"Evil Shows His Face"

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We finally made it to the top of Infinity Mountain and we were all surprised to see that there was no sign of human life.

In fact, the whole island was surrounded by water.

Sora, Tai, Joe and their partners were waiting for the rest of us and the blue haired boy looked miserable.

Really, how the heck did we manage to wind up in this place?

"We're doomed. Trapped on an island…we'll never get out of here alive. I knew I wouldn't like camp, but would my folks listen to me? No. I wanted to go to Summer School." Joe grumbled.

"What cha doin'?" Agumon asked my brother as he looked at the island with his mini telescope and was writing something down.

"Making a map of the island, that way we'll know exactly where we are and where we've already been." Tai answered.

"Yes, that works in theory." Izzy said as we all started crowding around my brother and we shocked at all the messed up squiggles that were made.

"Did you say 'map' or 'mess'?" Izzy asked.

"No question man, you are the dude of doodles!" Matt quipped.

"If you follow that map it'll lead right to a headache." Sora said.

"I think I already got a headache." I said as my head started hurting from looking at the mess for too long and stumbled a bit making V-Mon grab my arm to right me.

"Well I can read it just fine and that's all that's really important." Tai snapped feeling annoyed.

There was then a shock and we heard rocks falling making us all worry.

"What's that?" Matt gasped.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling we're gonna wait here to find out." Joe sounding worried.

We all decided to just continue on with the walking down the mountain, and I could have sworn that I felt like we were being watched, but every time I looked over my shoulder, no one was there and that just freaked me out even more.

"Daisuke, what are you doing?" I heard TK ask me and I turned to look at him.

"Nothin' ya need to worry about, TS." I said with a grin trying to not make him worry like I was.

"It's TK, not TS." He said with a small pout making me chuckle.

"Right, sorry about that, TA." I said with a small smirk and then ran off to catch up with my brother, V-Mon right behind me with Patamon sitting on his head.

"Hey, I said it's TK!" the blonde boy said looking a little annoyed which would be a first since I knew him.

Just then, a large orange lion with a yellow mane of hair and these creepy pure white eyes that stood up on his hind legs and blacks pants on and a large knife thing jumped in front of us.

"Don't worry, Leomon is our friend." Patamon said as he and all the other digimon smiled and I wondered if they were deaf if they couldn't hear their 'friend' growling at us.

"With big teeth." TK said as we both gripped each other's arms freaked out by the lion.

"He just uses them for smiling." Patamon said.

More like for eating us with.

"He's a just leader and a role-model for all digimon." Gabumon added.

V-Moon then stopped smiling and then grew tense as he seemed to realize something.

"I want the children." Leomon demanded in a deep voice making us all tense up too as V-Mon glared at him and stepped in front of me and TK, Patamon looking shocked from his perch on my dragon's head.

"Nuh uh, you ain't landing a single claw on my Dai's head." My dragon said.

"Call me paranoid, but I think it's time we run!" Joe exclaimed.

We all did just that.

"Don't slow down, Joe, he's right behind us!" Matt yelled as we all went.

"And just where do you think you're going?" some weird green looking digimon with white hair, blue eyes and was holding a bone club with spikes came out in front of us making us all stop.

"Well children, it's so good of you to drop by." He said cruelly.

"He look hungry to you?" Patamon squeaked.

"We're too small to eat and I'm full of junk-food!" TK cried as he clung to my arm.

"And I get sick all the time, I'm not good either!" I said.

"Well, he's not against a little snack." Gomamon muttered.

"Make it easy on yourselves, give up now. Or else!" Leomon boomed behind us and he had his knife raised at us.

"I don't see an exit door." Matt mumbled.

"This proves the theory well executed teamwork is efficient, even for bad guys." Izzy commended.

That totally sucks!

"But Leomon has always been Ogremon's worst enemy, what's happened to them?" Biyomon pondered aloud.

"Ready, Leomon?" Ogremon asked and they both jumped at us as the older kids' gizmos all glowed and their digimon digivolved, driving the ogre and lion back as Matt pulled TK and me back with our digimon to hide.

I wonder why V-Mon and Patamon can't digivolve.

The fight was ended when there was an explosion and boulders from above started falling down to where we were and the older kids' digimon used their powers to dust them, making the debris rain down on us as the digimon turned back to their Rookie forms.

"Oh wow. Everybody OK?" Tai called.

"Yeah, sure, like a day at the beach." Matt replied sarcastically.

"I think I need a facial." Mimi said.

"I want a bath." I said and then sneezed.

Everyone then gasped when we saw that the older kids' digimon were just lying on the ground, exhausted and the older kids all ran over to them.

"Agumon! Speak to me!" my brother said to his orange lizard.

"We aren't wounded, Tai, we're all just a little exhausted." Agumon said trying to not make everyone worry.

"Two digivolutions in one day no wonder." Tai exclaimed.

"Poor Biyo." Sora murmured sympathetically.

The poor guys, it must take a lot of strength outta them than we first thought.

"Hey, what happened to the bad guys?" Izzy asked making us all look around in surprise and confusion.

They just disappeared." Tai commented.

"Are you sure?" Palmon asked not really believing it, but also hoping it was true.

"Do you think that avalanche knocked them both off the cliff?" Gabumon asked.

Joe strode to the edge of the cliff and yelled; "Hello?"

He then turned back to us.

"Unless they can fly they're goners."

"Neither one of them had wings so I'm sure they weren't airworthy." Sora mused, scanning the land below.

"Nothing is logical here; anything is bound to happen, including flying monsters." Joe reminded her.

"For once, you may be right, Joe." Sora said.

"Something bothering you?" Agumon asked my brother as he kept quiet, string at the place the rocks fell from.

"It's that avalanche, I can't figure out what set it off." Tai admitted.

"Stress accumulates until a crack develops and with excess weight the terra firma suddenly isn't so 'firma'." Izzy explained.

Did anyone understand that?

"You think so? It looked to me like something blasted it loose." Tai recalled.

He's got a point there, especially with that loud explosion we heard before.

We all decided to leave it alone for now and just get out of here before anything else happens and were walking in the forest again, the sun setting.

"I'm intrigued that our digimon were able to digivolve twice in one day." Izzy said.

"Well it was sure lucky for us that they were able to do it." Tai chimed in.

"I think the digimon are growing stronger. I wonder if that's a normal part of their evolution or if we're bringing out something special in them." Sora said as Izzy nodded.

"A fascinating hypothesis, if only we could test it."

"I think today was too much for them." Matt as we all saw that the digimon were half asleep was they walked around with their eyes closed.

"Palmon's looking very tiered." Mimi said worried for her friend.

"I've been tiered before, don't worry." Palmon said.

"Admit it Palmon, we need to stop and rest." Biyomon sighed.

"You know, to be perfectly honest, I think that would be a good idea for all of us." Joe concurred.

"Rest where? I don't wanna sleep on the ground." Sora grumbled.

"Look! A mansion!" Joe cried out making us all look up in shock as we saw a huge, fancy looking place.

"Or maybe it's a hotel! C'mon!" Tai said leading us all over to the huge white and blue house, all of us really looking forward to sleeping in some soft beds, but when we got to the house, I felt like we were being watched again and so I looked behind me and V-Mon stopped by my side.

"What's wrong, Dai?" he asked.

"I could-a swore I felt someone watching us." I said making him narrow his eyes and look around too.

"We may have found other life-forms, look at the grounds; I mean somebody had to have mowed the lawn." Izzy said hopefully.

"What a place, I can't believe my eyes. It's just too good to be true." Tai cheered.

"I hope they have a hot-tub, just as long as…it's not too hot." Joe said.

"Wait you guys; don't just go charging in there, it might be dangerous!" Tai tried to warn Matt and Joe as they were about to just run in.

Wow, ironic much?

"Well, here goes." Joe said as he pushed the doors open and we all walked into the dark, empty place and I shivered at the weird feeling I was getting from it.

"I don't see a desk clerk. Anybody here?" Joe called.

"Looks weird." Tai said.

"Feels weird." Agumon added.

"Well it doesn't look or feel weird to me." Joe said.

"Perhaps my definition of weird is different than yours." Izzy scoffed.

"I'm with you." Sora agreed.

"Think about it, are we safer in the open woods with no shelter, or here in this dirty building we can defend from attacks?" Joe reasoned.

"I have to admit, you have a point." Matt conceded.

"You guys need your heads checked." I said.

"That's beautiful!" TK exclaimed making us look over to see him looking at a portrait of an angel and I was getting another bad feeling from just looking at it, is that weird?

"Oh, yeah." Joe muttered.

"Lookit, it's an angel." TK chirped.

"What's an angel, TK?" Patamon asked.

"Somethin' special that watches over you, kinda like you guys." TK explained.

"If this is a spooked out, haunted house, would there be pictures of angels hanging on the walls? I don't think so." Joe said with a smirk.

"To make us think that this place is safe and then come kill us in our sleep, I would have to say yes." I muttered.

"Relax, we just wanna be careful. Now talk quieter or you'll wake everybody up." Sora said as the other digimon slept where they stood, except for V-Mon, but he still looked kinda tired.

"They're out like a light." Matt confirmed.

"I hope they have a dress shop, I've never worn the same thing two days in a row before." Mimi mused.

"Well, no crowds, we must've missed the summer rush." Tai reported.

"We keep missing everything." Sora amended.

"This is one kooky, mixed-up world." Tai said.

"Let's go." My brother said waking the digimon up and they started sniffing around.

"Do you smell that?" Gabumon asked wide awake.

"I don't smell anything, what is it?" Matt replied.

"It's the delicious odor of food." Gabumon informed making everyone excited.

"Are you sure?" Matt demanded.

"Very sure, and plenty of it." Gabumon assured them.

"Show us where, Gabumon!" Matt said.

"It's this way, follow me!" the canine/lizard said running off with us all following.

We were then in a dining room that had a large table with plenty of different types of food on it all hot and cooked making our mouths water, but most of us were wary about it.

"Look at that spread!" Tai exclaimed.

"Wow…" Joe gaped with tears in his eyes.

"Sorry for saying this everybody, but this looks like a set-up." Matt said making me nod my head furiously.

"Matt is right, it could be some sort of trap." Sora concurred.

The digimon weren't really listening as they all gave in and started eating like they had been starved for weeks.

"Agumon, are you guys sure that food is safe to eat?" Tai asked.

"V-Mon?" I asked as he stuffed half of the food in his plate into his mouth.

"Everyone's eating, but their table manners are appalling." Mimi said.

"Guess that's 'cause they like it." TK said.

"That's it! I can't bear to look any longer! I'm gonna eat it, at least I won't die hungry!" Joe shouted as he ran over and started stuffing his face.

All of us looked at each other, unsure of what to do, but we soon gave in to our rumbling tummies and ate as much as we could and then some.

Later on, we all found the bathrooms and we separated, V-Mon going with the boys in the boys' room to bath as us girls all undressed and went into the warm water, relaxing as we did so as we overheard the boys making a huge fuss on the other side making Sora frown.

Our peace was ruined when we saw Gomamon floating in our pool of water and we were all annoyed and I might have pummeled the perv if Palmon hadn't used her vines to throw him over the wall to the boys' side.

I heard V-Mon yell something at Gomamon and what sounded like someone getting slapped.

After that we all found the bed rooms and I fell asleep right away as the others all talked.

V-Mon and I cuddled up on the bed and just fell asleep and what felt like only seconds we were woken up by Matt's voice.

"Wake up everybody, something's wrong!" he said and we all woke up to see the house we were in disappear and become some demolished one and the beds all floated up in the air, zooming around as some weird demon looking guy stood with my brother, Agumon and Leomon.

"Who the heck is that?" I asked V-Mon as we hung onto the bed frame.

"Oh no. Devimon is the king of the demon and fallen angel digimon, he's really bad news. He must be why Leomon's actin' all weird." My dragon said.

Tai's bed crashed by him as Leomon held him up and the gizmo my brother had fell out of the bed and shone a bright white light on Leomon making him let my brother go and he had this sick looking dark light fly out of him and his white eyes turned into these amazing blue ones and he started talking about how Devimon turned him evil, the gizmos were digivices thet belonged to the Digidestinds, Chosen Children, in other words, us.

Leomon helped my brother escape as Devimon split up the island we were on and sent us all off into different directions away from each other.

I looked over to see that Devimon stabbed his claws into Leomon's back and he was back under the evil control.

"This SUCKS!" I yelled as my bed started falling down a one of the islands and V-Mon and I crashed, the bed breaking and I hit my head on something hard, making me groan and black out.

This place is really getting on my nerves.