just like you or me. It doesn't matter what body that spirit dwells in, it feels, it thinks, it lives. I've never been a tree, but maybe they too hate being chopped down. No, I'm sure they hate it.

Purple is a nice contrast to green. Maybe I'm not using the right word, they clash well? Clash sounds like a bad thing. I'm no fashion expert.

"Beast Boy?" Robin is looking at me, not at me, in my direction. I can't tell where his eyes are behind that mask, does he ever make eye contact with anyone?

"Yeah?" I don't wear a mask, I'm always Beast Boy. Must be nice to be Dick Grayson sometimes.

"Have you seen Raven?"

Why do you care? "No I haven't. Why?"

"She hasn't left her room all day, if she's even in there."

"I'll go see." He knew I would, that's why he asked me. Lazy jerk. Or maybe he's just afraid of Raven? I wouldn't blame him, as far as birds go, a raven could easily overpower a robin.

Look at me with my knowledge of ornithology. I am a bird sometimes though, so I should know how the family gets along. Uncle Owl touches me in creepy ways, and Aunt Falcon eats all the potato salad at the barbecues, then complains about her weight.


"Garfield, Garfield, Garfield." My name sounds unfamiliar on my tongue, I wouldn't hear it anymore at all if I didn't repeat it myself once in a while. Sometimes I count the ceiling lights between the common area and wherever I'm walking to.

I don't do it this time, the door to Raven's room is closed of course, and probably locked, though I wouldn't think of trying without knocking.

"Yo, Rae!" knock, knock, knock... knock kock, "Wake up Rae! It's like, almost four!"

If she's in there, she's not answering me. The door handle is cold, colder than it should be, I can feel the cold through my gloves. As it turns, I swear I hear the breaking of ice.

"Rae? Raven?" I call into a swirling purple portal that the door opens into, I could've sworn her room was supposed to be in here, not some entrance to a nether-realm. I could go get the others, but you know me, and if you don't, here's a little factoid: I'm impatient.

"Yo! Rob! There's some sort of worm-hole in Raven's room, I'm gonna go get her!" I don't hear him as I cross through the portal, but I'd bet he said something along the lines of, 'What!? Beast Boy, wait!'

He always says something like that.

My feet touch something cold, and I realize it's snow before I even open my eyes. I don't remember closing them, but they were closed. Last time I was in the snow, I was a penguin, and I was colder than when I was a polar bear, but I've never tried an arctic fox. I'd definitely be less conspicuous than a green polar bear.

The wind bites me, so I shift without further debate. I'm warm enough as the fox, and even though my skin is green, it works as well as the real animal's natural white coat. My smell is also greatly increased, and I quickly pick up Raven's scent. I'd call it something of a mixture between lavender and burning incense. I like it.

Naturally I can't call out, so I head in the direction of Raven's scent. I have no clue what this place is, it reminds me of that one planet in the Empire Strikes Back. The snow one. Hoth, I think. I always knew it was Hoth, I just didn't want to look like a nerd. I didn't want to seem like a nerd in my own thoughts.

I'm ostracized in my own mind.

I stop running when I see her, she is sitting on something, not the snow, something I can't make out. She doesn't look cold at all.

Without thinking I turn back into my human form, or as close to a human I can be, and call out to her.

"Rae!" I call again, she still doesn't move. I'm getting closer and closer to her. Boy, it's so cold, "Raven!"

I'm close enough to touch her now.

"What do you want?" She finally asks. I smile without choosing to.

"I'm here to help you escape!" She smirks slightly, and this worries me. My smile slips off my face, I can feel it waning away like I would if it slid down and fell to the ground.

"You really think I'm a prisoner here? I'm in this place by my own choosing, Beast Boy."

"What? Why?" I ask, but I can probably already tell what she's going to say. Something gloomy, I'm sure.

"It's not of your concern." She says, slightly upset. I figured she would tell me what she was doing, I think inside she likes it when she has strange reasons for doing things. I also think she likes telling people about it. Oh, man, it is so cold.

Am I shivering?

I can't bring myself to turn into a warmer animal, I stay myself. Beast Boy. I'm always Beast Boy.

"It-it is-is my-my c-c-oncern R-r-a-ph-en." I say, and she looks at me, offended I think. I don't pry any further, because I can tell she's ready to come out with the truth.

"None of you trust me." She says, too matter-of-factly for my taste. I rub my arms and shiver, and exhale a cloud of smoke.

"That's garbage Raven! We all t-t-t-trust you!" I argue the obvious, I would gladly put my life in the hands of this girl, without hesitation. Where was this coming from? She was having a psychic "time of the month".

"No! You're all just waiting for me to turn into a monster, you all think I'm just malevolent energy stored up!"

"Raven, you know none of us are smart enough to think of an insult like that!" I say, attempting a joke. She get's angrier, and doesn't reply.

"Raven! You know I trust you more than anyone on this planet, or any other planet!" I say, and I kindle what I think is hope inside her. For a moment she looks relieved, than her face becomes as hard as stone.

"Prove it!" She challenges, impossibly.

"How?!" I ask, but by now I've stopped shivering, my body's defense over the cold has failed me, and I want to shift so bad. I don't, I won't. I know I can't. She doesn't say anything, "Tell me how to prove it, and I will!"

She just sat there for a while. She was sitting on a round rock, I could tell now. She looked at me, and finally spoke.

"Take off your shirt."

My face is warmed by the blush, but then, I swear, the blood freezes in my cheeks. I don't know if it's the cold, but the regret I usually feel after thinking impure thoughts about Raven isn't there.

"B-b-but it's so cold!" I say, shyly.

"Trust me." She says, and I pull off my shirt.

It's too cold for me to feel anything other than numbness, but I stand there in my green skin, which I swear is turning blue.

"Now your shoes." She says, and I want to protest more than anything, but I don't.

I reach down, and pull off my shoes, which she knows I don't wear socks under. They're so cold now they hurt like fire, and I want to shift.

"Don't change," She warns, "Don't you dare change."

I nod, and whimper, and stand there in the freezing cold for what feels like hours. Then, I lose all feeling. I'm freezing to death, and I can tell. I look to Raven, and want to show her how desperate I am, but I hide my pain and nod, because I trust her.

She spins her body to face me, and just when I think I'm about to die, she talks.

"Come here." Her voice is shaky. I do as she says, and slowly I walk toward her. Maybe the cold is driving me insane, but every step I take seems to make me warmer. I take step after step, until I'm only a little ways away. I know why she seemed so warm now, it's because somehow her body is radiating in heat. She opens her cloak a bit more than usual, and I surprise myself by diving at her. I bury my head in her warmth and rub every part of me over her burning grey skin. I'm almost certain she's blushing.

"Oh, Garfield..." I hear her say, and I remember what my name sounds like.

"Beast Boy?" Then I forget. I realize my eyes are closed, and I open them. To my vasty surprise, I am not in the land of Hoth any longer. I am sitting cross-legged on the floor, across the room from Raven. In her room. She is meditating or something, because her eyes are closed and her breathing is too regular to be intentional.

Of course I'm no expert on meditation.

"Beast Boy?" I turn around and see them, my teammates, staring at me, "What's going on? Where's the portal?"

"Huh." I say, standing up slowly. My shirt and shoes are back on, luckily, "I dunno." I look over at Raven, and peering under her hood, I can see her blushing, "I'm gonna ask Rae."

When I shake her awake, gently, she stares at me dreamily for half a second, mouth agape, eyes frosted over, and I think that she might be fantasizing about me. Then she snaps out of it, and slaps my hand (which I didn't even know I had so close to her face) away.

"I was meditating. What do you want?"

"Um, Raven," I begin, warily, "Weren't we just in a snowy world? On the other side of a portal?"

Fear crosses her face in a split-second, but I see it.

"No! What are you talking about, I was just meditating." She lies, I know she lies. Why though? Was I not supposed to see what I saw? And why did she show such surprise when I revealed what I had experienced? Was she fine with having me in her meditation, as long as I wasn't actually there?

What the heck did I even just say?

"Huh." I say, and the other Titans pretend to not think I'm acting crazy.

"I think your powers might have messed with Beast Boy's head a little." Robin says, behind his mask.

"I apologize." Raven says apathetically, "Won't happen again. Now would you all get out?"

They all left but me. I just stared at her in disbelief. She stared back, in what appeared to be contempt.

"I don't trust you anymore... not after you made me look like a lunatic in front of our friends." I don't look at her, I just turn and leave, and as I cross through her doorframe, I hear a gasp.

I don't like standing still. I can sit for a while I mean, playing video games, or eating, but just sitting in my room, doing nothing, is

I just

it's frustrating. I've been pacing outside her room for a half-hour now, thinking of ways to apologize. Every time I think of some way to say I'm sorry, I'm filled with reluctance. She should be the one apologizing to me!

Am I being stupid? Is this just me being upset that my good deed wasn't accepted by Raven, or revealed to my teammates? I'm the one who did the right thing here! Apologize to me! All of you!

I throw my hands up to knock on her door, but they freeze inches from the metal. I stand there, like an idiot. Without a mask.

An alarm goes off, and I wait for her door to slide open.

"Yo B!" I hear Cyborg yell for me from the commons, then Robin,

"Titans! Go!"

After a few seconds, I realize Raven isn't in her room, and I run to face whatever problem we're solving today.

I hate standing still. It's getting worse. I have to sprint just to feel like I'm getting anywhere, if I don't move, I feel like I'm going backwards.

"He's in the street below that building," Robin points in front of us, a tall building some 25 yards away. He goes on to explain that we're up against a man known as The Grimace. He sounds like a mascot for some carnivorous fast food monopoly if you ask me. This guy, Grimace, is a real tank of a man. Robin says he and Batman fought him a few times, and he's no small order.

Whatever, I'm not in the mood to plan out, I'm not in the mood to think. Robin goes on talking, and I sprint to the edge of the roof we're standing on. I kick off just as I hear Robin protest, but I choose not to shift as I fall.

It's so weird that I've never done this before. It's hard to think. It's exhilarating, the wind rushing past me, pushing the air out of my lungs, the adrenaline rush.

What euphoria.

The ground grows closer, and closer, and I here Cyborg freaking out on the roof. Just before I hit, I shift into a flying squirrel, and ride the wind current all the way up to the other building. Then I turn back into myself, and for a few seconds it isn't Beast Boy flying, it's Garfield Logan. Then I hit the roof and roll, and stand back up.

My friends are staring at me, confused. Probably a little bewildered. Speckle-dorfed maybe. I smirk in their direction, and sprint off this roof as well. I'm up in the air, Garfield is flying again. I spin mid-air, and see this tank of a man below me. He doesn't look that tough, but he is the size of an actual tank. So, I turn into a sperm whale, and fall right on top of him, knocking him out. Before he dies of asphyxiation, I shift back to me, and sit on his back.

I check his pulse and he's alive, and I cuff him with the old doom patrol pair I keep in my belt.

Then, I'm pulled up from his body by an invisible force, and I'm lifted back up to the other building. Then I'm dropped, and Raven is holding my face.

"Garfield, are you okay?!" She was touching my cheeks, and I was blushing.

"No! I mean yes! I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" I don't pull her hands away.

"Beast Boy!" Robin comes from nowhere, and Raven pulls her hands away.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm on the couch in the commons. The purple is gone, I don't know where my shirt is.