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Don't Lose Yer Head:

Chapter 2

Ringo's POV

I was always the last one. It had become some sort of ritual, like the screaming girls. John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The funny one, the cute one, the quiet one, the drummer. Most times I tried to pretend I didn't notice it. Though recently, when John started to make jokes about it, I'd act like I was okay with it. I guess it's not a big deal. There's still the occasional "Be mine Ringo's," in between the " I'll give you all my loving Paul's," or the " Love me do Lennon's."

I was brought out of my thoughts by a loud series of thuds on my front door. I checked the clock. Who would be knocking at my door at 9:35? Had the fans found out where I lived?! I crept over to the door, and hesitantly looked through the peep hole. Relief flushed over me, it was George.

I opened the door. " What're you doing here this early Harrison?" I asked in a teasing manner. " I just couldn't wait to see your pretty face Rings." He batted his eyelashes, and stepped inside. I chuckled. "Cheeky sod," I playfully punched him in the arm, "What're you really doing here?" " I got a call from John a few minutes ago, said something about Paul being lost in the lou." George said, with a completely straight face I should add.

" What?!" I asked a bit louder then I meant too. " Yeah, said we should come over, for god knows what reason." I shrugged, "He didn't ring me." "Are you sure?" He asked, somehow surprised at how nobody told me again. I nodded. "Oh," George scratched his neck, looking down. " I guess he thought it would be faster if I told you." He reasoned. " It would've only taken him a minute to call." I muttered under my breath. George pretended to not hear my last statement. After about thirty seconds he said, " Well we better find out what all this bathroom nonsense is about then."

Third Person POV- Paul's house

John sat down outside the bathroom after calling George. "Are you alright Paul?" John yelled slightly. "Yeah." Paul voice came as an echo outside the bathroom. "I just called George he's going to pick up Ringo, so hopefully they'll be here soon!" John shouted. In truth he didn't know what bringing in the other two Beatles was going to do to help, but they all usually worked on problems together, so it just didn't seem right to leave them out of it.

"Did you call Ringo?" Paul asked as loud as he could. "Shit I forgot!" John cursed. "John you know it bothers him when he gets left out!" Paul scolded, "And your jokes about him not being important haven't helped his confidence either!" "Well sorry mum, I forgot," John joked, "Plus those are jokes, he knows I'm just teasing."

George's POV

The short ride to Paul's was silent, which was very rare with Ringo. I hoped John's laziness hadn't hurt his feelings too much. When we arrived, I knocked at the door. John quickly opened the door. "So what's all this malarkey about the bathroom?" I asked stepping inside. John lead us to the lou, while telling us how Paul found the door had changed color over night, and when they looked inside it was pitch black. I wasn't buying it until I saw the door.

"Gear color." I smiled. "Yeah well, it was brown last night." John defended. "And what did you guys say you were doing last night again?" Ringo asked. "…we were drinking." Was that just me, or was John blushing? "There you go." Ringo said, looking like he was about to turn around. John calmly opened the door, and I felt my jaw drop. There was absolutely no light whatsoever, not even from the room we were standing in. "Well what're we waiting for fellas? Let's go in!" John said anxiously.

Paul's POV

I sat down on the dark ground, and looked at my shoes- wait a minute- I could see my feet! I could see the bottom of my shirt, my pants, and my hands. It made no sense at all! (Not that it made that much sense before.) I hoped I could get out of here soon. I sat there for a few minutes in silence. All of a sudden, I heard something far off in the distance. It sounded like voices. Three very familiar voices. "Lads is that you?" I called out. "Yeah Paulie, we're going to come in there, and find you!" John said. "Alright. Just don't get lost in here too." I said uneasily.

Third Person POV

John, followed by, Ringo and George, all hesitantly stepped through the doorway. Upon stepping in the bathroom, it seemed as though the doorway disappeared. "Holy shit! I can still see you guys! How the fuck is that possible?" John asked in surprise. George and Ringo shrugged. "What the fuck is this place?" George said quietly to himself. Each one studied the black scenery for a few seconds. "So what do we do now?" Ringo asked. "PAUL!" John screamed. "Yeah!" Paul shouted back. "It's really dark in here." George said. "Yes thank you for that insight Georgie Porgie." John said sarcastically. "Paul keep talking!" Ringo said. "Shouldn't be to hard for you Paulie." John bantered.

Paul kept talking to each other, as George, Ringo, and John walked in the direction they heard his voice. After about five minutes of walking they found Paul. "Jesus Christ McCartney, why'd you walk this far?" John asked smiling. "Shut yer gob Lennon," Paul smiled, got up, and clapped John on the shoulder. "How the fuck do we get out of here?" George asked. The four of them looked around for a moment. "I guess the same way we got in here." Paul said.

The fabs didn't have to walk long to find a bright purple door. "Finally!" John breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah, never ending darkness was starting to get kind of depressing." Ringo chimed in. They each laughed. "Well let's get out of here already!" George impatiently said. Paul opened the door, but in the place of Mrs. Ashers brown corridor, was a hot purple room.

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