We grew and gorged on more individuals. The people that were too weak to resist.

We grew stronger. Strong enough to resemble the humans we fed upon. It was at this time We grew greedy and complacent.

The humans grew in number and our hiding places became fewer. Forests were ripped down and replaced with roads, houses and parks.

Rumours started to circulate about us. We were called a vampire by some, a zombie by others. At first their curiosity was a blessing. They would venture into my world to catch a glimpse of me, making it too easy to take their minds and feed it into my own.

I should have known the humans were not helpless.

My name is Jean Cutter.

I freed many from the clutches of the collective, but I could not save myself.

As a child I was baptized by a priest that no one remembers. He came one day and everyone accepted him, like he was a long lost relative. The other children saw his distorted face and tried to run, but their parents grabbed them and brought them to him.

He dipped me into a bath that swam with fetid spawn from the fourth planet in the fifteenth galaxy. It gave me knowledge, powers and a thirst to slay the collective that dwelled within our borders.

There were seven others.

The first thing we were glad of, was that we were separate. I would remind the others daily that it was a blessing that we retained our individuality.

My power was to find the collective. I could sense its presence.