Chapter Five

ugh... what time is it? wait... where am i?

i'm in bed. my bed. and it's dark in my room, but the curtains are drawn, so i have no clue if what time of day it is. oh wait, i have in alarm clock.

"Eight thirty p.m." Well this is gonna mess with my sleep schedule. It's bad enough my head has been so messed up nowadays, now i have that post-nap grogginess to contend with. Oh wait.

My head feels, fine. Great even. Well, you know. Normal at least, well normal for me at least. Wow, the relief rushing over me right now is indescribable, so I'm not even gonna try to put it into words. I'm not just relieved because I'm back to normal. I'm relieved because Raven turned me back to normal, choosing the real me over the 'perfect' impostor. The 'changeling', which, would actually be a cool name for a super hero. He'd have to wear a mask though, only way to go.

No. Screw masks. I'm never wearing a mask again. I am Beast Boy. Why would I hide behind a few layers of fabric? I mean, my skin is green, unless I wear a full body suit, anyone would be able to recognize me in a crowd. I can't put on a pair of glasses and blend in at the Daily Planet.

'Hey Garfield, did you hear about that new hunky green-skinned hero Changeling? He's way dreamier than you.'

'You're right Lois, my green skin could never be as dreamy as his.'


'You're an idiot.'

Eight thirty p.m means that any dinner being eaten is probably quickly on its way to being eaten, so I should get up now and go grab some.

I pass her room, but don't knock for now. I'll figure out where I stand with her after I get some food into my empty belly.


Hush little guy, I'm working on it. No, my stomach isn't really talking to me. Use your head kids. There's my boy Cyborg in the kitchen, having a whole pizza to himself. Not for long.

"Duuude! Pass me a slice!" He is crestfallen as I rob him from completing his pie by his lonesome, but hides it with something else.

"You finally woke up? Took you half a day."

I shrug, I don't want to answer him. and even if I did, I don't really know how to. The cheese is stringy and tasty, and I'm relishing in its greasiness. I love pizza. But really, who doesn't?

I don't know if she does. I still love her.

Wait, I still love her. I still love her, and she took her magic out of my brain. If she did take her magic out.

I test my theory by opening the fridge, and staring hard at a large turkey leg. I feel... nothing.

The magic is gone! I am back to normal, and I still want Raven's lips pressed firmly against mine! I'm blushing, so I stick my face into the refrigerator, cooling the blood in my cheeks.

Why, you ask? No clue. I'm strange like that.

So, I'm standing there, one arm on the fridge door, my face in between a plate of tofu and a plate of... something that Starfire made, letting the cold air out, and closing my eyes. And I hear her.

"Hey." Raven.

"Hiya!" I spring away from the fridge, and close the door in such a hurry that a magnet with a shopping list falls off and slides under the fridge. I wrote that shopping list, if it stays under the fridge, then Robin won't restock our ice-cream supply. That is something, I just can't allow.

"One second please!" She looks at me, her frown lopsided. I shift into a mouse and crawl under the fridge. When I return with the letter, and shift back to normal, I go to talk, but I still have the list in my mouth, and after a few undecipherable syllables, it slips out of my mouth, saliva and teeth marks soiling it.

I smile at her, and rub the back of my head. A choice, but I'm sure an adorable one. She doesn't seem to take notice, and remains frozen, with the lopsided frown on her face.

"What's up?" I ask after a while, permeating the awkward silence, that until now had consisted of Cyborg's occasional moan of pizza induced pleasure.

"Ohhh, booyah that's tasty."

"Cut the crap Beast Boy." She says, her voice holding the heaviest apathy I can imagine, but her eyes betraying her true feelings. I see sorrow, and fear, and I quickly try to alleviate it.

"You fixed my head! I'm normal again!" I say, laughing. She doesn't flinch. That isn't the news she's trying to hear.

"What is it?" I ask, like an idiot.

"she mumbles." so I can't understand her.


"She mumbles louder, angrier." but i still can't understand her.

"Rae, I seriously can't hear you."

"Do. You. Still..." She's angry now. I mean, really angry.

"What?" I say, pushing it. I know what she's trying to ask, but I feel only partially guilty, because she looks so cute when she's flustered.

Then she grabs me by the collar, and her cuteness inexplicably becomes sex appeal.

I smile, and laugh innocently enough, but she's in no mood to joke.

"Beast Boy..." She says, and I can hear the acid in her voice, and I can feel my soul corroding.

"Use my real name please." I say, knowing she is probably two quips away from decapitating me.

"Garfield. If you don't tell me right now, I swear I will-"

"Yup. I love you. Still." I quickly say, and then, fearing her response, "...Kiss me?"

The relief that passes over her face is tidal in proportion, and I realize that that is the real reason I will never wear a mask. I want her to see in my eyes how I feel for her, and I want her to read me just as well as I read her.

Because I love her, and I always will.

And as I kiss her, I realize that this might be a good time to end my train of thought, and start a new one.

The new train is leaving the station now, and though there are many people aboard, and many destinations, a single cart is occupied by two people.

"Me and you." I say, as I break the kiss. I brush her hair with a gloved hand, and lean in for another kiss, "Forever."


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