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Chapter 1

Mahora academy

Two years after going to Wales

Nodoka's POV

Nodoka was reading under a tree, waiting for time pass when a stranger approached her. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a miss Miyazaki Nodoka. Do you know where she is?" Nodoka froze then slowly looked up at the stranger, he had short brown hair and yellow eyes. His jacket was slung over his shoulder revealing a white dress shirt and black tie.

"May I ask what you want first? I-I mean, I don't want to give the information t-to some random stranger" Over the past year Nodoka had learned to be more confident in herself, but she was still a little nervous around strangers.

"My master met her a few years ago and was wondering if she would like to have a cup of tea. She helped him when he was in need and wanted to repay the favor." He smiled at her.

'I remember that. I saw him out in the rain and invited him into the dorm for some tea to wait it out.' He looked around Negi Sensei's age, and I thought he was just a lost little kid. "Okay I trust you now, I am Nodoka." She stood up and looked up at the man. "I would be honored to have tea with him."

"Oh pardon me Miss, I did not recognize you. I was the one who picked up my master, you have grown since I last met you. You're taller and your hair is longer."

He was right about Nodoka looking different, over the last two years her body had matured and her hair had grown down to her waist. Her bangs were now out of her eyes as well.

Nodoka followed the man to his car and got in. He started to drive away from Mahora.

Asuna's POV

Asuna was leaving the school when she saw Nodoka reading a book. She was about to call out to her when a strange guy walked up to Nodoka. Nodoka looked startled at first, but then she gets up and follows him to his car. Asuna watched in shock as Nodoka got in the car and they drove away.

Negi, Konoka, and Setsuna walked out of the school and up to Asuna. "Asuna-san, is something the matter?" Negi asked her.

Asuna looked at them "I just saw Honya-chan get into a car with a stranger, they just left!" The others looked shocked that Nodoka would do such a thing 'I hope nothing bad happens to her.'

Konoka is the first to respond "Well I'm sure everything is fine. Nodoka-chan wouldn't go off with some stranger, so we should wait until seven before freaking out." She smiled at her friends "Let's go Set-chan, I'm cooking dinner tonight. Buy Asuna-chan, Negi-kun." Konoka grabbed Setsuna's hand and tugged her towards the dorm.

Asuna didn't look convinced 'I just have a bad feeling about that guy, why did she go with him?' Asuna looked at Negi, he didn't seem convinced either.. "Negi, I have a bad feeling about that guy, I think Honya-chan might be in danger."

"Hmm, I think you're right Asuna. I want to go talk to master, you should come with me to tell her what you saw." Negi started to walk in the direction of Evangeline's cabin then stopped. "We should get Kotaro and Yue-san before we go, they will be able to help." Asuna looked at him puzzled.

Negi sighed and began to explain. "Yue-san is Nodoka-san's best friend so she might know where she went, and Kotaro has a great sense of smell so he could help track where they went. They should be in the dorms right now, I'll get Kotaro and you get Yue-san." With that Negi headed towards the dorms, Asuna following slowly.


Negi's POV

Evangeline's cabin

Negi couldn't stand still, he was too worried about Nodoka 'What if she's hurt, or what if she's crying! If I find out they hurt her in any way I'll… No I can't think this way, I'm her teacher so of course I'm worried, but I just feel so frantic.' Negi started to pace.

"Now stop that right now! I won't have some brat ruin my carpet!" Evangeline scolded. "I may know where Miyazaki was taken, but I'm afraid it won't help."

"Eve-chan spit it out, if Honya-chan's in danger we'll save her like she helped save me." Asuna was sitting on the floor with an eager expression on her face. "I'll be able to kick some butt again!"

"Asuna-san, let her talk. I'm worried about Nodoka!" Yue spoke up for the first time. "What were you saying Evangeline-san? Do you know where Nodoka was taken?"

Evangeline looked at her sadly, which surprised everyone. "Yes, I'm afraid she has been chosen by the Werewolf Prince…" She paused and took a deep breath "To become his bride."

"What, how could this happen!" Yue was shocked. "We need to save her!"

"Well I won't be certain until we go to the place where Kagurazaka saw them together. If he was a werewolf we'll know by his scent. If I'm right, the only way to save Miyazaki is to get to her before she's turned…" Evangeline looked at the sky through the window, it was a new moon, and they had until the next full moon to save her.

'Nodoka-san, please be safe, I don't want to see you hurt!' Negi thought before he followed his master back to the school. "Kotaro, you know what a werewolf smells like right?"

"Of course, they smell like human mixed with wolf and wet dog. It's hard to mistake it for anything else." Kotaro sounded a little offended that Negi didn't believe in him.

"They were right there, by the large oak tree. Honya-chan was reading when the stranger walked up to her. They talked for a bit, then she stood up and followed him to his car." Asuna Pointed to the large oak tree in the middle of the school courtyard.

"Whew, I can smell him from here. He was definitely a werewolf." Kotaro plugged his nose and took a few steps back.

"Well you only have 'til the next full moon to save her." With that Evangeline left.

"Let's go back to our room and work out a plan." Asuna leads the group back into the dorms. When the get there they call Negi's other partners and break the news to them.