This is set after The Last Olympian, before The Lost Hero, when Olympus just has been shut down.

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The gods were arguing on Olympus. As usual.

You would think that after working together to defeat Kronos for the second time, they would be more friendly towards each other. Unfortunately some things just can not be changed.

In an attempt to clam them down, Zeus thundered "QUIET!"

All the gods looked at their King.

Silence of Zeus trying to think up of something to say broke when Dionysus asked Zeus"Hey, can you take a few years off my grounding sentence?"

Zeus was about to retort when Athena reasoned "It's only fair with the huge amounts of new demigods coming in" to finish off and win the previous debate that they were having.

"And it's all that Johnson kid's fault" complained Dionysus.

Poseidon looked stern "You are treating him alright at camp right?"

"Don't treat him fairly" grumbled Zeus. "He refused our generous gift of becoming a god."

"But I wonder why" Apollo thought out loud.

Most of the gods looked on in agreement.

"For once my brother actually makes sense." said Artemis.

Just to annoy her Apollo holding up his hands announced "I feel a haiku coming on."

"Son of the sea god,

Awesome immortality

He just refused it"

Artemis glared at Apollo

"Although I wonder why" commented Demeter.

Aphrodite squealed. "It's obvious! Percy loves Annabeth even more than the offer of becoming a God."

Most of the God looked highly offended. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Athena glared at Aphrodite, eyes cold. "I believe that there are other reasons as well."

"But your daughter it the most important reason." Sighed Aphrodite. "You really should be happy. I would do anything to have my daughters and sons have a love life as cute as Percy and Annabeth's."

"What ever the subject that you were going to talk about is now redirected to the subject of the petty love life of two little brats." pointed out Dionysus unhappy to spend time outside of half blood camp thinking about demigods.

"And it it's your fault" thundered Zeus. In a terrible mood he continued. "Dionysus, if you could find out the reason for Percy refusing our generous offer I will lighten your grounding sentence by 10 years. If not then it is 10 years more of grounding sentence!" Zeus vanished from the throne room with a resounding clap of lighting.

"Help me and I will be nicer to all of the campers when Olympus is open again." muttered Dionysus.

Most of the Gods instantly agreed. Eager to do something that will have an effect on the outside world.

"This better be true or else." threatened Athena. All the gods glared in warning.

Dionysus gulped and nodded cautiously.

"Let's try to create a novel from Percy's Point of view."

Two weeks later with the joint efforts of most of the gods they managed to succeed in creating a Percy Jackson novel. From his point of view. Dionysus presented the novel to Zeus. All the Olympians (except for Hades who is busy in the underworld) including Hestia gathered and began to read.

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